Writers & Artists has launched a global, free self-publishing provider comparison engine at www.selfpubcompare.com.

With the increased popularity and prevalence of self-publishing, the service, which is a part of Bloomsbury Publishing, is aimed at alleviating confusion about the many DIY services available in a growing market.

“We had to react to the dozens of phone calls our staff were receiving each week from confused authors asking about this fast-developing, vibrant section of publishing,” said Eela Devani, digital development director at Bloomsbury, in a statement. “We started with two aims: firstly, to cut through and demystify the self-publishing process; and secondly, to develop an accessible, impartial service that puts writers in touch with the providers best-suited to moving their novel forwards. I think our service does exactly that.”

After authors complete an online questionnaire, they can filter through a list of providers offering relevant services.

“The market is fairly crowded and more and more new players are entering this market every day,” Devani said. “Writers who have never published a book are often confused by the myriad of services on offer and also not sure about terminology.”

The site also offers articles by industry experts, a glossary of industry terms, a FAQ section, and interviews with self-published authors. And while the service has only been live for about a week, Davani said the reaction has been very positive.