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The Boys Who Danced with the Moon

Mark Paul Oleksiw. Mark Paul Oleksiw. $14.99 paper (282p), ISBN 978-1-77511-110-8


Taunted by mysterious letters reminding him of a tragedy years ago, Kiran Wells returns to his hometown to confront the demons that haunt him. Will he finally find peace or much more?


Tom Kranz. Lulu. $19.99 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-387-32525-2

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Google Play

A successful career as a TV news producer is derailed when Bud Remmick kills his boss after finding out he is sexually blackmailing a fellow employee. Hero or murderer?

Count Dumb Time

David Price. CreateSpace. $12.99 paper (244p), ISBN 978-1-986429-78-8

Amazon,, Book Depository

Gilmore Funnel falls to temptation in his pursuit to become a deacon in the Catholic Church.

Don’t Look at Me

J.P. Grider. Fated Hearts Publishing. $15.99 paper (344p), ISBN 978-0-9997834-7-4

Amazon,, Kobo

A severely disfigured newscaster and a dishonorably discharged ex-soldier must adapt to life in their new roles in this reversed retelling of the “Beauty and the Beast” tale.

Hope Dies Last: An Alaskan Adventure

Megan Webb. CreateSpace. $8.23 paper (204p), ISBN 978-1-5192-8413-6


A deadly plane crash. A desperate plot gone awry. Battered by the elements and memories from a painful past, Mekana must find the strength to keep more than her faith and humor alive.

Jesus and the Essenes: The Untold Story

Ralph F. De Flores. Dorrance Publishing. $68 paper (456p), ISBN 978-1-4809-3715-4

Part of a series on Jesus’s life and his relationship with the Essenes, an important Jewish sect left out of the New Testament. For readers who want a researched take on an untold story.

Knights of the Castle of Light

Maher Alkaser. Maher Alkaser Books. $8.78 e-book, ASIN B0789RK23W


In parallel with the world we live in there’s a hidden world where a hidden war between God and Satan rages.

The Long Road Home: A Tale of Redemption

Chuck Gaucin. WestBow Press. $28.95 hardcover (110p), ISBN 978-1-973605-04-1; $11.95 paper (110p), ISBN 978-1-973605-02-7

Amazon,, WestBow Press

Joe Galindo has misgivings about restarting his coaching career. Through the grace of God, this alcoholic has-been will regain his place as a cross-country and track coach.

Mad Druggist

Frank Hozeska. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (280p), ISBN 978-1-5434-3110-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-3111-7


Louie gets fired from every pharmacy job. He ends up a washed-up pharmacist and is ready to give up his fight, until something crazy happens in the final round.

Meet the Lidwells! A Rock n’ Roll Memoir

Jon Chaisson. Mendaihu Press. $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-370-38610-9, Kobo, Smashwords

Six teenagers start a rock band and achieve worldwide critical success, all while growing up and facing their own demons in front of millions of fans.

Midway Field

Mike Marcon. Marcon Publishing. $7.99 paper (122p), ISBN 978-1-5442-0994-4; $9 e-book, ASIN B06XVR7P2F


An aging pilot crashes his airplane and discovers he has gone where all of us may go when we leave this reality.


Johanna K. Hansen. Dorrance Publishing. $22 hardcover (130p), ISBN 978-1-4809-4143-4

When Natalia answers an unexpected call to come to New York, she’s taken on a journey, discovering places, people, and herself.

The Promise

Cramer Louis Jackson. Toplink Publishing. $7.99 paper (33p), ISBN 978-1-948556-41-5


An obedient son, Manuel, tries to fulfill his father’s dying wish, not knowing that it will serve as the turning point for everyone’s lives.

The Tricolor and the Scimitar: The Chevalier Chronicles, Book 1

Jean-Paul Sinclair Lewis. Page Publishing. $20.95 paper (472p), ISBN 978-1-4560-8784-5


The first historical novel in a four-part series that recounts Napoleon and l’Armée d’Orient’s invasion and occupation of Egypt.

