Booksellers, publishers, and agents are encouraged to take a look at the listings of 65 self-published books below. Some of these authors are waiting to be discovered; others have a track record and a following and are doing it on their own.


Appointments: A Novel of Life in Our Nation’s Capital
David Carmell. Strategic Path Press. $14.95 paper (338p), ISBN 978-0-9890093-2-4; $5.95 e-book ASIN B00BIQPU46
Seizing his opportunity after the 2014 elections, Alabama senator Augustus Williams relentlessly pursues his dream: to be the South’s first white Supreme Court justice in decades.

The Deception of the Thrush
Bruce P. Spang. Piscataqua Press. $16.99 paper (448p), ISBN 978-1-939739-42-1; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00MHVOYFW; Amazon;
In 1964, Jason Follett is an athlete and a fraternity brother at his small-town college, but his secret could destroy his hopes of fitting in—he is attracted to other men. After Jason is caught vandalizing another student’s room in an attempt to prove his masculinity, his repressed anger erupts. Rejected by his classmates, Jason is drawn to the antiwar and civil rights movements. But even though he can stand up against war and racism, he still can’t stand up for himself. As the nation is shattered by the Vietnam War and the assassinations of Martin Luther King Jr. and John F. Kennedy, Jason is torn: his parents want him to accept being drafted, but he doesn’t want to risk his life for the war he protests. Jason must choose whether to appease his parents or finally be true to who he really is.

Father, Son, Stone
Allan H. Goodman. Solomon Publications. $18.99 paper (480p), ISBN 978-0-9670973-6-7; $9.99 e-book B00MAM0FB0; BN ID 2940149658879
Amazon;; Ingram
This novel blends history and mystery to reveal the secret of the most controversial religious site in Jerusalem—known to Jews as the Temple Mount and to Muslims as the Noble Sanctuary.

Finding Family
Sharon Vander Meer. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (232p), ISBN 978-1-49903-548-3; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-49903-547-6
Xlibris; Amazon;
A widow’s life takes a comic and dramatic turn when virtual strangers and their dog arrive on her doorstep. They’re looking for a home. Will they find it with Lilly?

Finding Home
Jackie Weger. Jackie Weger. $10.95 paper (294p), ISBN 978-1-49489103-9; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00D7WKQRA
On a quest to find her family a home, Phoebe Hawley squats in a junkyard and dares the unlikeliest man on earth to succumb to her schemes.

Forgetting Tommie
Paula Paul. CreateSpace. $7.10 paper (166p), ISBN 978-1-49751559-8; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00KIWUZV4
Dara, Meg, and Tommie have been friends for as long as they can remember. Now, Tommie seems to be slipping into early-onset dementia. As Meg and Dara struggle to keep Tommie’s life intact, Dara stumbles on a secret that throws into doubt everything she thought she knew about her friends as well as her own family. She tries to run away from the truth and is launched on a journey from which she may never return. A story of the many levels of love and deceit.

The Green and the Blonde: An American Journey
John Thomas Baker. Lost Wages Publishing Co. $22.50 paper (648p), ISBN 978-0-9890336-0-2; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00DRR4LUS
Sean McAllister finds himself on a political and counterculture road trip during the 1970s, landing in the rough and ready mountains of southern Oregon and the Great Northwest, where adventure and eventual love transpire.

Hey Kemosabe!
The Days (and Nights) of a Radio Idyll
Chris Ingram. Dog Ear Publishing. $14.95 paper (168p), ISBN 978-1-4575-3051-7; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00N9IMEFE; Amazon;;
A raucous ride through the volatile days of the 1960s and ’70s as seen through the eyes of some of the biggest radio stars of that era. Featuring such radio legends of WABC Musicradio as “Big” Dan Ingram, “Cousin” Bruce Morrow, and Chuck Leonard, this work of historical fiction draws back the curtain on these wizards of the airwaves as they navigate through an era of great leaps, revolution, war, and heart-rending personal loss.

