Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at the following listings of self-published books from authors either waiting to be discovered or with a track record and a following who are doing it on their own.

Biography & Autobiography

Relatively Criminal: A Memoir
Donna Abear. Moonshadow Books. $14.95 paper (358p), ISBN 9780967710112; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00FB1FGRU
An award-winning humor columnist takes readers on a funny and poignant roller-coaster ride as she chronicles her relationship with a criminal and drug addict: her little brother, Frank.

From Death to Blessing
Laurie Agius. WestBow Press. $19.99 paper (262p), ISBN 9781449774172; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449774165
Amazon;; WestBow Press
The author tells about his 24 years’ battle with and victory over depression, suicide, and homosexuality through making Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of his life.

The Lord’s Plan: My Journey with the Lord; A Choice, a Child, an Answer to Prayer, a Witness
Kimberly Dismukes. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (160p), ISBN 9781449777593; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781449777579; Amazon;
Dismukes says God has a plan for each life, for each moment of each day that will be lived before a life is created. God answers our prayers. He loves us more than we can possibly imagine. God is real and he does reveal himself to us today.

Dolly Vardon
Anton Holden. Boustrophedon Press. $19.95 paper (448p), ISBN 9781490457291; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00A6ZTB22
“I was bought as a slave and for a slave,” Dolly told her daughters. Her grandson recreates her life, from her orphan childhood in 19th-century London to her introduction to the demimonde in Paris and finally her escape to America.

Amy Block Joy. CreateSpace. $13.95 paper (208p), ISBN 9781482651331; $6.99 e-book ASIN B00F6666MO
A first-person account about the danger of speaking out in the workplace. A faculty member at a major public university, Joy refused to give in to intimidation and fear after exposing criminal activity in her workplace. She fought back and won.

Sunlight on My Shadow: My Secret Teen Pregnancy in the Sixties
Judy Liautaud. City Creek Press. $16.95 paper (280p), ISBN 9781883841171; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781883841072
In 1966, the author was 16 and pregnant. Sent from her Catholic school to a home for unwed mothers, she felt guilty about her actions for decades, until she sought out the daughter she once gave up.

The Boy Who Lived with Ghosts
John Mitchell. Inclusic. $16.99 paper (438p), ISBN 9780615793207; $6.99 e-book ASIN B00CDXWOAG
A disturbing though often hilarious memoir. This is a coming-of-age story of a boy growing up in 1960s England. It is a story of survival and a boy’s desperate attempts to save his mother from the horror.

George Fabyan: The Tycoon Who Broke Ciphers, Ended Wars, Manipulated Sound, Built a Levitation Machine, and Organized the Modern Research Center
Richard Munson. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (185p), ISBN 9781490345628; $12.95 e-book ASIN B00FITNT0Q; BN ID 2940045307901
This Gilded Age tycoon laid the foundation for the National Security Agency, captured foreign terrorists, designed the acoustics for major auditoriums, and created the first diverse science center.

Stretch Marks
Liz Raptis Picco. CreateSpace. $14 paper (257p), ISBN 9780615715933; $9.95 e-book ASIN B00C46OV76BN; BN ID 2940016456089
For Picco, the road to motherhood means offering up her blood, her sanity, and her heart.

Gold Buckles Don’t Lie: The Untold Tale of Fred Whitfield
Terri Powers. Whitfield & Powers Publishing. $24.99 hardcover (272p), ISBN 9780989404709
(505) 227-7187
Fred Whitfield, long considered pro rodeo’s only black man, was loved by most but hated by many; he tells stories only old men should remember.

Crossing the River Sorrow: One Nurse’s Story
Janet Richards. WestBow Press. $17.99 paper (206p), ISBN 9781449796600; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449796594
The story of one woman’s plunge from a sheltered childhood in the 1950s into the world of medicine and her search for answers to some of life’s most troubling questions.

A Prophet’s Journey: My Search for Destiny
Shirley Spencer. WestBow Press. $18 paper (223p), ISBN 9781449797690; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449797683
Amazon;;; Kobo
The story of a woman who did not know prophets still existed, yet she became a prophetic voice for God.

Ozella’s General Store: Cook Station, Missouri
Tammy Tucker. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (189p), ISBN 9781490801537; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490801544
The true story of a humble store owner who used her influence and place in the community to change lives and help others.

Heads or Tails: A Physician’s Journey from Doctor to Patient
Joseph Varughese, M.D. Elizabeth Varughese. $8.99 paper (224p), ISBN 9780615875385; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9780615875385
Varughese traces his journey from a village in India to life as a physician in Los Angeles. In a twist of fate, he finds himself on the other end of the stethoscope as a bone-marrow transplant patient.

Barbarian Stew: It Seemed Normal at the Time
Julie Williams. Kindle Direct. $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780989928106
An offbeat, comic collection of shorts about the author and her brother, Knox. Life changes when their mother, Dede, gets sober.

Body, Mind & Spirit

Desktop Revelations, Volume 1: Spiritual Warfare
L. Carnevale. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (248p), ISBN 9781449798352; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449798345
Carnevale tells how to learn to fight, become unstoppable, read motives, win every battle, never be fooled, shed addictions, destroy fear, connect with heaven and more.

Something Happened on My Way to Hell
Kimberly Davidson. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (240p), ISBN 9781449778538; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00B0A11OI
Davidson says we all love something too much. In this 12-week study program, she guides readers to learn how filling the spiritual emptiness in their lives can help them break free from everyday addictions.

Leaving the Abbey: Reflections on a Several-Year, Parallel Journey of a Christian Parish and a Group of Wonderful Women (Plus Monks)
Kathryn H-F. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (108p), ISBN 9781449787943; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449787967
WestBow Press
A parish and a retreat group of recovering alcoholic women face losing a beloved “home.” Their journeys intertwine toward joyful acceptance of God’s will.

Standing on the Promises: Discover the Power of Unshakable Faith
Christina M. Whitaker. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (192p), ISBN 9781449766832; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449766849
Through the author’s journey of courageous hope and unshakable faith after a series of near-death experiences, she offers guidance on how to conquer your fears and understand your destiny.

Business & Economics

Elements of Leaders of Character: Attributes, Practices, and Principles
Wayne Hogue. WestBow Press. $35.95
hardcover (274p),
ISBN 9781490803425; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490803449
Hogue details the attributes, practices, and principles that define leaders of character.

