Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at the following listings of self-published books; some are from authors waiting to be discovered, others are from those with track records and followings who are doing it on their own.


Creating Outstanding Open Air Structures: Using Only 2” x 2” & 2” x 4” Lumber & Hand Tools
Robert H. Robinson Sr. $40 paper (104p), ISBN 9780578124742
(302) 841-3527
Spiral bound so pages can be copied, this guide contains over 250 photos and illustrations on how to build stylish open-air structures.


Fire & the Feminine: Myths & Legends
Carol Witten. Apple Blossom. $32.95 paper (152p), ISBN 9781491297315; (510) 236-0791
For those who love the antics of the feminine, author-artist Witten humorously explores the mysterious dynamics of her gender through 110 works she’s “squeezed to life” from bits of clay.

Biography & Autobiography

Headwinds: The Dead Reckoning of the Heart
Thomas A. Reis. AuthorHouse. $16.95 paper (198p), ISBN 9781491819524; $4.95 e-book ISBN 9781491819548
A story of inspiration and adventure as the author rides his bicycle across the U.S., offering reflections on his life as both a therapist and an educator.

Body, Mind & Spirit

The Rainbow Bridge: Bridge to Inner Peace and to World Peace
Brent N. Hunter. Spirit Rising Productions. $12.95 paper (284p), ISBN 9780991206445; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9780991206438
Hunter illuminates the common ground in the world’s major wisdom traditions, also known as universal principles.

Business & Economics

The Fool’s Pocket Guide to Getting a Job: How to Leave a Lasting Impression
Gary Evey. Gary Evey. $9.99 paper (101p), ISBN 9781495965302; $4.99 e-book
A humorous look at finding a job: preparing for the search, writing cover letters and résumés, speaking the corporate language, and interviewing successfully. Evey’s site links to his YouTube videos.

Family & Relationships

Bad Boyfriends: Using Attachment Theory to Avoid Mr. (or Ms.) Wrong and Make You a Better Partner
Jeb Kinnison. Jeb Kinnison Publishing. $12.95 paper (202p), ISBN 9780991663613; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9780991663606
A practical guide to using the science of attachment and relationships to find the right life partner.

Face to Face: Cultivating Kids’ Social Lives in Today’s Digital World
Kathy Masarie, Kathy Keller Jones, Ruth Matinko-Wald, Jody Bellant Scheer, Cassandra Dickson, and Monique Terner. Family Empowerment Network. $34.95 paper (272p), ISBN 9780981950440
A simple yet profound message from a team of pediatricians and educators: increase face-to-face connection and keep childhood real so children grow to be resilient, healthy, and happy. Organized as a discussion guide, the book offers an overview of current ideas and research in child development, brain science, and parenting.

Searching for the Castle: Backtrail of an Adoption
Barbara Leigh Ohrstrom. iUniverse. $15.95 paper (158p), ISBN 9781491713068; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781491713082
At 18, Ohrstrom started her search for her birth parents. As she narrates the unearthing of her history and that of her family, she reveals how she came to terms with her identity.

Life on Altamont Court: Finding the Extraordinary in the Ordinary
Trent Pines. TD Literary Tales. $16.99 paper (352p), ISBN 9780615837956; $5.99 e-book ASIN B00GURUHM8
A humorous memoir about a gay couple moving into a neighborhood of eccentric straights and the mayhem, mishaps, and adventures that follow them.


Little Ravens
Frank Bardessono. CreateSpace. $15 paper (338p), ISBN 9781493645831; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00J828MSS
Daren Capriati is lead counselor at an intake unit serving the special needs of teenagers with disabilities. But Daren’s coworkers are no less complicated or damaged than the kids. An unflinching look at a patchwork social services system, its underprivileged dependents, and their battle-weary caretakers. Sequel to The Kindness of Ravens.

Thorns of Rosewood
Gina M. Barlean. Gina M. Barlean. $15 paper (326p), ISBN 9781492882350; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00IQC3CX6; BN ID 2940149362127
Four old women confess the details of their involvement in a 40-year-old crime. Newspaper editor Gloria Larson plans to write a book about their story and make them confess to something more—which of them is her birth mother?