An Impossible Marriage
Meriel Brooke. Ex-L-Ence Publishing. $2.99 e-book ASIN B00LBOO5LE; BN ID 2940046045888
A farmer’s boy attempts to better his life by becoming a rubber planter. The children from his two relationships inadvertently meet and fall in love.

In All Things: A Return to the Drooling Ward
Ed Davis. Wedgewood Press. $5.95 paper (86p), ISBN 978-0-9860697-2-7; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00MOJGJOG
Abebooks; Amazon; Alibris;; Powell’s
Walk the wards of the notorious Sonoma State Home with a 17-year-old trainee as he meets the discarded, forgotten, and misunderstood patients, and is forever changed by the experience.

Love Straddle
Martin Knox. Martin P. Knox. $26.70 paper (602p), ISBN 978-0-9924623-0-7; $8.99 e-book ASIN B00KSNGN1O
Selwyn is driven by ambition and is infatuated with Vicki, but when she demands too much of his time, he makes do with Barbara with the intention of returning to Vicki after exams.

Peeling Oranges
James Lawless. CreateSpace. $10.74 paper (240p), ISBN 978-1-4960-0764-3; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00J4O37IU
A diplomat’s son traces his origins through the turbulent histories of the Spanish and Irish civil wars.

A Perfect Armenian
Keri Topouzian. Hyevan Publishing. $25.95 hardcover (336p), ISBN 978-0-9854124-0-1; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9854124-1-8; Amazon; Baker & Taylor;; Kobo
A young Armenian avenges his family and his people through the dark, deadly world of the Turkish opium trade.

Second Alibi: The Banality of Life
Jonathan Harnisch. Babydude Press. $12.99 paper (310p), ISBN 978-1-5004-8201-5; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00N37L3CQ; BN ID 2940150496019
In this prequel to Jonathan Harnisch: An Alibiography, Harnisch handles the backstory of Georgie, Ben, and Claudia, further incorporating the invisible studio audience introduced in Alibiography. Once more, Ben’s confessions are written in his imaginative style. Harnisch intends an eerie sense of dissociation from the story to convey what it is like to be mentally ill. This is countered by the author’s personal story of how his writing helps him to rise above his own disorder, while allowing readers to understand how people with schizophrenia think and how they see their world.

1066: What Fates Impose
G.K. Holloway. Matador. $21.95 paper (440p), ISBN 978-1-78306-220-1; $5.99 e-book ASIN B00BPDGWNA; BN ID 2940149476060
England is in crisis. The king has no heir, but there are many claimants desperate to gain the crown. Harold, Earl of Wessex, is the obvious successor. Will he succeed?


Help for Hysterical Humans Who Hope to Be Happy in Heaven or Here
James Sterngram. Allen W. Ellion. $4.75 e-book ISBN 978-0-9906271-3-5; Amazon;; Kobo
A slender, vivacious volume of verse densely packed with music, magic, meditation, and humor—as well as recipes for making merry in one minute or many.


Code of Honor
V.C. Weeks. 99 Percent Publishing. $16.95 paper (336p), ISBN 978-0-9915989-0-8; $6.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9915989-4-6; Amazon;
This political thriller places its protagonist, Staff Sergeant Hank Siemens, dead center in a minefield of money, politics, and family history that forces him to decide between honor and duty.

Cold Shadows
Jeff Critser. Dark Matters Press. $16.99 paper (440p), ISBN 978-0-578-13473-4; $16.99 paper (470p), 978-0-615-89037-1
After a friend’s murder, an investment banker takes a harrowing plunge into the darkest of clandestine operations, where betrayal and murder consume all who draw near.

The Defendants (Thaddeus Murfee Legal Thrillers, Book 1)
John Ellsworth. Subjudica House. $10.75 paper (286p), ISBN 978-0-61595377-9; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00HY2KLPG
The client claims her date carved his name in her breasts, but then he’s found murdered. The client had motive, but was the dead man really guilty? Rookie attorney Thaddeus Murfee makes his debut defending his first murder case.