The Adventure Consultant: Tales from the Entrepreneurial Trail
Todd Houston Smith. Advantage Media Group. $18.99 paper (318p), ISBN 9781599324418; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781599324418
A venture development consultant shares the great successes and crushing defeats of his life on the often-potholed international entrepreneurial trail in the complex and turbulent Internet Age.


The Dance of the Spirits
Catherine Aerie. Aurora. $13.80 paper (226p), ISBN 9780989690928; $3.98 e-book ISBN 9780989690911
At the height of the Korean War, an American Army lieutenant and a young Chinese surgeon volunteering with the other side cross paths. Though their love is forbidden, their passion and pursuit of liberty cannot be quenched.

The Waking Dreamer
J.E. Alexander. Mechanical Owl Media. $12.99 paper (343p), ISBN 9780615876511; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9780615848112
As he approaches adulthood, Emmett is unaware of the dark forces searching for him or the mysterious sentinels who protect him in this urban fantasy adventure of Druids, Bards, and Old Ones, with enough hipster snark to tickle your meta bone.

A Prayer for the Devil
Dale Allan.
Emerald Book Co. $23.95
hardcover (320p), ISBN 9781937110345; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781937110345
Amazon;; Ingram
Mystery, politics, and religion collide as a priest struggles to find the people responsible for his brother’s murder.

The Executioner’s Heir: A Novel of Eighteenth-Century France
Susanne Alleyn. Spyderwort Press. $15.99 paper (348p), ISBN 9781492306795; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781301131044
In 1760s Paris, young Charles Sanson, forced by birth into an odious job as the public executioner, must reconcile his duty with his conscience.

Hat Dance: An Emilia Cruz Novel
Carmen Amato. KDP/Createspace. $12.99 paper (286p), ISBN 9781492791775; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9780985325633
In the second Emilia Cruz novel, Acapulco’s first and only female police detective risks a dance with the devil to catch an arsonist and find a missing girl.

All the Shadows of the Rainbow
Inanna Arthen. By Light Unseen Media. $14 paper (299p), ISBN 9781935303152; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781935303176; Amazon
Newly made vampire Diana Chilton works with a secretive coven using magic to catalyze social change in the 1960s.

A Fine Piece of Chocolate: Righteous Sistas Crossing Over to the Wild Side
Jacqueline R. Banks. WestBow Press. $13.99 paper (154p), ISBN 9781449791094
(866) 928-1240
The stories of three righteous women who leave the protective boundaries of their faith to find love, each with her flavor of smooth chocolate.

The Lawyer’s Relic and A Grandfather’s Dilemma
Julian Bauer. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (181p), ISBN 9781490802725; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490802732
Two contemporary novellas pose questions of faith and integrity and present the benefits of trust and virtue.

The Scholar’s Challenge
Julian Bauer. WestBow Press. $24.95 paper (338p), ISBN 9781449788285; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449788278
A fact-filled novel of dissension in the early church and how two men wrote the books that unified its tenets across countries and cultures.

Murderers and Nerdy Girls Work Late
Lisa Boero. Nerdy Girl Press. $12.99 paper (350p), ISBN 9780615762524; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9780988990005
A murder mystery involving a face-blind detective who uses the unique attention to detail she developed dealing with her condition to solve the case.

Ghost of the Gods
Kevin Bohacz. Kevin Bohacz. $14.95 paper (389p), ISBN 9780979181535
The sequel to the technothriller Immortality about the near-extinction of humanity, which pits humanity against machine, science against humanity, and humanity against religion.

Lark, in Her Element: A Soul Set Free
Angela Brackeen. WestBow Press. $19.99 paper (242p), ISBN 9781490803814; $3.99 e-book ISBN 97814908038
Amazon; Kobo
To Lark’s dismay, her innocent longings have brought unsettling changes to her life. She must choose to either escape or survive by humbly accepting the changes.

The List: First in the Wallis Jones Series
Martha Carr. MRC Publishing. $19 paper (450p), ISBN 9781620304303; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781301857234; ASIN B00FKV93I4
A political thriller centered around a young family caught between the two biggest, seediest, most powerful factions in the country.

The Anatomy of Blindness
David Cook. AuthorHouse. $23.95 paper (342p), ISBN 9781481732819; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781481732796; ASIN B00E4G7QP8
Amazon; Author House;
Dr. Gary Spindel is seduced into a mystery cult to discover love, ecstasy, and the ultimate cost of eternity.

Hack: A Shepherd Novel
Kieran Crowley. Omicron Press. $14.99 paper (336p), ISBN 9780615906690; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9780615869650; ASIN B00FEJ3PK4; BN ID 2940148446484
Amazon;; iBooks; Kobo
It’s a dog-eat-dog world at the infamous tabloid New York Mail, where new pet columnist F.X. Shepherd is mistakenly put on the trail of a serial killer whose sense of humor involves hacking celebrities to death.

The Strategist
William H. Cunningham. Creative Content Corp. $4.99 e-book (459p), ISBN 9780989769501
In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, a former top Wall Street strategist fired in the wake of Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy uncovers a conspiracy to manipulate U.S. employment data to influence the economy and the presidential election.

Pyotr Ilyich
Adin Dalton. Adin Dalton. $5.99 e-book (670p), ASIN B00DAHFRQ2
The death of Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, the great 19th-century Russian composer, remains a mystery to this day. This thoroughly researched novel tells his personal story.

When Smiles Fade
Paige Dearth. CreateSpace. $16.25 paper (470p), ISBN 9781475096927; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00B8XPVL6
How far will a child go to protect herself and the people she loves? For Emma Murphy, it meant becoming a serial killer.

Already There
Diane Dierks. Aha! Publishing. $12 paper (316p), ISBN 9780974525419; $8 e-book ASIN B00ERV0TNG
A single mother whose only son was killed by a pedophile comes to think that her plan for revenge may be divinely inspired. She and the sheriff must wrestle with knowing what is right when justice goes terribly wrong.

The Great Anti-American Novel
Daniel Donatelli. H.H.B. Publishing. $17.76 paper (432p), ISBN 9781937648152; $8.61 e-book ISBN 9781937648169
An Orwellian memoir about two adopted siblings fighting for survival during a second American civil war caused by government corruption and a global economic collapse.