Steel, Blood & Fire: Immortal Treachery, Book One
Allan Batchelder. Allan Batchelder. $19.99 paper (558p), ISBN 9781491091753; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00AW53RMQ
Legendary warrior Tarmun Vykers, the Reaper, is an arrogant, ruthless, and bloodthirsty bastard. And he may be the world’s only hope against an evil madman. Author does not recommend for readers younger than 17.

Choices (Pippa Series)
Lacey Dancer. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (216p), ISBN 9781492774990; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00HBUI0WM
Lorelei Starke had hoped for gymnastic gold until a car crash cost her use of one leg and damaged her voice. With a successful career in computer game design, she was content—until Alex Kane, a computer software executive devastated by the results of a physical exam, crossed her path.

Brian Evans, Helen Marie Bousquet, and Mark Andrew Biltz. H Infinity Books. $21.95 hardcover (317p), ISBN 9781619277892; $12.99 e-book ISBN 9781619278080
A psychic is forced to provide predictions to the mafia. The zodiac signs seek revenge when the mob takes her out.

Ribzkniks (rib ’niks)
Y.M. Georges. Createspace. $9.25 paper (233p), ISBN 9781495312878; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00GL4IHR2
A riveting tale of hard times, love and loss, and disappointment and terror in the city that never sleeps. The underbelly of Brooklyn, N.Y., has been torn open, and something evil has leaked out.

Aundy: One Courageous Mail-Order Bride
Shanna Hatfield. Shanna Hatfield. $12.99 paper (328p), ISBN 9781484966280; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00D1FYKUM
When mail-order bride Aundy Thorsen finds herself widowed before she truly becomes a wife, she gathers her courage and strength to face an uncertain future.

The Second Key
Cheryl Holdefer. Cheryl Holdefer. $9.99 paper (252p), ISBN 9780615975603; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00ISGUV8E
Just as Rachel Matthews rebuilds her life after her husband’s tragic death, she finds a safe deposit box key that unlocks a secret that changes everything.

The Fisher King
Hayley Kelsey. Hayley Kelsey. $3.99 e-book ASIN B00JD21AIW
Amazon;; iBookstore; Kobo
Control over the last great natural resource—the untamed ocean—is the fiercely contested prize that pits three brothers, their Chesapeake Bay waterman father, and a tradition of overfishing against one another.

GodStone Powers: Three Against the One
Kenneth Laws. Kenneth Laws. $9.63 paper (250p), ISBN 9781496124470; 99¢ e-book ASIN B00IOZLOAI
When Hannah becomes a conduit for otherworldly powers, they enable Traven to pull power from unlikely places, and his twin brother, Vonen, masters power he shouldn’t have. Then the twins’ father, CEO of Gemantics, is attacked. But despite Hannah and the twins’ careful planning for revenge, the action quickly escalates out of control.

On the Wild Coast
Patrick J. Lee. Saltwater Publishing. $9.99 paper (254p), ISBN 9780989458818; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00J5V382C; BN ID 2940149223305
A naked body washes up on the beach of a remote village on South Africa’s east coast. Mendi Mkhize, former freedom fighter and now magistrate, investigates, but the townspeople, who’ve fled traumatic pasts, won’t talk. Meanwhile, Alice Burley arrives from London to resolve unanswered questions in her family’s history.

The Dark One: Dark Knight: The de Russe Legacy
Kathryn Le Veque. Dragonblade Publishing. $27.99 paper (772p), ISBN 9781493640980; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00BNV7IY6
Gaston de Russe, fresh from his treacherous turn against Richard III at the Battle of Bosworth, claims a Yorkist castle and falls in love with his enemy’s wife.

The Kid
Georgia Lowe. Lucky Dime Press. $14.95 paper (208p), ISBN 9780989745017; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00I1RQ5P8
Amazon;; bookstores
The coming-of-age of Will Hardy, 14-year-old cowboy and 16-year-old soldier in World War I, where he’s wounded and develops PTSD. Will hits rock bottom and finds his way to his next life chapter, told in the sequel, The Bonus.

Rebecca Rogers Maher. Rebecca Rogers Maher. $1.99 e-book ISBN 9781629210063
Tanya meets Jack on the way to her sister’s wedding and brings him back to her motel room. The next day she meets the groom’s family, including his brother, Jack—home from the Peace Corps and reeling from his night with the bold, beautiful woman he thought he’d never see again. Contains explicit sex.