Without Warning

Thomas C. Sanger. River Grove Books. $16.95 paper (305p), ISBN 978-1-63299-141-6

Amazon, Ingram

A historical novel based on actual people and events related to the sinking of a passenger liner by a German submarine on the first day of World War II.


Best Evidence

Mark S. Osaki. CreateSpace. $6.38 paper (66p), ISBN 978-1-984198-32-7


These soulful poems speak to readers as members of families, as lovers, and as travelers, and rewards readers for taking the journey.

Delivered on Christmas

Dean McFalls. Xlibris. $12.99 paper (200p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1278-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-1279-6


Follow the author’s misadventures and crises in faith across two continents and two decisive decades in this anthology of poetry, humor, art, and spirituality, moving from entertainment to conversion.

The Growth of a Girl to the Wisdom of a Woman

Stephanie Olivia Bell. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (122p), ISBN 978-1-5245-7552-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-7553-3


Bell has always turned to paper and pen when excited, in wonder, or distressed. She has found that writing down the obtrusive thoughts frees the mind.

I Love You Already

Anna Ressler. CreateSpace. $12 paper (34p), ISBN 978-1-985040-11-3


A love poem from a mother to her unborn baby.


Black Angel

Dolores Maria Davis. Dolores Maria Davis. $9.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-0-9976240-1-4


This novel tells the story of upbeat Magdalena, whose embittered father chooses to work as a counselor for the Mafia in L.A. Not judging the mob, she becomes a lawyer for them.

Dominion: Resurrection Day

M.A. Smith. M.A. Smith. $22.50 paper (600p), ISBN 978-0-692-99439-9; $13.99 e-book, ASIN B079PQXB76


A suspense tale of a gifted hacker’s ritualistic murder. This unusual case leads two FBI agents to uncover a darker conspiracy threatening the power grid and maybe even the government.

Gestation Seven: One Was Black and One Was White

J. Stewart Willis. Xlibris. $29.99 hardcover (382p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1015-0; $19.99 paper (382p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1014-3

Amazon,, Xlibris

Two dead babies are found in a dumpster south of the city, challenging a newspaper reporter and the Alexandria, Virginia, police department.

A Handful of Might

Joel Green. Amazon. $12.99 paper (310p), ISBN 978-1-980229-28-5; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B079NWSXBL


In 1975, Blake Drysdale accepts a mission to pursue a Nazi war criminal and a fortune in gold. He and his crew must fight to protect the world, their lives, and their share of the loot.

Nimbostratus: Rain Clouds of Death

Hank Patterson. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (218p), ISBN 978-1-5434-5651-6, Amazon,, Xlibris

A family on vacation along with an uncanny crew investigate strange and deadly occurrences coming out of the clouds above Aruba. NASA has its own plans to keep their secret safe.

The PREAH Secrets

K.B. Beaumaaks. Dog Ear Publishing. $28.95 hardcover (290p), ISBN 978-1-4575-4443-9; $16.95 paper (290p), ISBN 978-1-4575-4169-8, Amazon,, Ingram

A tangled scandal inspired by real events takes readers on wild ride of secrets, sex, drugs, and murder.


Sibel Hodge. Wonder Women Publishing. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B01GHALZ8M


A conspiracy, a cover-up, and a whistle-blower who knows too much. You think you know whom to trust? You’re wrong. The truth may kill you.


Terry Morgan. tjmbooks. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B00QCGP3H6

Amazon, Smashwords

International aid money is being stolen by those at the heart of government. An epic thriller covering events in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.


London Clarke. Carfax Abbey Publishing. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07BN5BJ4W

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A chance encounter on a flight to London leads Anne to a house with a history of disappearances. Are any of the tenants who they claim to be? Or are other forces at work?