Creatures of Grace
P. Kristen Enos. CreateSpace. $8.99 paper (174p), ISBN 9781484933572; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781630029616
Connected fantasy short stories that explore different aspects of women’s lives from a feminist angle, from abuse, religious devotion, and sexual orientation to gender identity.

Orbit Beach
Jane Etarie. Murder Island Press. $12.99 paper (212p), ISBN 9780988051515; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780988051508; ASIN B007Z59FZ4; Amazon;
A lost car. A lost boyfriend. A garbage job. A garbage roommate. The narrator needs hidden wisdom to make everything better—no matter what, to conceive, believe, achieve.

Hidden Doors, Secret Rooms
Jamie Eubanks. CreateSpace. $12.99 paper (340p), ISBN 9781482356182; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00BSE43PK
A ground-breaking and unsanctioned surgical procedure results in a cure for a dying woman’s Hodgkin’s lymphoma... but not without negative ramifications.

Border Field Blues
Corey Lynn Fayman. Corey Lynn Fayman. $11.99 paper (316p), ISBN 9781477600023; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9780989452618; ASIN B00FOVLL8K; Amazon;
Sex, politics, environmentalism, and classic rock guitars collide in this mystery set in the backcountry along the San Diego–Tijuana border. The second book in the Rolly Waters series.

Other People
George Fithen.
WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (172p), ISBN 9781449782306; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449782290; ASIN B00BD17OQ8
The willingness of one young woman to share her faith helps a small group of friends cope with tragedy.

Epic Sloth: Tales of the Long Crawl
Philip Gaber. Philip Gaber. $12.99 paper (177p), ISBN 9780615726489
(704) 649-2419
This new collection of introspective and edgy literary caricatures has the feel of a neo-psychedelic itinerant busker involved in a passionate and fiery partimen with himself. These are psychology tales with a theme of unavoidable destiny.

The Muse of Violence
Bruce Hartman. Swallow Tail Press. $12.95 paper (257p), ISBN 9780988918115; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00GCI6Z30
A writers’ group in New York begins to shed members as it acts out a sequel to Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

Stephanie Hayes. Stephanie Hayes. $12.95 paper (280p), ISBN 9780615884929; 99¢ e-book ISBN 9780989846134; ASIN B00FH869U0
Penny Perkins just killed her date with a bottle of Misty Mangoberry Merlot. That’s especially inconvenient because she’s the local newspaper’s obituary writer. As she investigates, the mystery of her dead date’s life deepens.

These Barren Hills
David J. Heslop.
CreateSpace. $14.95
paper (338p),
ISBN 9781490313023; $4.95 e-book ASIN B00DGIN7IU
The rise and fall of the small rural town of Red Cloud, Ariz.; the brutality of corporate greed; and the deadly consequences for those who get in the way. A companion novel to Red Cloud Pistachios.

Scary, Man
Jeffrey Hickey. Bignboo Productions / CreateSpace. $17.95 paper (450p), ISBN 9781484819265; $8.99 e-book ASIN B00FMXPTSS
Amid small towns, small minds, gossip, rumors, and paranoia, a professional storyteller and teacher, his wife, and their daughter embrace a new normal in 21st-century America.

Restoring the Castle: Restoring Faith Romances, Book One
Joni M. Hill. WestBow Press. $22.95 paper (316p), ISBN 9781490806099; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490806082
Amazon; WestBow Press
At Kilmegan Castle in Scotland, boundless love grows in unexpected ways—whether for a childhood friend or for God.

Cloudy Witness: Blessedly Assured
Janette Jones. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (254p), ISBN 9781449752064; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449752071
Amazon; WestBow Press
As three couples and one rumormonger go about their daily journey, two unsuspecting souls encounter a figure clad in white and end up with life-changing experiences. This work of Christian fiction brings the written Word to life.

The Last Journey of Jack Lewis: The Conversation of C.S. Lewis with Friedrich Nietzsche and Sigmund Freud
Chang-Wuk Kang. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (236p), ISBN 9781449791117; $3.95 e-book ISBN 978449791100
Kang imagines a conversation among Lewis, Nietzsche, and Freud when they meet in the other world. As a result, a mysterious event takes place.

Oh Sh!t...:
The Awakening, Book 1
Michael Kaye. Michael Kaye Books. $12.99 paper (480p), ISBN 9780615877426; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9780615877426
John and his family are awakened to fact that they and the rest of society are facing the implosion of the U.S. economy.

Terminal Rage
A.M. Khalifa. Citation Books. $14.99 paper (402p), ISBN 9781940387000; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781940387017;
A former FBI hostage negotiator with a dark past faces off with an enigmatic man determined to right old wrongs through extreme measures.

Beyond the Shadow of the Brownstone
Valerie Lawrence.
Carpenter’s Son Publishing. $14.95 paper (284p),
ISBN 9780989372299; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00DPZ00NE
The psychological pain of abortion, betrayal, and accidental death shatter generations of a family, yet hope and new purpose endure, as does the family’s brownstone.

The Alexandrite
Rick Lenz. Chromodroid Press. $14.95 paper (245p), ISBN 9780984844241
(818) 780-1509
A Hollywood actor is fired from a play in 1996, having no inkling his next job will be starring opposite Marilyn Monroe in 1956.

Odysseus: Bound
Stephen H. Logsdon. BookBaby. $2.99 e-book (312p), ISBN 9781483504087; ASIN B00EBE8X4G
In search of intelligent life, the survey ship Odysseus is lured by an artifact into a life-or-death fight.

What She Saw
Sheila Lowe. CreateSpace. $12.99 paper (349p), ISBN 9781492309161; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00E3P0C6K
A story of psychological suspense that follows a young woman through the terrifying labyrinth of amnesia, where no one is who or what they appear to be.

The Gray Ship
Russell F. Moran. Coddington Press. $14.95 paper (382p), ISBN 9780989554602; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00ENIM9PE
A novel of time travel, romance, and a nuclear warship in the Civil War. The captain is a 36-year-old African-American woman.

Ponzi and Picasso: Finance, Fraud and Fine Art
Rochelle Ohrstrom. Seismic Behest. $15.95 paper (368p), ISBN 9780989155571
When the multibillion-dollar global art market collides in an avalanche of complicity among oligarchs, Chinese mafia, and hedge funds, an artist’s life is risked and morals tested.

