Publishers Weekly today launched PW Expertise, a new set of services that provides authors with feedback and guidance about their writing.

With PW Expertise, PW’s reviewers provide written critiques that highlight a writing project’s key strengths and weaknesses to assist authors with the composition, editing, and publication processes.

"For years authors have been asking for detailed feedback from Publishers Weekly reviewers, so we created PW Expertise to meet that demand," said Publishers Weekly President George Slowik.

PW Expertise currently offers two services, First Read and Manuscript, both of which are accessible via BookLife, the magazine’s website dedicated to self-publishing.

First Read offers quick, insightful feedback on an in-progress writing project. Similar to what an author shopping a project might receive from an agent, First Read assesses a 1,500 word excerpt and project outline/summary and provides an instructive response that analyzes the project and offers feedback on how it can be improved.

Manuscript provides detailed, constructive criticism of a completed manuscript, covering a wide variety of topics, including writing style, plot, voice, story development, and character development. Manuscript will help authors refine a complete project and prepare it for submission, as well as assist writers looking to revise and redraft projects.

"Even though these aren't reviews, PW Expertise gives authors direct access to the professional insights and experience of Publishers Weekly's reviews team," Slowik said.

First Read is available for $79 with written feedback returned to authors within 10 days, while Manuscript ranges in price from $499 to $599 depending on project length and is returned to authors within six weeks.

To register for First Read or Manuscript, simply sign into or create a profile at, upload a project, and click the button for PW Expertise.