Beyond the Blue: A Journey Through the Heavens

Tara Knight. CreateSpace. $16.99 paper (468p), ISBN 978-1-983638-81-7; $8.99 e-book, ASIN B079TMCVC1


A hidden celestial kingdom faces its greatest adversary as a Paladin from beyond the blue uncovers a secret that could unravel its very existence.

The Last Iteration

Mel Arthur. Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing. $14.95 paper (268p), ISBN 978-1-77053-155-0; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-77053-153-6

Amazon,, Google Play, Kobo

Seven people are dropped into a featureless maze. If they are going to survive, they must withstand the brutally dangerous terrain, fight bizarre monsters, and trust one another.

Portals in Time: The Quest for Un-Old-Age

John Joseph Teressi. High Castle Publishing. $17.99 paper (410p), ISBN 978-0-9641854-3-2; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9641854-2-5


A metaphysical adventure through time to a land of conscious nature and unusual beings who try to share Seven Harmonies with battling intruders seeking the secret of Un-Old-Age.


J.J. Perry. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (390p), ISBN 978-1-5434-2741-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-2740-0


On a one-way space mission, four couples, experimental pharmacology, impending doom, sabotage, sacrifice, boredom, sheer terror, science, insanity, adultery, and honor all collide in tight quarters. An epic of survival.

Rehab for One-Hit Wonders

George Traikovich. CreateSpace. 99¢ e-book, ASIN B07BFHYRL6


Waking up inside rehab was guitarist Rick Paulsen’s latest setback, not his last. But the therapy designed to revitalize his career exposes arcane secrets no treatment could prepare him for.

The Rift

R.J. Clark. CreateSpace. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B004XD9V82


A down-on-his-luck PI with a demon bound to his soul searches for a child kidnapped by a demon in the City that Care Forgot.

The Rocket Girl’s Tale

K. Hippolite. iUniverse. $19.95 paper (275p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3152-6


The steampunk tale of a young rocket scientist who meets with love and destiny.

Stillwaters: The Four Lives of J.S. Freeman, Book 1

Yvonne Anderson. Gannah’s Gate. $14 paper (322p), ISBN 978-1-946985-01-9; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B079RLCGGT


How does a person rise from the shrouds of obscurity to become one of the world’s most influential figures? The planet Umban’s enigmatic author, J.S. Freeman, breaks her long silence.

The Vengeance Code

Nat McKenzie. Whipple House Publishing. $14.99 paper (484p), ISBN 978-0-9911785-7-5

Amazon,, Book Depository, Kobo

A stolen code. A deadly secret. An unlikely alliance. Linix Grey must avenge her father, whose virtual reality code was stolen after his hushed-up murder.

Wagers of Fate: The 108 stars

Noureddine Hifad. Noureddine Hifad. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B078TNJ77N

Amazon, Kobo

A young heir to the throne, Prince Hector flees in an attempt to gather 108 righteous heroes to save the country from the usurping general.

The Waters of Eden

C.W. Irwin. CreateSpace. $7.99 paper (255p), ISBN 978-1-977813-42-8


A biologist and his wife move to the Amazon basin to develop a better rubber tree. A native chief gives them a flower that can revive the deceased and possibly instill eternal life.

The White Raven

Carrie D. Miller. FiveFold Press. $12.99 paper (410p), ISBN 978-1-947024-01-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-947024-00-7

Amazon, Apple iBooks, Audible,

A modern witch and a centuries-old curse. Does the elusive white raven hold the secret to her release—or is it the cause?


Mail Order Mayhem

Cynthia Woolf. Firehouse Publishing. $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-947075-44-3

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, GooglePlay, Kobo

When Lucy is threatened by a murderer, Drew will do all in his power to keep her safe.

Towards the Inner

Jerronime. Jerronime. $7.99 e-book, ASIN B079T866BZ


A woman transforms from a desperate, gloomy, and damaged wreck into a real being full of love. Based on true events.