The Mayonnaise Murders
Keith A. Owens. Detroit Ink Publishing. $12.99 paper (346p), ISBN 9780615784250; 99¢ e-book ISBN 9781626756441
A detective from a planet where mayonnaise is an essential ingredient in an illegal drug tracks a dealer to a Colorado town.

Linnetsburg: Birth upon the River Lune
M.L.M. Palima. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (420p),
ISBN 9781492706090;
$3.99 e-book ISBN 9780989949408; ASIN B00F7YDSX0
Amid world war and electromagnetic pulse weapons, history repeats itself as the American-led community and militia of Linnetsburg rise in the English city of Linnetsford-upon-Lune.

Simple Simon
William Poe. CreateSpace. $19.98 paper (462p), ISBN 9781477624999; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00F2R8CYC; BN ID 2940148389842
From rural Arkansas to life in a cultlike religious group, Simon struggles to understand his sexuality, cope with addiction, and find his place in the community, and learns the power of forgiveness and acceptance.

J.T. Riggen.
Dog Ear Publishing. $15.50 paper (252p), ISBN 9781457519567; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9781457520648
A crime thriller told from multiple points of view is set against the backdrop of a luxurious, state-of-the-art casino that attracts both high rollers and the lowest of criminals.

Searching: A Quest for Truth, Love and Salvation
Janice Ross. WestBow Press. $22.99 paper (328p), ISBN 9781490800806; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490800813
Amazon;; WestBow Press
A story of love and faith, and mystery and suspense, and a tapestry of characters who find God meets every need in ways only he could have orchestrated.

Jack Slater, Pooka Sloan, Planet Earth
Paul Rovina. Chrysalis Books. $2.99 e-book (187p) ISBN 9781939736000
An alcoholic, epileptic gunsmith-cum-adventure novelist navigates Key West’s criminal underworld. With a gangsters-’n’-guns plot, preoccupation with offbeat technology and unexplained phenomena, the novel recalls steampunk gems like Nick Harkaway’s Angelmaker.

Family Pieces
Misa Rush. ThINK Write Publications. $10.10 paper (266p), ISBN 9780615391588; 99¢ e-book ISBN 9780983310105
Amazon;; Kobo
Stunned by the unexpected death of her mother, Karen Woods’s life turns upside down as she searches for a missing piece of a necklace that represents a beloved family tradition.

Across the Mekong River
Elaine Russell. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (262p), ISBN 9781466338104; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9781623450533
Russell charts the journey of a Hmong family, fleeing war and persecution in Laos to a refugee camp in Thailand and a difficult new life in the U.S.

The Christmas Bracelet
Sherry Schumann.
WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (240p), ISBN 9781449784256; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449784263
WestBow Press; Amazon;
Grief-stricken Kathryn Sullivan withdraws from Christmas traditions until her precocious neighbor, seven-year-old Abigail, drags Christmas boxes from storage, exposing a forgotten charm bracelet.

Death Never Sleeps
E.J. Simon. iUniverse. $21.95 paper (386p), ISBN 9781475986204; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781475986228
A psychological and technological drama wrapped inside a classic crime thriller. Two brothers—one a bookie, one a corporate CEO—get closer after one is murdered.

The Peaceful Affair
Moshe Sipper. CreateSpace. $12.99 paper (324p), ISBN 9781492306214; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00EXILZZE
Renowned detective Noro Myx is called in by the president to search for missing war treaties whose disappearance could wreak worldwide havoc. Myx plunges into a gallant effort to save the world from the horrors of nuclear peace.

Crossroads Blues
Israfel Sivad. Psychotronic Arts. $15.50 paper (444p), ISBN 9781478328704; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00AOV9J5W
Andrew, Charlie, and Michelle have known each other since high school. But on Sept. 11, 2001, as the Twin Towers collapse, everything changes.

The Question
R. Breuer Stearns.
CreateSpace. $10.99
paper (270p),
ISBN 9781482084467; $3.99 e-book
ISBN 97816300039462
If you could have the answer to only one question, what would you ask? This novel is the fiction that you wish, believe, or may know is true.

The Canterbury Tales in Neverland: A Post-apocalyptic Mystery of Literary Survival
Carl Stevens. CreateSpace. $19.95 paper (340p), ISBN 9781479355945; $3.99 e-book ASIN B009NGPF9I
For those who plead that the classics have meaning today, Stevens offers a post-apocalyptic mystery wherein the detective’s need for hard facts clashes with a culture’s need to reinvent itself on the ever-shifting sands of storytelling.

The Charging Bull of Terry County
Carl Stevens. CreateSpace. $14.95 paper (226p), ISBN 9781490461748; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00DPJNNE8
A postmodern fiction on truth in the stories we tell about our wars, our families, and ourselves: Gettysburg, Hiroshima, 9/11, and the Treegarden family.

The Time Traveler’s Fool: A Psychological Mystery of Literary Survival
Carl Stevens. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (206p), ISBN 9781480269897; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00AAW9YG4
A dialogue on the metaphysics of reading is a test of wills between a psychiatrist and his patient who claims to travel through time.

Jewel of the East
Nicholas L. Waddy. CreateSpace/ BookBaby. $12.99 paper (316p), ISBN 9781484998816; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9781626759541
Set in 18th-century India, this novel revolves around a beautiful young noblewoman, a ruthless British colonel, and a handsome, idealistic Indian mercenary.

The Last Hours of Their Lives
Joseph A. Wellman. BookLocker. $14.95 paper (182p), ISBN 9781626466388; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781626465695
A 53-year-old woman with just 40 hours of flying takes over the controls of an airliner when the captain and first officer become medically incapacitated.

Death’s Twisted Tales
J.J. White. EBGB Publishing. $9.95 paper (168p), ISBN 9780615861616; $1.95 e-book ASIN B00EKY7776
Award-winning author J.J. White has the Grim Reaper introduce 28 twisted tales for the reader’s enjoyment.

Rage in Paris
Kirby Williams. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (246p), ISBN 9781490314945; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780615876412
A black jazzman flees Jim Crow, joins the French army during WWI and later turns private eye. He tracks a runaway American heiress during Paris’s 1934 political crisis.

The Girl in the Photo
Wally Wood. CreateSpace. $13.95 paper (352p), ISBN 9781491230237; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00EBCE306
Two middle-aged children first find a memoir their dead father was writing about a time in his life he never discussed with them. They then find a letter that says, in effect, “I love you, I miss you, I’m going to have a baby.”