The Flower Shop, Caldron of Conspiracy
H. Christopher Quinn. FriesenPress. $31.99 hardcover (424p), ISBN 978-1-77097-945-1; $21.99 paper (424p), ISBN 978-1-77097-946-8; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-77097-947-5; Amazon;; iTunes; Kobo, Google
An American reporter gets wrapped up in Cold War conspiracies to sabotage the Mexican oil industry, assassinate international financial leaders, and more in 1952 Mexico. He also gets wrapped up in a mysterious girl who works in a flower shop.

L.L. Anderson. CreateSpace. $15 paper (380p), ISBN 978-1-4991-5539-6; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00HZ1FKSE
John Porter died a hero, and he’s never regretted anything more. When the lives of the people he loves are in peril, what can a man who has already given his life for a stranger do to help?

Lie Down with Silk and Daggers
Frank Walters Clark. Clark Global Publications. $9.99 paper (202p), ISBN 978-1-44146400-2; $4.97 e-book ISBN 978-0-9906892-3-2
Jazz Malone investigates the disappearance of a well-known radio personality and a priceless Mayan dagger, and is pitted against a high-society smuggler dealing in drugs, money laundering, and priceless artifacts.

The Novel World of Angela Crown
Sala Deib. Innopath Novels. $15.95 paper (342p), ISBN 978-1-5006-9459-3; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00NMY0YPM
Angela Crown champions the rights of the fictional. It’s a battle that pits the “professional reader” against authorial intent. It also may not be entirely real.

Running for the House
Howard Kleinhendler. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (318p), ISBN 978-1-5002-8258-5; $7.95 e-book ASIN B00NOYEEB0
An ambitious lawyer becomes embroiled in a heated congressional campaign while being backed by a mysterious organization that will stop at nothing to ensure his victory.

Something in the House: California Gothic
D.L. Lewis. D.L. Lewis. $7.97 paper (234p), ISBN 978-1-5006-5870-0; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00NS7WED8
The storms of 1998 El Niño, old money, and an ancient evil force combine to produce deadly results in this supernatural thriller.

A Star Called Lucky
Bapsy Jain. Vook and MZI Global. $11.99 paper (246), ISBN 978-1-63295-424-4; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-63295-807-5
Amazon;; Google; iBooks; Kobo
Lucky Boyle found solace as an unconventional yoga instructor after a bizarre turn of events landed her in New York as a single mom. Now she unknowingly steps into the secret and dangerous world of corrupt politics. Will this journey destroy the faith in humanity she’s worked so hard to achieve? The sequel to Lucky Everyday.

To Free a Spy
Nick Ganaway. CreateSpace. $13 paper (348p), ISBN 978-1-4848-8573-4; $2.99 e-book B00DV5ZW54
A prostitute’s extortion of her lover tumbles huge dominoes in Russia, Tokyo, Atlantic City, and Washington; brings a nuclear threat to the United States; and destroys a White House hopeful.


The Antithesis: Renovatio
Terra Whiteman. Amazon. $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-311-25986-8
Amazon;; Smashwords
A member of the Purgatorial Jury is thrown into a world of exploitation, betrayal, and murder as his court attempts to defuse a civil war brewing between angels and demons.

Asbury Dark: Haunting Tales from the Jersey Shore
Lori Bonfitto. Lori Bonfitto. $12.99 paper (236p), ISBN 978-1-31248610-2; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00NMQFUGI; BN ID 2940150315181
Amazon;; Lulu
A telekinetic teenager, a doomed ship, a haunted hotel, and a zombie-fighting real estate developer are a few of the eerie people, places, and things in these seven tales of fright and fantasy.

Creatus (They Exist): The Prequel (Creatus Series, Book 0)
Carmen DeSousa. Carmen DeSousa. $6.99 paper (152p), ISBN 978-0-98990505-3; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9899050-4-6
For 4,000 years, creatus have concealed themselves from humans, who hunted them almost to extinction. Now, one creatus will endanger them all by falling in love—with a human.

Michael Siemsen. Fantome Publishing. $14.95 paper (416p), ISBN 978-1-94075722-3; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00MQGNPT4
A small research team took 19 years to reach an Earth-like planet, another eight observing from orbit. When disaster strikes the station, the team must evacuate to the inhospitable surface below.