Becoming Okay (When You’re Not Okay): A Step-by-Step Guide to Decrease Suffering and Increase Acceptance

Bryan Bushman. BCS. $14.95 paper (420p), ISBN 978-0-692-07825-9


How is acceptance developed? Dr. Bushman, a psychologist, provides easy-to-remember steps to help people find balance. Relates to depression, anxiety, chronic pain, or addictive behaviors.

Bullets to Bandages: Life Inside the Israel Defense Forces

Mark Terris. Xlibris. $23.99 paper (442p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1227-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-1228-4


The author explores daily life inside the Israel Defense Forces, providing the reader with an intimate view of the Israeli army.

The Casting Couch and Me: The Uninhibited Memoirs of a Young Actress

Joan Wood. Ace Publishing. $10.99 paper (208p), ISBN 978-1-984142-77-1

Amazon, Apple iBooks,

This book follows a young actress searching for work in the “biz.” That young actress was the author, young and fresh from England. Dreams collided with reality, as her story will tell.

CBT for Psychotherapists: Theory and Practice

Avigdor Bonchek. PartridgeSingapore. $12.33 paper (110p), ISBN 978-1-4828-8282-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4828-8283-4


Bonchek, a clinical psychologist, explores how cognitive behavioral therapy and treatment programs that derive from theory can help solve a variety of psychological problems.

Courageous Warriors: Overcoming Obstacles to Inspire and Lead

Lee F. Satterfield. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (78p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1687-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-1685-5


This book is about courageous warriors and how they adjust to setbacks, make greater comebacks, and overcome extraordinary obstacles to live, inspire, and lead.

The Founders’ Revolution: The Forgotten History and Principles of the Declaration of Independence

Michael S. Law. Morgan James Publishing. $17.95 paper (234p), ISBN 978-1-68350-585-3

Amazon,, Books-a-Million, Indie Bound, Powell’s Books

Rediscover the forgotten treasures of the history and principles of the Declaration of Independence and how those principles apply today.

Gathering No Moss: Memoir of a Reluctant World Traveler

Don Feeney. iUniverse. $23.95 paper (376p), ISBN 978-1-4917-3486-5; $6.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4917-3488-9


A retired Air Force officer and U.S. diplomat shares his favorite stories from a lifetime of traveling around the world in the pursuit of work, love, adventure, lust, danger, and meaning.

His & Hers: Relationship Do’s and Don’ts

Tamara Neal. Tamara’s Books. $12.97 paper (106p), ISBN 978-0-9909379-5-1, Amazon,

A resource that men and woman can come to for relationship expertise. Neal’s book bounces from signals of troublesome women to symbols of men to avoid.

Horses, Heartache & Healing

Elizabeth Denniss. Rafa Life Publishing. $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9925486-1-2

Amazon, Book Depository

The true story of wild-born horses rescued from drought and certain death in outback Australia.

Inside the Mind of a Borderline Personality, My Life and Recovery with BPD

Matthew J. Gewinner. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (244p), ISBN 978-1-984337-05-4


This book takes the reader through the mind of a borderline personality. It is written so both the person still suffering and loved ones may understand this disorder.

The Limitations of God

Ted Johnson. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (95p), ISBN 978-1-5245-5855-0, Amazon,,

This book bridges science and Scripture. Johnson and the reader look at creation and the by-products, and merge an explanation via science, the supernatural, and humanity.

Loopey to Beau: A Troubled Author’s Journey with Dogs

James W. Bennett. Page Publishing. $19.95 paper (288p), ISBN 978-1-64214-034-7


YA novelist Bennett’s autobiographical narrative of his long-term struggle with mental illness and profiles of the dogs who shared the journey, bringing support.

Meals from the Mitten: Celebrating the Seasons in Michigan

Gina Ferwerda. Story Farm. $35 hardcover (208p), ISBN 978-0-9969441-7-5

The Michigan-based coffee-table-style cookbook focuses on all of the fresh ingredients grown in the state.