Broken Strings
Nancy Means Wright. Nancy Means Wright / GMTA Publishing. $14.99 paper (258p), ISBN 9780615743554; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-0615743552
When puppeteer Fay finds a friend dead from poisoned yew and a half-sister strung up like a marionette, she vows to cut down the killer.


MGM: Saving the Best for Last; Dore Schary and the Death of MGM
Charles Ziarko. CreateSpace. $40 paper (416p), ISBN 9781491036075; $40 e-book ASIN B00FPW1PGQ
A former assistant director examines the end of Hollywood’s Golden Age (1935–1956) via the detailed financial profiles of the Schary years (1948–1956) and MGM’s stars.

House & Home

Maid to Translate: English to Spanish Housekeeping Translations
Maria Flores Shaw. Clean Casa. $35 hardcover (300p), ISBN 9780988423503; boutique stores
An illustrated guide to bridging the communication barrier between employers and their Spanish-speaking housekeepers (or vice versa). Contains checklists and over 1,000 translated phrases.

Juvenile Fiction

Jacqueline Abelson. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (272p), ISBN 9781475273090; 99¢ e-book ASIN B0084V2WVC
(626) 792-8627; Amazon;
Charlotte Goode, a talented 17-year-old, faces a life-changing surgery that will leave her deaf and end her days as a musician. Ages 12–18.

The Phoenix Rising—
Destiny Calls
Phenice Arielle. CreateSpace. $12.99 paper (510p), ISBN 9781490354002; 99¢ e-book ASIN B00CW664XW
When a nightmare-plagued N.Y.U. student wins a coveted trip to South Africa, she embarks on a fight for her life that may unlock the answers to her dreams. Ages 12–18.

The Prodigals,
Book Two:
Giants in the Land
Clark Burbidge. WinePress Publishing. $14.99 hardcover (248p), ISBN 9781606152416; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781414125206
(360) 802-9758
Three young prodigals must find themselves, overcome their own doubts, and stand against the greatest evil ever to threaten the land of giants. Ages 10–14.

Daughter of Camelot: Empire of Shadows, Book 1
Glynis Cooney. Mabon Publishing. $12.99 paper (418p), ISBN 9780989135009; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9780989135009
At the turbulent end of the Arthurian era, 14-year-old Dierdre aspires to the glorious adventures open only to men and secretly trains as a knight. But a ruthless plot will test her ambitions. Ages 10–14.

Mistaken Identity
L.L. Eadie. CreateSpace/ Cricket Cottage Publishing. $14.95 paper (244p), ISBN 9781491213704; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00ES5432O
Amazon; Cricket Cottage Publishing
Teen popstar Tuesday Greenwood wants to change her bubblegum image. Zelda—her antifan—reinvents Tuesday. But Tuesday’s conservative mother and agent stand in their way. Ages 11–16.

Jean Jacobs Fort. AuthorHouse. $14.49 paper (24p), ISBN 9781463405977; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781481737517
Follow the little calves Trouble and Rosie and their friend Jake the crow as they find themselves in some chaotic mishaps on Mr. Fort’s Shady Acres farm. Ages 3–6.

The Infinite Song: An Allegorical Tale for Our Times
Andrea Freeman. Halcyon Wind Press. $19.95 paper (48p), ISBN 978-0989089708
(415) 250-8095; Amazon
An allegorical creation tale written in rhyming verse, accompanied by hand-painted illustrations. Ages 6-12.

The Starlight Chronicles: Slumbering
C.S. Johnson. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (206p), ISBN 9781449779122; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449779115
The first book in a YA series that centers on the life of Hamilton Dinger, a 16-year-old whose seemingly perfect life becomes an interdimensional war zone as it crosses paths with the supernatural. Ages 11–16.

Outview: The Inner Movement #1
Brandt Legg. The Sager Group. $14.99 paper (352p), ISBN 9780988178533; $7.99 e-book ISBN 9780988178540
A coming-of-age thriller of mystics and magic. While fighting to stay alive, 16-year-old Nate discovers that everything he believed about his life is a lie. Ages 11–16.

Pete Pelican’s: Troubled Double Shoe Tying Lesson!
M.B. Massey. Macaroni Press. $9.99 paper (26p), ISBN 9780615722030
This illustrated book encourages positive self-image and choosing the right friends. Ages 3–6.

So Much Potential
Margaret J. McMaster. Mansbridge Dunn Publishers. $12.95 paper (91p), ISBN 9780981052571; $5.99 e-book ASIN B00EW73SJW
Andy Towell’s dream of becoming a commercial fisherman is jeopardized when a co-worker goes missing. Ages 12–18 (Hi-Lo).

Teenage Dirtbag
Rebecca Montemurro. CreateSpace and Smashwords. $12.99 paper (352p), ISBN 9781490908861; $6.99 e-book ASIN B00DAD39JS; BN ID 2940044595422
Amazon;; iTunes
Dirtbag Kyle defies McKinley High’s social stratosphere when he embarks on an unexpected romance with popular Bettina in Spain. Peer pressure and self-awareness soon collide. Ages 12–18.

The Stormglass Protocol
Tim Pratt and Andy Deemer. Stormglass Ventures. $7.99 paper (278p), ISBN 9780989933605; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00FEZLTPG
Fourteen-year-old Jake had ignored the letters marked “Highly Confidential” for too long, so they sent him a message he couldn’t miss: “Don’t even think about screaming, new kid. Very bad things will happen if you scream.” Pratt is a Hugo Award winner. Ages 10–14.

High: The Way of an Eagle
Charlene Quiram. Keytree Press. $17.99 paper (372p), ISBN 9780989514507; $2.99 e-book
ISBN 9780989514514
Verona must use her eagle vision and her friends’ supernatural powers to stop a demon-infested serial killer—even if the killer is her hot boyfriend. Ages 11–16.

What Really Matters!
Ralph A. Redding. Bookwhirl. $12.90 paper (24p), ISBN 9781618562500; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9781618562524; Amazon;
Zeke the zebra sees his reflection and gallops off on an adventure to learn about the color of his skin—and diversity. Ages 3–6.

Winter: The Manhattan Exiles, Volume 1
Sarah Remy. Madison Place Press. $11.99 paper (302p), ISBN 9780615830216; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780615875149
Amazon;; Indigo
When Winter discovers a changeling in the subway, he realizes he’s been given a chance to rescue his family from exile on modern-day Manhattan. Ages 11–16.