John Smith: Last Known Survivor of the Microsoft Wars
Roland Hughes. Logikal Solutions. $9 paper (274p), ISBN 978-1-939732-00-2; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-98235806-1
Alibris;; Amazon
Dystopian fiction focusing on the history and knowledge that gets lost. The author challenges what you believe to be true.

The King of Stonewood (The Stonewood Trilogy, Book 3)
Jeremy Hayes. Northlord Publishing. $13.99 paper (356p), ISBN 978-0-9918642-4-9; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00K6M4BF2
The conclusion to the Stonewood Trilogy. The thief, Harcourt, and his allies, must find a way to defeat the demon lord and his cult of worshippers if they are to free the city of Stonewood from their evil grasp.

Party at the World’s End
James Curcio. Mythos Media. $13 paper (306p), ISBN 978-0-692-23907-0; $4 e-book ASIN B00MMETK3K; BN ID 2940046022124
Take a mad ride past the event horizon of sanity with the band Babylon in the final days of the American Empire. First in the occult myth- and fairy-tale–laced urban fantasy series, the Fallen Cycle.

Psyche Shield (Psyche Moon, Book 3)
Chrissie Buhr. Amazon. $11.99 paper (308p), ISBN 978-1-50091956-6; $3.99 e-book (300p), ASIN B00N9B6394; BN ID 2940046141351
Amazon;; Kobo; Oyster; Scribd; Smashwords
Sadie is Mage and mated to Beta of the pack. She’s proven her loyalty, but Wolves distrust Mages. A strange Wolf brings danger from without as another pack discovers her.

Sun: Queens of Earth
Yen Ooi. Spectacle Publishing Media Group. $9.99 paper (204p), ISBN 978-1-938444-09-8; $5.99 e-book ASIN B00MD1F4SM
After a Great War has ravaged Earth, humanity finds a new peace, when new technologies and a profound discovery push mankind into space with the chance to begin again.

Tales Most Strange
Jeremy Hayes. Northlord Publishing. $11.99 paper (284p), ISBN 978-0-9918642-6-3; $1.99 e-book ASIN B00MQHILAQ
Twenty-four tales that delve into the world of weird fiction—from haunted houses to the planet Mars: follow Detective Kane as he attempts to solve bizarre murders, journey with the survivor of a plane crash as she wanders off into a vast desert, visit a creepy mansion that a man inherits from his father, and more.

This Corner of the Universe (TCOTU, Book 1)
Britt Ringel. CreateSpace. $8.09 paper (278p), ISBN 978-1-4948-1626-1; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00D35W61A; BN ID 2940016763279
Captain Heskan’s series begins on an isolated starship facing long odds of survival. BRS Anelace is outnumbered and outgunned as Heskan has to solve the mystery of accidents plaguing a remote star system.

The Universe Builders: Bernie and the Putty
Steve LeBel. Argon Press. $17.95 paper (416p), ISBN 978-0-9910554-9-4; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9910554-1-8
Fresh with his diploma from God School, young Bernie sets out to build his own universe. Is he up to the task? Perhaps. But what if another god is deliberately trying to sabotage his efforts?

Where Wolves Talk
D.L. Lewis. D.L. Lewis. $8.85 paper (240p), ISBN 978-1-4975-1473-7; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00JD36HTI; BN ID 2940150651104
In this fantasy, an ambitious kitten journeys to a world where animals have more power than humans, and engages in a battle against evil.


Black Moon Draw
Lizzy Ford. Kettlecorn Press. $12.99 paper (272p), ISBN 978-1-62378-173-6; $2.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-62378-159-0
Amazon;; iTunes; Kobo
What if you woke up in a book, a reader trapped in fiction, with the sexy hero waiting for you? An epic romantic adventure that is the ultimate reader fantasy.