Merchant Adventurer Kings of Rhoda: The Lost World of the Tucson Artifacts

Donald N. Yates. Panther’s Lodge. $19.95 paper (346p), ISBN 978-1-974677-72-6; $9.95 e-book, ASIN B078YD825N


Yates tells the story of a forgotten Roman-style military governorship in ancient Mexico. The book may change everything we thought we knew about pre-Columbian history.

No Time to Kill: True Stories of an Arizona Bounty Hunter

Victor M. Alvarez. Victor M. Alvarez. $9.99 e-book, ASIN B07BD45D61


Alvarez tells of his action-packed, fast-paced life as a bounty hunter out after several dangerous bail jumpers.

The Russia Probe: What Did Trump Know, and When Did He Know It?

Earl Ofari Hutchinson. Middle Passage Press. $7.95 paper (110p), ISBN 978-1-881032-02-1

Amazon, Ingram

This book takes a hard, wide-ranging look at what’s known and what still remains to be answered about Trump and Russia.

A Short Story of Women’s Self-Esteem, My Life, & Positive Motivations

Chislene Lora. Dorrance Publishing. $17 paper (38p), ISBN 978-1-4809-4404-6

In her memoir, Lora shares how to overcome trauma, toxic relationships, and low self-esteem to live the life of your dreams. Persevere to fulfill your goals.

The Silver Thread of Life

Phillip B. Chute. Phillip B. Chute. $20 paper, ISBN 978-0-692-06056-8, Amazon

True accounts of spiritual interventions by people who bared their experiences with the etheric spirits.

Stress Makes You Fat, Wrinkled and Dead

Eliezer Ben-Joseph. AuthorHouse. $19.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-1-5246-9241-4; $13.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-9240-7


The author attempts to answers life’s age-old perturbations. Here’s a book for any age to learn what it means to live a happy, stress-free life.

The Tactical Heart: Get in the Fight

Mark S. Caronna. Kindle Direct Publishing. $7.99 paper (58p), ISBN 978-1-980516-82-8


The book is a detailed examination of spiritual warfare and the armor of God as found in the Bible.

The Watford Knight’s Fee: The Manors of Medieval Watford, Northamptonshire

Murray Johnston. Mill City Press. $17.99 paper (356p), ISBN 978-1-5456-1705-2


An accurate deep dive into the manors, lands, and people of one knight’s fee in medieval England. Told by narrating surprising and true stories from Watford.

Writing and Madness in a Time of Terror

Afarin Majidi. Afarin Majidi. $19.99 paper (326p), ISBN 978-1-973484-17-2


Afarin should be thrilled with the direction her life is taking, but she is spiraling into the depths of madness after being drugged and raped by colleagues at Rolling Stone magazine.

You Must Know Everything! A Quixotic Compendium of Human Knowledge

Ronald Pies. CreateSpace. $65 paper (574p), ISBN 978-1-981229-24-6


A grand tour of human knowledge, ranging over the arts, sciences, and humanities.


Bear Company (Dark Corps 1)

Cameron Alexander. Bickering Owls Publishing. $6.99 paper (154p), ISBN 978-0-9991138-1-3; 99¢ e-book, ISBN 978-0-9991138-0-6


When Timmy’s father, Dr. Barnes, is forced to open a portal to another dimension, the world is invaded by shadowy, shape-shifting creatures known as the Dark.

Beauty Kills the Beast: Stories for the Young at Heart on Love and Self-Respect

Astrid Hoffmann. Balboa Press. $8.95 paper (118p), ISBN 978-1-5043-8531-2, Amazon

The book is addressed to the young at heart, and its intention is to shed light on modern issues and give a hand in the search for one’s power and true love.

The Bored Lamb: And the Brightest Star

Fran Rathmann. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (24p), ISBN 978-1-5245-6776-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-6775-0


Curly is an adventurous little lamb looking for excitement. One day, guided by a bright star, Curly and his flock witness a glorious scene, and Curly’s life is forever changed.

