It has never been easier to publish your own e-book. The wealth of tools, platforms, and services available to self-publishers continues to grow and be refined for an ever-broader reach and greater efficiency.

PW Select February 2014: What Every Indie Author Needs to Know About E-Books

While many authors report excellent experiences with the various companies listed here, it’s always important to read the fine print to determine which service is right for your book—and your budget.

Six Great Blogs for Indie Authors

What we value most in a blog is passion, extensive knowledge of all aspects of self-publishing, consistency, and clean, clear, entertaining prose.

PW Select February 2014: Not Your Parents’ Parenting Book - Karen Alpert

Sometimes overwhelmed parents are less interested in reading measured advice than hearing someone say what they’re thinking— or wouldn’t dare to say in front of their kids.

PW Select February 2014: The Reviews

This month's installment of PW Select self-published print and e-books.

PW Select February 2014: New Titles from Self-Publishers - The Listings

Just in time for the Winter Olympic Games, the incomparable broadcaster, gold medalist, and world champion figure skater Dick Button demystifies the sport in a book that is among the titles booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at the following listings of self-published books from authors either waiting to be discovered or with a track record and a following who are doing it on their own.