External Forces: The Laws of Motion, Volume 1
Deborah Rix. Dime Store Books. $12.99 paper (268p), ISBN 9780992020804; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780992020811
Since the Genetic Integrity Act was passed, the Department of Evolution has guided the creation of each generation, and deviations from the divine plan are not permitted. But a lot can happen to a girl between her first kiss and her first kill. Ages 11–16.

Dear Master Dragon
Alva Sachs. Three Wishes Publishing Co. $12.95 paper (32p), ISBN 9780979638039
Danny Dragon decides to write a letter to the Master Dragon for help. Will the Master Dragon write back, or will Danny have to solve his problems by himself? Danny discovers what it is like to be a real dragon. Ages 3–6.

Almost Demon: Chamber One of the Sigil Cycle
AJ Salem. Salem Books. $14.95 paper (310p), ISBN 9781629660035; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781629660031
Gemma Pope is a high school senior and car crash survivor turned reluctant demon summoner. As disasters multiply, she must figure out whom to trust in order to save her town. Ages 12–18.

Billy the Baaadly
Behaving Bully Goat
Staci J. Schwartz. ComteQ Publishing. $12.95 paper (32p), ISBN 9781935232605;; Amazon
In this rhyming story, a bullying billy goat learns how to treat others with kindness and respect. Ages 3–6.

The Adventures of Mr. Ant
Lloyd Shores. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (28p), ISBN 9781449797478; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449797485
WestBow Press; Books-A-Million; Amazon;
Mr. Ant, not willing to settle for a normal ant life, starts an adventure. He makes friends, overcomes problems, and makes interesting discoveries. Ages 3–6.

Brook Tesla. iPooKee Publishing Corp. $14.99 paper (328p), ISBN 9780989693509; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780989693516
Amazon;; Indigo
A teenager embarks on a time-warping odyssey to reverse an unspeakable tragedy that appeared to usher in the decline of a world power. Ages 10–14.

Element Princess:
The Commence
Jenaia Williams. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (300p), ISBN 9781483652719; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781483652733
In a small town near present-day Tokyo, Element Princesses, young women possessing godly abilities, must fight the Demon Lord, who wants to destroy the human race and rule the dimension. Ages 10–14.

Juvenile Nonfiction

Sir Francis Drake
Pat Croce. Pirate & Maritime Research Society. $15.95 hardcover (56p), ISBN 9780989753302; Amazon
Follow Drake’s amazing journey from humble sailor to fame and fortune, from mere mate to beloved admiral, from a boy with a dream to a knight kneeling before Queen Elizabeth I. Ages 8–12.

The Piano Tuner’s Daughter: My Best Friend
Ingrid Silvian. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (24p), ISBN 9781483661810; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781483661834
Amazon;; Xlibris
A story of the friendship of two young girls—one Jewish, one Christian—who live in 1930s Nazi Germany and how the war changes their lives. Ages 8–12.


Wedded to the Land: Stories from a Simple Life on an Organic Fruit Farm
Joan Donaldson. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (186p), ISBN 9781449785505; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449785499
WestBow Press; Amazon;
Agrarian stories that portray the challenges of drought, raising organic fruit, living off the grid, plus the joys reaped from the land and friends. The author and her husband have been organic farmers for 40 years.

The Story of Chester:
The Monarch Caterpillar / Larvae
Susie Vanderlip. Intuitive Wisdom Publications. $24.95 paper (26p), ISBN 9780974462400; $9.99 e-book ISBN 97809744624
A brilliantly colored, fully narrated photo storybook packaged with a live-action video of Chester the monarch caterpillar on his mission to become a beautiful butterfly.


What My Dog Has Taught Me About Men (After All, He’s Male, Too!)
Barbara Jude Frerichs. Stonesong Press. $14.95 hardcover (64p), ISBN 9780989497008
A beautifully illustrated and lighthearted book about women, their dogs, and their men.


The Sky Behind Me: A Memoir of Flying and Life
Byron Edgington. Biblio Publishing. $17.95 paper (301p), ISBN 9781622490370; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00AMRO5GQ
Amazon; Lightning Source; Ingram; Biblio
More than an aviation memoir, this is a story of a lost dream, war, a struggle for redemption, and a new and better dream by a retired commercial helicopter pilot.

Canaan Stoppers
Godwin Emofo. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (170p), ISBN 9781449784737; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449784744
WestBow Press; Amazon;
This book warns against the sins and influences that can keep individuals from their God-given inheritance.

Moments of Grace and Spiritual Warfare in the Lord of the Rings
Anne Marie Gazzolo. WestBow Press. $17.99 paper (224p), ISBN 9781449769680; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449769673
West Bow Press
All you need to know about life you can learn from those in Middle-earth.

Focus on Your Best Health: Smart Guide to the Health Care You Deserve
Glenda F. Newell, M.D., and Brenda B. Spriggs, M.D. CUSH Communications. $18.44 paper (272p), ISBN 9780979179297; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781483505817
This guide by two physicians demystifies the language of medicine, teaches health care consumers how to navigate the medical maze, and gives them the absolute permission to take charge of their wellness and health care.

The Improbable Return of Coco Chanel: As Witnessed by Her Assistant, Richard Parker
Richard Parker. EBook Bakery. $14.95 paper (132p), ISBN 9781938517150; $6.95 e-book ISBN 9781938517136
In Parker’s recollections of his time as the young assistant to the aging fashion icon, he chronicles the untold challenges in opening a new showroom for Chanel Perfumes in New York, the corporate infighting between two alpha male executives, and how Coco Chanel’s return to haute couture was saved from disaster.

The Fourth Demand: The Story of a Father and Son Journey
Andy Solomon. BookBaby. $8.99 e-book (400p), ISBN 9781483502854; ASIN B00E3XCBJS
Amazon;; Sony; iBooks; Kobo
The tale of an over-9,000-mile shared motorcycle tour of America that marks the end of 20 years together as single dad and only child.

Finding X: One Family’s Solution to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Joni St. John and Ray St. John. Vermilion Press. $14.95 paper (331), ISBN 9781467567626; $7.95 e-book ASIN B00EBWRCH2
The St. Johns detail their family’s dealings with obsessive compulsive disorder and strive to make this disorder more understandable.