Cleo the Basset Hound

Sandra M. Barrett. Dorrance Publishing. $24 hardcover (30p), ISBN 978-1-4809-3722-2

Cleo is lost. As she tries to find her home again, she encounters strangers who seem helpful, but Cleo knows it could be dangerous to accept rides or food from strangers.

Crimson: The Dragon Keeper Chronicles (Vol. 1)

Tai Manivong. WaveCloud Corporation. $8.99 paper (247p), ISBN 978-1-5356-1191-6

Amazon,, Ingram, Kobo

In this epic fantasy, Crimson must protect the dragon young from those who would kill them and take their magic. Crimson must harness the dragons’ power before it’s too late.

Incan Warrior

Kathleen Kelley. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-5434-4804-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-4806-1


Huchuysisa and Ninasisa are two young girls who want to make a change within their society and help their culture for the better.

Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Ellie Fabe. Beauty Panic Press. $30 paper (157p), ISBN 978-0-692-50341-6, Amazon

Austen’s classic tale is reenvisioned with 39 color illustrations. A limited printing of 500 copies numbered in gold foil.

Just a Shelter Dog

Sally H. Cronk. Kindle Direct Publishing. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B078HFQVN5


An intuitive, mind-reading hound narrates this tale as he grows from a lonely rescued pup into a beloved service dog for an autistic boy.

The Keeper of Fire: Book One of the Dolphin Code Trilogy

Davina Marie Liberty. Archway Publishing. $18.99 paper (282p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5983-8

Amazon,, Ingram

A village girl is summoned into an apprenticeship with a necromancer, who trains her to fight evil forces and bridge the gap between two estranged societies.

Live by the Feelings Not by the Thoughts

Ephraim Tyler. CreateSpace. $14.99 paper (420p), ISBN 978-0-692-95888-9


A young man named Reggie meets and befriends a young woman named Ashley. They become really close until an unexpected tragedy threatens their relationship.

Miss Little Bea Sharp

Jessica Rosen, illus. by David R. Martinez. Jessica Rosen. $15 paper (32p), ISBN 978-0-9996760-0-4; $8.99 e-book, ASIN B0799F3BGK, Amazon

What type of music does Miss Little Bea Sharp want to belong to when she grows up? She takes a magical journey through Musical Town with her mentor, Treble Clef.

An Ordinary Reindeer

Fran Rathmann. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (24p), ISBN 978-1-5434-2006-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-2005-0


The ordinary reindeer has always wanted to pull Santa and his sleigh. But when Santa gives him the greatest honor, he doubts himself. Will Santa be able to help him?

Pinky Promise: Breaking the Code of Silence

Alicia J. Turner, illus. by Justin Richburg. Alicia J. Turner. $18.99 hardcover (34p), ISBN 978-0-692-92277-4


The promise is between a child and responsible adult. The child promises to tell the adult anything that makes the child uncomfortable, and the adult promises to listen, believe, and protect.

Siona’s Tale

Barbara A. Liepe, illus. by Maddie Kathleen. iUniverse. $14.99 paper (202p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3896-9

Amazon,, iUniverse

A minuscule creature of the sea, hatched 521.2 million years ago, harbors the secret codes of humanity.

Top Choice

Sophie McAloon. Hegge Press. $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-77524-261-1

Amazon, Kobo

What if the battle of the sexes turned into an actual battle—and you realized you were falling in love with the leader of the opposing side?

Tough Mauve

Ashley Atkins. Aea Media. $12.99 paper (324p), ISBN 978-0-9862908-2-4


When Lulu finds an unlikely home with Aunt Karma, life seems okay. Then a local reporter goes missing, triggering events that bring Lulu’s father to town,whether she likes it or not.

World of Dawn: Arise

Shawn Gale. Xlibris. $17.99 paper (242p), ISBN 978-1-5144-3659-2; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5144-3507-6


A sci-fi adventure coming-of-age story in which a journey to find a way home becomes a quest to save the world.