Almost Perfect: A Novel
Diane Daniels Manning. Beltor. $8.99 paper (322p), ISBN 9780578136394; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9780578136400
An autistic/ADHD boy knows his aging dog could win at the Westminster Dog Show, which would make his mother smile, if an old woman who’s given up dreaming of winning the show will help.

United We Fall: Galactic Community Member Series, Vol. 1
Joseph A. Mourgos. CreateSpace. $16.50 paper (468p), ISBN 9781482321975; $5.25 e-book ASIN B00E79C6H0
Globalization is bringing humanity together. Two alien races see an opportunity to sponsor Earth into the galactic community in order to win humans’ vote over a disputed planet.

The Art: Frost and Flame
David T. Newman. Keating & Guthrie. 99¢ e-book ISBN 9781631734090
(917) 628-4906
Kent Fassler had a decent life: place in New York, steady job, mostly good health.That was before he got caught in the crossfire between two dueling sorcerers.

Uba and Rush
Shane O’Brien. $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780987511614
When a gifted student is charged with the willful homicide of a suspected sex offender, his meager finances require him to build an unusual defense.

The Guardian of Secrets: And Her Deathly Pact
Jana Petken. AuthorHouse. $35.02 paper (714p), ISBN 9781491877920; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781491877937
From Kent, England, in 1912 to Spain and its 1936–39 civil war, a historical family saga of love, abuse, murder, and betrayal. A sweeping look into the blood and bones of the early 20th century.

The Thrift Shop Murders
Stanford Pritchard. Springside Books. $15.95 paper (266p), ISBN 9781494336448
Amazon;; (802) 388-0715
A metaphysical whodunit featuring reflections on American wealth, building and construction, craft, the criminal mind, and the consolations of thrift shops.

Window: Paris Secrets, Book 1
Michele Renae. Swell Cat Press. $2.99 e-book ISBN 9780984989188
Amazon; bn,com
An erotic romance behind glass. In Paris, two strangers embark on a provocative romance from their respective bedroom windows.

The Anatomy of a Mermaid
Tom Ryerson. Isis Press. $5.97 e-book ISBN 9780991837205
Amazon; Kobo;
This tragic fantasy set in Hawaii tells the story of Shaun, who has to decide between Tracie and the cryptid known as Jet.

Tehran Moonlight
Azin Sametipour. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (278p), ISBN 9781491265192; $5.99 e-book ASIN B00J1NTB7K
In a country where women have no voice, one woman’s fight for love and identity results in unimaginable consequences.

The Reluctant General: A Novel About Ancient Israel
Herb Sennett. WestBow Press. $19.95 paper (250p), ISBN 9781490818078; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781490818075
A woman and a reluctant farmer lead a ragtag force of 10,000 to defeat the greatest army of the world of 1150 BC.

How to Knock a Bravebird from Her Perch: The First Novel in the Morrow Girls Series
D. Bryant Simmons. Bravebird Publishing. $17.95 paper (344p), ISBN 9780985751661; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780985751616
When Belinda “Pecan” Morrow tries to leave her husband, an up-and-coming boxer, he doesn’t hesitate to use his fists outside the ring. Pecan tries to protect herself and her daughters from the tornado that is Ricky, but even leaving him can’t keep them safe. A story of self-discovery that allows a lost, grieving child to become a strong, self-sufficient woman.

Lola Smirnova. Quickfox Publishing. $11.60 paper (313p), ISBN 9781496031013; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780620593441
A fictionalized story of vulnerability, courage, and the art of making a living in the sex trade.

The Soul Protector
Mario Soldevilla. Lulu. $15.99 paper (226 p), ISBN 9781483405476; $5.99 e-book ISBN 9781483405483;
In a twisting tale of karma, fate, corruption, and spiritual awakening, a reincarnated angel and his charge race to stop a killer before more lives are lost.

Jason Srebnick. Jason Srebnick. 99¢ e-book ASIN B00IBSEYIW
In New Boston, a 17-hour workday, seven days a week is the norm. But Aaron Cogwell is thankful to his Corporation—it’s given him everything he has. Then a mysterious stranger helps Aaron realize he can choose another life. But such choices can come with consequences.

A Very Good Life
Lynn Steward. Lynn Steward Publishing. $11.99 paper (284p), ISBN 9780991500772; $4.99 e-book ISBN 9780991500727
Dana McGarry, a successful executive at a prestigious New York department store, learns that the art of seduction will affect both her marriage and career.