Actor Muscle: Craft. Grit. Wit.; A Professional Guide to the Business of Acting
Beverly Leech. Actor Muscle/Voltaire Media. $19.95 paper (252p), ISBN 9780615705309; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780989345019
Updated with 2013 rates and services, this book is written for every actor to begin, maintain, and sustain a professional life.


The Delude: A Philosophical Journey
Yoji K. Gondor. CreateSpace. $19.95 paper (128p), ISBN 9781481015370; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00CYMM6MC
Amazon; select bookstores
A delude is an individual that is overwhelmed by various incoherent and false assertions. This book examines old ideas in a modern context. It is a philosophical study that reflects on epistemic conditions in which knowledge is accumulated.


The Beginning of Me
Eric Christopher Jackson. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (102p), ISBN 9781490572048; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00EIKV9K8
Jackson says, “Without the ability to write, my life would become too silent. Without an avenue to express my emotions, my questions, each day would become void. Without an audience to hear me, my words would become prisoners inside of me. This is my poetry.”

Misty Mirrors
Gilbert Soroquère. $12 paper (90p), ISBN 9781105178238
A collection of poetic texts reflecting thoughts and deep sentiments about everyday life. Includes perspectives of the author’s life in Paris, Madagascar, Tahiti, and San Francisco.


Shrinkwrapped: My First Fifty Years on the Couch
I. Michael Grossman. RDR Books and EBook Bakery. $17.95 paper (287p), ISBN 9781571431288; $4.95 e-book ISBN 9780984015535; Amazon;
Perhaps the world’s longest coming-of-age quest, this is the often humorous and true story of a boy-to-man’s search for emotional maturity. Grossman’s quest parallels psychoanalysis from the early Freudians to a curious bunch of New Age clinicians.


Reaching Out and Bringing In: Ministry to and with Persons with Disabilities
David W. Anderson. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (172p), ISBN 9781449790950; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490805559
WestBow Press; Amazon;
This book is intended to help pastors and church leaders develop an inclusive worldview for ministering to and with individuals and families affected by disability.

Life-Changing Verses, Volume 1
Carlton Lee Arnold. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (154p), ISBN 9781449779221; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449779214
(770) 886-8667
The objective of this book is to enable Christians to personally apply specific Bible verses to their personal lives. Selected Bible verses are explained, real life application is given, and readers are challenged to apply them to their lives.

Life-Changing Verses, Volume 2
Carlton Lee Arnold. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (186p), ISBN 9781449789466; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449789459
(770) 886-8667
The objective of this book is to enable Christians to personally apply specific Bible verses to their personal lives. Selected Bible verses are explained, real life application is given, and readers are challenged to apply them to their lives.

Life-Changing Verses, Volume 3
Carlton Lee Arnold. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (182p), ISBN 9781449798628; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449798611
(770) 886-8667
The objective of this book is to enable Christians to personally apply specific Bible verses to their personal lives. Selected Bible verses are explained, real life application is given, and readers are challenged to apply them to their lives.

Life-Changing Verses About Men: Encouragement for Christian Men to Apply God’s Word with Conviction
Carlton Lee Arnold. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (191p), ISBN 9781490806624; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490806617
(770) 886-8667
This book identifies a Bible passage, provides a description of that passage, and makes a real-life personal application for a Christian man. Each of the 52 chapters is intended to challenge the way a Christian man lives his life in the world today.

The Religious Right Is Wrong: The Ethics of Religion and the Gay Community
F. Lee Barham, M.D. Bridgeview Press and CreateSpace. $18.99 paper (290p), ISBN 9781478116936; $7.99 e-book ISBN 9780615862095
The author advances a straightforward argument against the historical, biased, and misunderstood biblical documents that unfairly harm members of the nonheterosexual religious community in its search for equality.

Revive! The Oracles of God: The Three Constants of the Christian faith
Ozakieoniso Charlie. WestBow Press. $30.95 hardcover (160p), ISBN 9781449790127; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781449790110
WestBow Press
This book is the author’s holy cry to bring believers back to the three constants of Christianity: the Word of God, Prayer, and Service. He believes that when all three are embraced as a lifestyle, there will be a threefold release of the power of God.

Understanding the Bible: Head and Heart, Part One: The Old Testament
Bob Dowell. WestBow Press. $49.95 paper (518p), ISBN 9781449775797; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781449777890
This book guides the reader through the Bible, with interpretive prose summaries to inform the head and interpretive poetic summaries to incite the heart.

Healing Hereafter: Finding Rational and Refreshing Answers for Why We’re Here and Where We’re Headed
Jason Dykstra, M.D. Samizdat Creative. $14.99 paper (510p), ISBN 9781938633195; $7.99 e-book ISBN 9781938633201
Dykstra explores wide-ranging questions about the afterlife, heaven, hell, and God’s plan for humanity in this accessible Biblical investigation. All proceeds benefit charity.

The Royalty Principle:
A Guide to Reigning in the Kingdom of Heaven
Lady Dylyce. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (276p), ISBN 9781449785598; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781449785604
WestBow Press
A two-part book that includes the author’s testimony (filled with “close encounters of the God kind”), and a 10-week discipleship study.

A Glimpse of Glory: My Journey to Heaven and Back
Rick East. WestBow Press. $13.99 paper (156p), ISBN 9781490803784; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490803777
A mysterious illness caused the author to lapse into respiratory failure the afternoon of December 25, 2012. He discovered his spirit was in Heaven, being coached by the Holy Spirit, and he saw the City of Heaven, New Jerusalem.

Exploring Faith and Reason: The Reconciliation of Christianity and Biological Evolution
Bruce Glass. DBG Publishing. $13.25 paper (296p), ISBN 9780578110479; $5.95 e-book ASIN B00B5UHG7Y
The author presents a faith-affirming examination of the intersection of Christianity and the unbiased findings of science.

The Fisherman’s Wife: The Gospel According to St. Peter’s Spouse
Kathleen Glavich. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (252p), ISBN 9781449790585; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9781449790578
WestBow Press
The story of Peter’s long-suffering wife in first-century Capernaum. The stories of Peter and Jesus and others are told through her eyes.

Footsteps Toward Grace
Jodi Hammann. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (108p), ISBN 9781490804606; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490804613
WestBow Press
This book is a collection of stories from the author’s life—the ups, the downs, the tears, and the laughter. She went for 39 years without the Lord, and these stories are her footsteps toward grace.

