Tammy Falkner's romance Smart, Sexy and Secretive takes the top spot on this month's list of the best-selling titles published on the Smashwords platform -- which are distributed to Amazon, the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo -- with Falkner also landing romance titles at #7 with Calmly, Carefully, Completely and #16 with Finally Finding Faith.

This month's list is, yet again, dominated by romance. In fact only four titles from other genres make the top 25 for the month of April -- with the biography Pride Over Pity from Kailyn Lowry, the star of MTV's reality show Teen Mom 2, snatching the #3 spot.

GJ Walker-Smith also grabs three spots this month, with her YA romances Secret North, Storm Shells, and Second Hearts coming in at #6, #11, and #20 respectively. And taking two slots on our list -- and both for titles that aren't romance -- is Chanda Hahn, with the YA fantasy Fable: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale coming in at #17 and the YA novel Fairest rounding out the list at #25.

Rank Title Author Genre Price
1 Smart, Sexy and Secretive Tammy Falkner Romance 2.99
2 Enjoying the Chase Kirsty Moseley Romance 2.99
3 Pride Over Pity Kailyn Lowry Biography 9.99
4 The Will Kristen Ashley Romance 3.99
5 Five Miles (Gypsy Brothers, #3) Lili Saint Germain Romance 2.99
6 Secret North GJ Walker-Smith YA Romance 3.99
7 Calmly, Carefully, Completely Tammy Falkner Romance 3.99
8 When I Surrender Kendall Ryan Romance 3.99
9 Brash Nicola Marsh Romance 2.99
10 Night After Night Lauren Blakely Romance 2.99
11 Storm Shells GJ Walker-Smith YA Romance 3.99
12 Broken Silence Natasha Preston Romance 1.99
13 Fashionably Dead Down Under Robyn Peterman Paranormal Romance 4.99
14 Nothing Left to Lose Kirsty Moseley Fiction 2.99
15 Love Lacey Weatherford Romance 3.99
16 Finally Finding Faith Tammy Falkner Romance 2.99
17 Fable: An Unfortunate Fairy Tale Book 3 Chanda Hahn YA Fantasy 3.99
18 Smitten Lacey Weatherford YA Romance 2.99
19 The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window Kirsty Moseley Romance 2.99
20 Second Hearts GJ Walker-Smith YA Romance 3.99
21 The Cowboy Wins a Bride Cora Seton Romance 3.99
22 Rebelonging Sabrina Stark Romance 2.99
23 Courted by Karma Tracy Ellen Romance 3.99
24 Unbelonging, a New Adult Romance Novel Sabrina Stark Romance 2.99
25 Fairest Chanda Hahn YA Fiction 3.99

Based on gross sales for the month of April.