Truth Devour. Publicious. $23.99 paper (234p), ISBN 978-0-9922999-0-3; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9922999-1-0
The first book in the romantic trilogy. Fate is relentless in its pursuit of Talia Jacobs. Presented with unimaginable turns of chance, she is drawn into the depths of tragic losses and then catapulted to the extraordinary heights of life’s joy. Talia undergoes her sexual, social, and physical metamorphosis from a vulnerable girl into a mature young seductress. Is she blessed or cursed? Will she ever find the man who will love her like no other, fearlessly caressing the deepest part of her being while intertwining his soul with hers in a dance that holds the unspoken promise of forever?

Truth Devour. Publicious Self-Publishing. $23.99 paper (246p), ISBN 978-0-9922999-2-7; $9.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9922999-3-4
The second book in the romantic trilogy. The interwoven complexities of life follow Talia across time. In spite of endless challenges, she leverages remarkable strength of character to pursue clear-sighted goals. Talia has been witness to more than just the mystical Seven Wonders of the World. She has swum in open oceans, hiked majestic mountains, chanted with monks, shared laughter and a meal with the poor, yet in slumber the echoes of voices calling out her name haunt her. Visions appear as a graveyard of unrequited souls left in her wake, aching for her return. All Talia desires is wrapped up in the image of a ghost. She wants to believe her soul mate exists. If only she believed in fairy tales.

Truth Devour. Publicious Self-Publishing. $23.99 paper (320p), ISBN 978-0-9922999-4-1; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9922999-5-8
The third book in the romantic trilogy. Electric pulses of pleasure landscaped their bodies when they touched. Staring into each other’s eyes, they quietly appreciated the flux of emotions activating every synapse. Talia had been waiting her whole life to find the one, while Bodhi always knew she was. Their connection was divined and equally fated with the twists of challenges to test their devotion to love each other. A warm embrace to them represented an unspoken promise of forever. Within each other’s hearts they were finally home.


Look Up! Musings on the Nature of Mindfulness
Jennifer Payne. Three Chairs Publishing. $24.95 paper (288p), ISBN 978-0-9905651-0-9
One woman’s reconnection with nature, told through original essays and poems, and illustrated by 100 color photographs. Follow along, season by season, through journaled reflections about nature, breath, mindfulness, balance, and spirit.


The Art of Trapeze: One Woman’s Journey of Soaring, Surrendering, and Awakening
Molly McCord. Spirituality University Press. $14.99 paper (326p), ISBN 978-0-9896045-1-2; $4.99 e-book ISBN 978-0-9896045-0-5
Amazon; Apple;; Smashwords
A coming-of-age memoir about travel, love, dreams, and soul growth. Since we are spiritual beings in physical bodies, this adventure shares how we are bigger than our life experiences, and a perfect plan is always unfolding.

I Rise: The Transformation of Toni Newman
Toni Newman, illus. by Eric Scot. CreateSpace. $45 paper (232p), ISBN 978-1-4610-0709-8; $9.99 e-book ASIN B004ZF7Z04; Amazon;
The story of Newman’s transformation from an effeminate, conflicted male to a proud, educated transsexual. Toni narrates her rise from a “sissy boy,” a scholarship student, a business professional, an escort, a drag queen, an NYC prostitute, an LA dominatrix, to finally, a transsexual attending law school in order to help her transsexual sisters in need. She shows the highs and lows of her journey, as well as her lifelong quest for self-acceptance.

Paths Less Travelled of a Scholar Warrior (Spy) Teacher Healer
Hon K. Lee. CreateSpace. $13.69 paper (292p), ISBN 978-1-4947-5625-3; $6.80 e-book ASIN B00MFTNL9G
A memoir of the author’s adventures growing up in New York’s Chinatown, joining the Marines, running CIA clandestine operations, teaching martial arts, and practicing Chinese medicine.

Semicolon: Memoir of a Colon Cancer Survivor
Mark T. Arsenault. Gold Rush Publishing. $14.99 paper (180p), ISBN 978-1-890305-05-5; $6.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-890305-06-2
A frank but humorous look at the procedures and events surrounding one man’s journey through colorectal cancer. Arsenault takes on the serious, at times frightening, and potentially deadly issues as he strives to enlighten and entertain the reader.