Back to Jerusalem
Jan Surasky. Sandalwood Press. $25.95 hardcover (331p), ISBN 9780578087269; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780988277281
Amazon;; bookstores
Coming of age in the 1970s, Jenny Thompson marries the wealthiest boy in her small rural town of Jerusalem, setting her dreams aside. Divorced, she flees to New York City but comes home to reclaim her life.

Lost Capital
Peter M. Wahl. CreateSpace. $12.97 paper (292p), ISBN 9781492863359; $4.97 e-book ASIN B00INCV1U0
Guy Baxter, 20-something CEO, has always felt destined for greatness. When entrepreneur Ivan Vissar makes Guy part owner of an Internet start-up, Guy ignores Vissar’s mysterious background and penchant for gambling. In the dot-com crash, Guy realizes that success often comes at a price too high to bear.

Wealth and Privilege
Jeanette Watts. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (399p), ISBN 9781490934518; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00BB30T0G; BN ID 2940016651651
Proposing to your wife and meeting the woman of your dreams on the same day—and they’re not the same person—will complicate your life.


Presidential Picture Stories: Behind the Cameras at the White House
Dennis Brack. Dennis Brack. $25.95 hardcover (256p), ISBN 9780615648828
A history of news photography and a collection of stories about presidents and the characters behind the cameras at the White House.

All Against the Law: The Criminal Activities of the Depression Era Bank Robbers, Mafia, FBI, Politicians, & Cops
Bill Friedman. Old School Histories. $17.99 paper (314p), ISBN 9781494958138; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780989685214;; e-book retailers
Friedman connects the Depression’s public enemy bank robbers, the creation of the FBI, Kansas City’s corrupt political/Mafia machine, and what he claims was President Harry Truman’s sellout to organized crime.

The United Nations’ Top Job: A Close Look at the Work of Eight Secretaries-General
Lucia Mouat. CreateSpace. $18.50 paper (519p), ISBN 9781484806197
How U.N. leaders have applied their special skills—largely as mediators—in pursuit of a more peaceful world.

Juvenile Fiction

The Terrible Machines Return: The Stellar Life of Jpeg the Robot Dog, Book 2
C.J. Atticus, illus. by Angelika Domschke. C.J. Atticus. $6.95 paper (110p), ISBN 9780988778030
Jpeg’s cosmic adventure continues as he becomes a pack leader while defending his robot friends Wick, Cammy, and Tux from a terrible machine determined to turn them into space junk. Ages 6–8.

The Mythomaniacs
Jules Bass, illus. by Lawrence Christmas. Eltanin Publishing. $4.99 e-book ISBN 9781310600418
When a simple trick goes wrong, 15-year-old Gilbert Myrddin, amateur magician, transforms a group of readers into characters from his father’s books (and himself into the image of Merlin). To undo the damage, Gilbert embarks on a wild quest that leads back to Arthurian times. Ages 8–12.

Bubba the Bulldog Tries to Smile
Bree Clausen. Bree Clausen. $19.99 hardcover (28p), ISBN 9780991387106; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00HMQ7H9W
Smiling is contagious in this picture book. When his best friend breaks his leg, Bubba does the impossible—lifting his heavy lips into a smile. Ages 4–7.

Angels Dawn
Komali da Silva. CreateSpace. $11.48 paper (278p), ISBN 9781495329326; 99¢ e-book ASIN B00I1AF362
Sixteen-year-old Dawn has been warned by a few people about visions they have seen, not to mention all the strange feelings she has had about being watched and hearing things. But when she disappears into the night, will she ever be found again? Ages 12–16.

Calling an Angel
Richard de Montebello. SaberCat Comics. $12.95 paper (288p), ISBN 9780967157283; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781627765893
In this religious comedy, Gabriel, an unimpressive man, enters Safe Haven’s medical walk-in facility and says to the nurses, “Could you please tell the doctor that his angel is here to see him.” Is Gabriel a real angel, a con man, or just plain nuts? Whatever he is, he turns the whole town upside down. Ages 12–16.

The Sign of the Shell: A Sea Otter Mystery
Teresa Williams Irvin. HeartChild. $9.95 paper (68p), ISBN 9780979939563
A story of love and loss, of mystery and danger, and of growing up and finding one’s way in the world. Ages 7–11.

