Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 100 self-published titles below. Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author. Some of these writers are waiting to be discovered; others have track records and followings and are doing it on their own. If you are a self-published author interested in listing titles in this section, please visit for more information.


2017: A Novel of Political Intrigue

E.A. Stillwell. iUniverse. $22.95 paper (416p), ISBN 978-1-5320-1640-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-1639-4


Several leaders are surrounded by conspiracy as they attempt to save their country from political upheaval and resurrect the American dream.

After They Go

J. Mercer. Bare Ink. $10.99 paper (340p), ISBN 978-1-73213-321-1; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B07BKWHZH4


A large family saga set in a coastal tourist town—one sister chained by family tradition, the second stunted by her sister’s shadow, and the youngest propelled by desperation.

Angel City Singles

Ralph Cissne. Morgan Road. $26.95 hardcover (274p), ISBN 978-0-9998537-1-9; $15.95 paper (274p), ISBN 978-0-9998537-0-2

Amazon, IndieBound

A couple meet in a stand-up comedy workshop. What can possibly go wrong? Filled with passion and humor, this is a life-affirming story of friendship and redemption.

Conflux: Threat from the Troika

William Brazzel. Balboa Press. $21.99 paper (344p), ISBN 978-1-5043-9176-4


Bolstered by the overwhelming support provided by two foreign governments, Dietrich believes his forces to be invincible and his future rise to power inevitable.

Dog Tags & Wedding Bands

Joe Rosato. Dorrance Publishing. $15 paper (176p), ISBN 978-1-4809-5135-8

Chet is proud and haunted by his service in Vietnam. Returning to the country, he unravels the mystery of two nurses missing during the war. Filled with historical detail.

The Fall of Summer

Roz Louis. Toplink Publishing. $11.99 paper (156p), ISBN 978-1-948262-81-1


Summer, an African-American girl, daughter of a sharecropper, grows into womanhood during a time of change.

Four Months in Brighton ParkGrowing Up in the Sixties

Larry Ehrhorn. Madijean Press. $12.99 paper (252p), ISBN 978-0-692-92846-2


In 1965 Chicago, an awkward teen matures with help from a bully, a tired stripper, a legless store owner, a single mother and her violent suitor, and a gentle girl.

How to Make a Baby

Sadie Sumner. Mother Media. $5.75 e-book, ASIN B076JS4GWD


As Monica nears 40, baby fever hits her like the flu. She turns to deception, buys an egg, and hires a reluctant surrogate in India.

Malayan Enigma: An Andrew Bond WWII Adventure

Nicholas Snow. AuthorHouse. $19.76 paper (240p), ISBN 978-1-5246-6283-7; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-6282-0


Sent to Singapore toward the end of 1941 to evaluate the Japanese empire, Lieutenant Bond finds himself in a race against time. He must retrieve a device that will change the war’s course.

My Angel the Devil

Dan Agbeje. Dan Agbeje. $13.99 paper (254p), ISBN 978-0-646-98019-5; $3.16 e-book, ASIN B07798YHRC


As the world burns, a town desperately struggles for survival in this tale of love and hatred, survival and brutality, and the strength of the human spirit.

The Nautilus Legacy: The Nemo Chronicles, Vol. 1

Lewis Crow. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (294p), ISBN 978-1-983822-52-0


The stunning revelation that his father became none other than the infamous Captain Nemo shakes a young man’s world to its foundation.

The Rescue Ecstasy

Nachshon Rothstein. Nachshon Rothstein. $8 e-book, ASIN B07CB1MY49


A post-coming-of-age novel of personal and societal dysfunction, post-9/11. An unflinching and unpredictable existential journey to redemption.

River of Angels (Generations of Secrets, Vol. 1)

Abbe Rolnick. Sedro Publishing. $14.95 paper (297p), ISBN 978-0-9845119-8-3

Amazon, Ingram

When a prostitute is beaten on a Caribbean Island, no one realizes that this seemingly minor event will light a fuse to blow apart the old, corrupt social order.

Sepp: Sudetenland to Kleinerort

Helmut S. Helmut Schonwalder. $13 paper (288p), ISBN 978-1973136316


The author offers a harrowing account of what the post-WWII situation was like for the Sudeten Germans. Sepp grows up in West Germany, wishing to be in a better place.

The Shape of the Atmosphere

Jessica Dainty. Pandamoon Publishing. $15.99 paper (254p), ISBN 978-1-945502-10-1

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Books-a-Million, Kobo

Gertie’s mother sends her to a private mental institution, where she is thrown into a world of harsh therapies, dangerous hospital politics, and, surprisingly, a sense of family.

Tiger Drive

Teri Case. BZCE Publishing. $15.99 paper (406p), ISBN 978-0-9909175-6-4

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

Janice is tired of being white trash. She can’t shake her dream of singing. She makes plans for Nashville, but her husband’s betrayal destroys everything, and detectives come calling.