Travels with Charlie
Sol Smith. Brave New Genre. $13.95 paper (366p), ISBN 978-0-9887737-3-8; $2.99 e-book ASIN B00NCSAVYM
A young couple upends their lives to travel the country to find where they belong. Part coming-of-age memoir, part tall tale, and part romance, this is a story of life on the road.

Business/Personal Finance

No Fear: Tales of a Change Agent or Why I Couldn’t Fix Nortel Networks!
Tim Dempsey. CreateSpace. $20 paper (240p), ISBN 978-1-5004-5960-4; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00M30BRJI
A business memoir that explains Nortel Networks’ demise. It is told from the perspective of Organization Development, by the former head of OD.

Unconventional Investing: Alternative Strategies Beyond Just Stocks & Bonds and Buy & Hold
Tim Higgins and Michael Hajek III. CreateSpace. $18.95 paper (274p), ISBN 978-1-4921-0595-4; $9.99 e-book ASIN B00L3J9S5A
The authors present alternative strategies beyond buy and hold and stocks and bonds. They aim to help the common investor play both offense and defense for better risk-adjusted returns.


I Killed Pink Floyd’s Pig: Inside Stories of Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll
Beau Phillips. Peanut Butter Publishing. $14.95 paper (270p), ISBN 978-1-59849-168-5; Amazon
Funny, outrageous stories about rock superstars (Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Paul McCartney, and others). A behind-the-scenes peek at what really happened backstage, inside their dressing rooms, tour buses, hotel suites, and private planes by a former radio DJ and program director at rock stations. Foreword by Sammy Hagar.


Surviving Cancer: Our Voices and Choices; A Collaboration
Marion Behr, illus. by Marion Behr. WWH Press. $20.95 paper (268p), ISBN 978-0-615-85600-1
Seventy authors, including doctors and survivors, trace a journey through cancer. For those just diagnosed, the book answers the eternal question “what now?” Illustrated by sculptures made from radiation cradles.

History/Political Science

Best Interests of the Children: America’s Dependency System as Seen Through the Eyes of Guardians
Robert and Miriam Fertig. iUniverse. $19.95 paperback (219p), ISBN 978-1-4917-3963-1; $12.95 e-book 978-1-4917-3962-4
The authors’ key objectives are (1) to inform readers about the charitable works of thousands of volunteers, known as GAL/CASA, who sacrifice so much for abandoned, neglected, and abused children throughout America; (2) to enlighten the public and state representatives about the successes and the shortcomings of the state child dependency welfare system. This imperfect nationwide system exists primarily to protect innocent children, but it also attempts to rehabilitate many parents; and (3) to suggest some of the root causes of this societal predicament and propose possible realistic solutions to improve and further develop the Department of Children & Families dependency systems.


How Your Doctor Is Slowly Killing You: A Woman’s Health Survival Guide
Angela DeRosa. Mira Vita. $8.95 paper (128p), ISBN 978-0-9914592-0-9; $2.99 ebook ASIN B00N5ES89S; Amazon;
When it comes to health care, women are getting the shaft, Dr. DeRosa says. She confronts medical gender bias and misinformation about hormone replacement therapy to empower women to take control of their health.

Children’s Fiction

The Cat’s Maw (The Shadowland Saga, Book 1)
Brooke Burgess, illus. by Sara Machajewski. CreateSpace. $13.99 paper (278p), ISBN 978-1-5009-7165-6; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-48353841-9
Ten-year-old Billy follows a stray cat onto the road and is struck by a car. With his leg shattered and his summer ruined, Billy’s life goes from bad to cursed. When the mysterious cat appears at his bedside, Billy is haunted by strange and prophetic dreams. The creatures in them speak of Watchers and Shadows and the Enemy That Awakens. Does this realm hold the key to healing the broken boy? Is the golden-eyed cat there to help him—or to make the nightmares come true? By the creator of the web saga Broken Saints.