What Every Dragon Needs
Cari Lyn. Lapis Moon Publishing. $24.99 hardcover (32p), ISBN 9781937576035
What does every dragon need? A princess of course. Follow Percival on his quest to find out what is a princess and, more importantly, how he can find one. Ages 5–8.

Seekers: A World Within a World
Liz Morris. Carpenter’s Son Publishing. $14.99 paper (320p), ISBN 9781940262031; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00J44M9MK; BN ID 2940149509911
Thrust into a world where there is a supernatural correlation for everything that happens in the natural world, Nettle and Tommy find themselves being watched. Suddenly all the rules change, and they are catapulted into a spiritual battle for their very souls. Ages 12–18.

Paranormal Keepers
Jen Naumann. Phantom Owl Press. $15.99 paper (421p), ISBN 9780991576203; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00IXASBQY; BN ID 2940149392797
Harper Young knows something unnatural killed her boyfriend. She refuses to stop looking until she finds answers, even if it means her reputation as a senior is ruined. Even if it means there really are monsters among us. Ages 12–18.

Chelzy Stone’s Mystical Quest in the Lost and Found Game
Lucille Procopio. RoseLamp Publications. $14.95 paper (252p), ISBN 9780986060700; $7.99 e-book ASIN B00FY54BVU
Amazon; publisher;
Three children play an old, mysterious board game that transports them through a portal to a magical world with unique inhabitants to accomplish a quest. Ages 8–12.

Orion Poe and the Lost Explorer
Will Summerhouse. Shake-A-Leg Press. $8.99 paper (274p), ISBN 9780986061400; $ e-book ISBN
Nothing exciting ever happens to 11-year-old Orion Poe until a mysterious map—a link to a lost Arctic explorer—comes into his possession. On a new expedition to the north, Orion faces unimaginable danger and enough adventure for a lifetime. Ages 8–12.

A Humble Heart: The Dark World
Trilogy, Book 1
Tim Vander Meulen. CreateSpace. $14.50 paper (342p), ISBN 9781482700824; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00C5S4AJW
(808) 631-8326
After the invasion of the kingdom of men, the Elves and Dwarves must decide whether they will go to war. Ages 11–17.

Juvenile Nonfiction

Abayomi, the Brazilian Puma: The True Story of an Orphaned Cub
Darcy Pattison, illus. by Kitty Harvill. Mims House. $13.99 paper (32p), ISBN 9781629440040; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9781629440057
The true story of orphaned puma cub and the heroic efforts of scientists to return him to the wild even as his natural habitat is shrinking. Ages 4–8.


Age, Old Age, Language, Law: A Dysfunctional—Often Harmful—Mix and How to Fix It
Howard Eglit. Howard Eglit. $24 paper (421p), ISBN 9780615973869
How language creates and nurtures old-ageism, the law’s inadequate role in combating the pernicious age-language mix, and nonlegal corrective means.


Hottest New Artist®: How to Succeed in the Music Industry
PDS Entertainment. FriesenPress. $19.99 paper (216p), ISBN 9781460223499; $6.99 e-book ISBN 9781460223505
A music industry overview with a look at the skills artists need to succeed. Includes selling music, submitting material to radio, labels, industry, contracts, and much more.


On Location: Essays of Place
Michael Gessner. Echo Arcade. $27.68 (146p), ISBN 9781492222910; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00J369TO0
Essays on the influence of location and its necessity to human identity: a historic courthouse in New York’s Revolutionary War corridor; an ancient volcano in Arizona; a home given over to birds; Seneca’s boyhood home in Ostia Antica; Philadelphia’s Wissahickon, where Edgar Allan Poe spent idle hours drifting in a skiff.


Breakfast with the Dirt Cult
Samuel Finlay. Red Dirt Syndicate. $11.99 paper (318p), ISBN 9780615622996; $2.99 e-book ISBN 9781623469047
Based on a true story but written as a novel, this is the chronicle of the days of love and war in the life of Tom Walton, an infantry soldier torn between a beautiful bibliophilic Canadian ex-stripper and the hunt for al-Qaeda in the mountains of Afghanistan.