Throwing Grapes and Moving Mountains:
A Devotional Journey for the Hungry Heart
Jan Hegelein. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (266p), ISBN 9781449775902; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449775926
(866) 928-1240; WestBow Press
This collection of biblical reflections aims to swiftly draw the reader into intimate, honest engagement with God.

Nuggets: Establishing a Daily Quiet Time
Sara Hixon. WestBow Press. $9.95 paper (82p), ISBN 9781449787974; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449787981
A 30-day devotional featuring a “nugget” of truth for practical Christian living, a Bible reading, and a guided prayer time for each day.

BRG Bible King James Version: Blue Red and Gold Letter Bible
Scott Johnson. WestBow Press. $7.99 e-book ISBN 9781449758271
Amazon; Google;; Apple; Kobo;
The Bible with God’s spoken words in blue, Jesus’s words in red, and name of the Holy Spirit in gold. With words of angels underlined in blue and messianic references underlined in red.

How Could I Wish You Back From Heaven?
Sandra Brown Neahusan. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (118p), ISBN 9781449768621; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449768614
A widow describes her path of grief and recovery following the sudden loss of her husband, emphasizing God’s grace and faithfulness.

God Is a Very Present Help
Barbara Nelson. WestBow Press. $9.99 paper (90p), ISBN 9781449796945; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449796938
(877) 444-6879
A woman’s life is thrown into chaos just as she is about to begin an exciting “dream project,” so she turns to God for help and a new direction for her life.

Life: Why Live if You Have to Die?
David Perry. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (114p), ISBN 9781449798413; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449798420
Amazon;; (404) 916-2503
This book, full of poetry, quotations, illustrations and instructions, is written to enlarge your vision of life and guide you through the maze and entanglements that life throws at you daily.

Why on Earth Are There Churches? The Biblical Mission of the Local Church
Michael R. Privett. WestBow Press. $13.99 paper (164p), ISBN 9781449760236; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449760229
WestBow Press
A plea by a church planter/pastor for Christian leaders to refocus on their God-given, biblical mission and specific objectives for the local church.

Good News in a Bad News World
Aleysha R. Proctor. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (120p), ISBN 9781483684796; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781483684802
Proctor asks, Have you heard of any bad news lately? She is sure that you have. Proctor assures the reader there is hope—she has some good news for you.

God Kisses: The Journey Through the Loss of My Daughter and Finding My Soul
Ginger Reynolds. WestBow Press. $17.95 paper (198p), ISBN 9781449796693; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9781449796709;
(817) 233-9326
When the author’s 13-year-old daughter died, she asked, Why my child? Why did God do this to me? Through her weak faith, God revealed to Reynolds these “God kisses” to let her know He and heaven are real.

All the Commandments of God: Find Out the Secret to Inherit All the Blessings of God
Esther V. Shekher. WestBow Press. $22.95 paper (304p), ISBN 9781449785239; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449790264
This book contains all the commandments of God for us to obey to inherit blessings of God in life, given with specific rewards for obedience and consequences of disobedience. It also includes commandments on eternal life and eternal damnation.

Listening to the Voice of God
Shirley Smith. WestBow Press. $9.95 paper (70p), ISBN 9781449774264; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449774271
The author’s account of personal communications with God, written to encourage both believers in God and those making a decision about God.

The Revelation Problem: St. John’s Revelation as History
John T. Spivey. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (156p), ISBN 9781449787097; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781449787080
WestBow Press
A study of Revelation as dealing with the persecution of the early church by the Roman Empire and the fall of the Roman Empire.

Hebrews: It’s Not How You Start—It’s How You Finish
Kathy Stewart. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (172p), ISBN 9781449793111; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781449793104
WestBow Press
A layman’s guide to the most encouraging book in the New Testament. It is especially addressed to Christians who are going through trials and doubts. To believers who manage to persevere in their faith, Stewart says the rewards are well worth the struggle.

Change: How to Remain a Strong Leader During Your Church’s Transition
Janice Elaine Stinnett. WestBow Press. $9.95 paper (80p), ISBN 9781490802633; $7.99 e-book ISBN 9781490802626
Amazon;; Lifeway
Stinnett’s advice is to encourage leaders while a church is going through a transition, depend on God to lead the leader in all aspects, and offer new plans and perspective while leaning on God’s guidance.

Semi Serious: An Unexpected Journey to a Deeper Faith
Charlotte Stone. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (146p), ISBN 9781449775629; $3.95 e-book ISBN 9781449775612
WestBow Press
The book recounts Stone’s sudden change in career from teacher to trucker. After training and a rookie year, Stone’s work evolves into a surprising spiritual journey.

Shame on Us Christians
Kevin Turnbaugh. WestBow Press. $11.99 paper (112p), ISBN 9781490802237; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490802220
Turnbaugh instructs Christians and non-Christians alike on how to live in accordance with the Ten Commandments.

From Disgrace, Shame, Humiliation and Hopelessness to Leaping to Victory: The Victory Can Be Yours if You Strategically Position Yourself
Nii Lante Wallace-Bruce, M.D. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (140p), ISBN 9781490800073; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781490800066
This book teaches how to strategically position yourself to have a destiny-encounter that could totally transform your life and lead you to a life of victory and celebration.


Keep It $imple $tupid: How to Protect Your Finances from Wall Street and Yourself
R. Timothy Curran, JD, CFP. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (102), ISBN 9781482012743; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00FA1MJSK
A simple guide to keep Wall Street from running over you, and keeping your fear and greed at bay on the road to financial success.


Radical Sabbatical: A Hilarious Journey from a Stifling Rut to a Life Without Boundaries
Glen Tibaldeo and Laura Berger. Berdeo. $16.99 paper (342p), ISBN 9780984043323; $9.98 e-book ISBN 9780984043330
Two cubicle convicts find themselves in hilarious chaos after chucking the corporate ladder for a jungle paradise.

True Crime

True Hollywood Noir: Filmland Mysteries and Murders
Dina Di Mambro. Publications. $16.95 paper (268p), ISBN 9780615572697; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9781483508887
In a mixture of classic Hollywood nostalgia and true crime, Di Mambro explores the drama of the mysteries and murders from 1922 to 2001 that played out in living color behind the silver screen of film noir. Includes 100 photos.