The Cemetery Sleeper
Susan Griner. Saguaro Books. $11.95 paper (182p), ISBN 978-0-692-24769-3; $4.99 e-book ASINB00N7UEC6S; BN ID 2940150368460
Ten-year-old Freddy is certain his aunt’s creaky old farmhouse is haunted, and he’s lured into sleepwalking to an abandoned cemetery by a vengeful ghost. Freddy enlists his superstitious friend and his wary cousin to help him find a remedy against the ghost named Tump. As Freddy learns about Tump’s past through his dreams, he begins to suspect his older relatives were involved in Tump’s drowning. Freddy must uncover the family’s secrets before Tump takes his revenge on Freddy.

H.W. Vivian. Lulu. $19.99 paper (300p), ISBN 978-1-4834-0918-4; $5.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4951-0920-1
Amazon;; Lulu
The small town of Winston, Colorado, has a secret. Long ago, there were many children who suffered from the local “condition.” They are fewer now, but Shelby is one of them. She was born with a ruby embedded in her skin. In the same year, Gary and May were born with emeralds. Now a teenager, Shelby nurses a crush on Gary, while he sticks close to the fragile May to try to protect her from, among other things, Shelby’s bullying. But despite the teens’ differences, their births connect them, and when May goes missing, Gary needs Shelby’s help. Shelby and Gary learn the unspeakable truth about each other—and about the chasers. Death lurks around every turn, and in order to survive, Shelby, Gary, and May must work together. It is now their responsibility to save an entire generation also born with their “condition” before a century-old grudge destroys them all.

Fate’s Fables
T. Rae Mitchell. Original Mix Media. $13.99 paper (492p), ISBN 978-0-99179870-4; $4.99 e-book ASIN B00B6K2EPC
Cast into a savage wonderland where grim stories rule and the written word has doomed a world, 17-year-old Fate Floyd must rewrite eight chillingly enchanted fables or remain trapped forever.

The Savvy Cyber Kids at Home: Adventures Beyond the Screen
Ben Halpert, illus. by Taylor Southerland. Savvy Cyber Kids. $26.99 hardcover (54p), ISBN 978-0-9827968-1-8
Amazon;; Ingram
With colorful illustrations, this story shares the value of enjoying life beyond the glowing screen. The Savvy Cyber Kids help parents and educators teach children of the 21st century to embrace a lifestyle that encourages exposure to technology in moderation.

Semi’s Magical Seahorse Adventure
Eve Pierre, illus. by David Pellerin. Xlibris. $21.99 paper (30p); ISBN 978-1-4797-5502-8; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4990-6457-5
A little girl who is new to the city goes to the pet store to get a new pet. She picks a seahorse. What she doesn’t know is that the seahorse is magical.

Starlet’s Web (The Starlet Series, Book 1)
Carla J. Hanna. CreateSpace. $11.99 paper (306p), ISBN 978-1-48023182-5; $3.99 e-book ASIN B00A0XPODU
Amazon;; iBooks; Smashwords
Love. Lies. Acting. In this first novel of a young adult coming-of-age series, readers will be drawn into the life of a talented teen actress caught in Hollywood’s web of lies. They will find a hero to root for in the good-hearted Manuel, and they will cheer for the struggling Hollywood starlet, Liana Marie.

Stuart Duffelmeyer and the Masters of Plagues
Dewey B. Reynolds, illus. by Marija Vilotijec. CreateSpace. $10.28 paper (272p) ISBN 978-1-5003-0219-1; 99¢ e-book ISBN 978-1-31103254-6
Amazon; Apple;; Kobo; Smashwords
A gifted college student is granted mystical powers through the possession of a Hebrew talisman. He harnesses the powers of nature to get even with his tormentors.

Children’s Nonfiction

A Glimpse from Christmas Past
D.C. Donahue, illus. by Stephen Adams. AuthorHouse. $19.99 paper (32p), ISBN 978-1-4817-4028-9; $3.99 e-book ISBN 978-1-4817-4027-2
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While doing some last-minute shopping one snowy Christmas eve, a man has a magical experience. He turns a corner and through a shop window sees a little girl being lifted onto Santa’s lap. He is reminded of doing the same things with his children and with his parents when he was younger. Then, as the little girl hops down, Santa makes eye contact with the man, and both are immediately taken back to a moment they had shared.