Horse Vet: Chronicles of a Mobile Veterinarian
Courtney S. Diehl. BookCrafters. $12.95 paper (179p), ISBN 9781937862664; $1.99 e-book ISBN 9781311697424; Amazon; Smashwords;
The author recounts lively tales from her 13 years as a mobile veterinarian in the Colorado Rockies.

Off the Top of My Head: An Alphabetical Odyssey
Stephen Lorch. JW Lorbek Press. $24.95 paper (352p), ISBN 9780989884013; $9.95 e-book ASIN B00I1KPNUI; BN ID 2940148226260
(917) 541-9014
A candid set of 26 alphabetical essays penned over five years by Lorch as he coped with, and ultimately overcame, a life-threatening illness.

Growing Up Boeing: The Early Jet Age Through the Eyes of a Test Pilot’s Daughter
Rebecca Wallick. Maian Meadows Publishing. $24.95 paper (342p), ISBN 9780991364800; $9.99 e-book ISBN 9780991364817
The story of jet transport pioneers from an insider’s perspective, and the major contributions made by Boeing test pilots and engineers who regularly risked their lives to make modern commercial aviation safe.


Not Poems, Just Words: On Loving, Living and Longing
Ramon Loyola. MoshPit Publishing. $12.95 paper (130p), ISBN 9780992449858; $3.93 e-book ISBN 9780992449865 (epub); 9780992449872 (mobi)
A collection of prose poems on love, loss, longing, and yearning, and on dealing with the vagaries of life. A small journey from the deepest emotions of love and loss to the sometimes overwhelming realization of the beauty of life.

Pearls Beneath the Rind
Richard Seldin and Carole R. Seldin-Bolinski. Dog Ear Publishing. $9.99 paper (80p), ISBN 9781457522109; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00HE1LSM2; BN ID 2940149007240
Alternating poems by a brother and sister of vastly different characters and lifestyles.

Political Science

The Seamy Corners of American Politics: Current Conservative Articles on American Politics
Kevin C. Caffrey. AuthorHouse. $19.95 paper (286p), ISBN 9781491873205; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781491873199
Caffrey discusses from a conservative perspective topics ranging from economics to education to environmentalism to foreign policy. The Tea Party is prominent in his essays, and progressives are dismantled throughout the book.


Tested by Fire: Will What You Build Survive?
Kelley Latta. Carpenter’s Son Publishing. $11.95 paper (128p), ISBN 9781940262062; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00IA3DA42; BN ID 2940148324386
Are you living the life God intended? Discover what it means to live by faith, be empowered by God’s purpose, and leave a lasting legacy.

‘A Corrupt Tree’: An Encyclopaedia of Crimes Commited by the Church of Rome Against Humanity and the Human Spirit, Vol. 1
A.S. Xlibris. $42.79 paper (822p), ISBN 9781483665368; $4.27 e-book ISBN 9781483665375
The author presents a categorized history of the totality of the dark activities of the Catholic Church against humanity and the human spirit.

From Out of the Sand
Steve Sieting. WestBow Press. $11.95 paper (128p), ISBN 9781490801100; 99¢ e-book ISBN 9781490801094
WestBow Press; Amazon;
A poetic-religious inspirational book about overcoming self and problems, and learning to grow closer to the Lord through the Holy Spirit.

Social Science

Research in Information Studies: A Cultural and Social Approaoch
W. Bernard Lukenbill. Xlibris. $34.99 hardcover (422p), ISBN 9781469179605; $3.99 e-book ISBN 9781469179612
Lukenbill provides a holistic approach to discussing research and its components and uses, and demonstrates how research is an important element in culture and social life.

Sports & Recreation

Flannels on the Sward: History of Cricket in Americas
Jayesh Patel. Jayesh Patel. $55 paper (402p), ISBN 9780989678513; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00IYPAZ30
The unknown history of cricket in the Americas. Profusely illustrated with rare material, vintage lithographs and pictures, and containing early team scores of the pioneering English, Irish, and Australian cricketers.

Technology & Engineering

Command Center Handbook: Proactive IT Monitoring; Protecting Business Value Through Operational Excellence
Abdul A. Jaludi. CreateSpace. $24.95 paper (168p), ISBN 9781494760526; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00HV7O1L4; BN ID 2940148279495
An authoritative resource on command centers and using them effectively to prevent customer service disruptions and runaway technology costs through optimization, and proactive and real-time monitoring.