Zwerfster Chic

Billie Kelgren. Winding Road Press. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07C6426KQ


Elise, a former FBI agent just out of federal prison, is hired to associate herself with Mia, a known financial con artist. No one knows about the emotional baggage Elise is carrying.


All I Know of Myself: Poems from the Heart, Soul & Mind

T.J. Kostes. CreateSpace. $9.99 e-book, ASIN B078X1VSMN


This is a themed book of poetry, considering life as it happens from the “outside in, inside out, and outside in inside out.”

Fair Housing Haiku: Learn About the Law Through Verse/With Illustrations

Ron Leshnower. Hillocrian Creative. $16.99 paper (114p), ISBN 978-0-9892911-5-6


Written by an attorney in five-seven-five syllabic form with original full-color drawings, charts, and more, this collection explains how the law protects you against housing discrimination.

Kaleidoscope of Being

Jennifer Toth. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (112p), ISBN 978-1-5434-2970-1; $11.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-3026-4


The true account of the author’s private and precious walk with Jesus, God, through life’s ups and downs along with nature poems, spiritual stories, and more.

Looking, Seeing

Chris Pepple. CreateSpace. $7.45 paper (140p), ISBN 978-1-986182-51-5

Alibris, Amazon,

As a poet, Pepple starts conversations on change, faith, courage, determination, love, and self-discovery, writing through grief, through domestic abuse, and through joy.

Making a Poem

Vihang A. Naik. Authors Press. $16.95 paper (50p), ISBN 978-93-87281-29-5


A collection of poetry that sheds a light on the writing process and the poet’s personal aesthetics.


Chinawoman’s Chance: A Portia of the Pacific Historical Mystery, Vol. 1

James Musgrave. EMRE Publishing. $9.95 paper (192p), ISBN 978-1-943457-31-1; 99¢ e-book, ASIN B0797MHBPT

Amazon,, Kobo

Clara’s client is not guilty. She now must find the real killer before her client hangs.

Darkness in Malaga

Paul S. Bradley. Paul Bradley. $4.50 e-book, ASIN B07932Y6M4


Three lost souls find a new direction when they come together to investigate the disappearance of a beautiful British girl in Spain.

Decoding the Phoenix

M.D. Tchaves. Shooting for the Stars Publication. $12.99 paper (229p), ISBN 978-0-692-92282-8; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B0753TYHG2

Amazon,, Books-a-Million, IndieBound

A cryptologist must unravel a puzzling government conspiracy after receiving a belated note from his recently deceased Navy Seal brother.

End It by the Gun

Kenechukwu Obi. Black Rose Writing. $18.95 paper (228p), ISBN 978-1-68433-073-7


When marriage, love, and romance collide with the ambition of Beck Blades, an aspiring writer from rural Nebraska, it’s only a matter of time before he decides to end it by the gun.

Harrington Manor

Ronald M. James. James Milward. $17 paper (324p), ISBN 978-0-9981756-0-7; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9981756-1-4


In 1923, in Orange County, Calif., a murderer’s simple plan is thwarted by the late arrival of the mail.

Lost and Found in Harlem: A Ross Agency Mystery

Delia C. Pitts. Delia Pitts. $6.99 paper (124p), ISBN 978-1-976326-75-2


Who started the fire that gutted the Auberge Rouge? Murder isn’t S.J. Rook’s beat, but it finds him anyway as he delves deep into a diverse and lively community in search of answers.


Frederick Thomas. The Way is Easy Publishing. $12.95 paper (201p), ISBN 978-0-9814554-0-2


Professor Wes Washington is dreading the holidays when he’s summoned by Senator Cole to stop a serial killer. Can Wes keep his own monsters at bay long enough to stop one?

Neapolitan Sky

James Wood. Gatekeeper Press. $12.99 paper (172p), ISBN 978-1-64237-081-2


Nica Mitchell puts her dreams of becoming a writer on hold after her father’s near-death experience. A dark secret her father has learned in between life and death will change Nica’s world forever.


Lawrence Drake. Redwood Publishing. $15.95 paper (238p), ISBN 978-0-692-68953-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9975242-9-1

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

This novel is about how organized crime has penetrated the lucrative pharmaceutical gray market. The DA’s office is investigating a complex three-legged stool scheme.

Stripper! A Natalie McMasters Novel

Thomas A. Burns Jr. Thomas Burns. $12.95 paper (274p), ISBN 978-0-692-10270-1


College student PI Natalie McMasters goes undercover as a stripper to find out who murdered her best friend and critically injured her uncle. But she finds the unexpected—true love.

They Do That for the Dead: A Sonny Knight Adventure

Alan M. Blank. Alan Blank. $3.99 e-book, ASIN B079WR32BN


Resentment and murder intersect in a highly charged case. PI Sonny Knight is on the case.

The Victim of the System

Steve Hadden. Telemachus Press. $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-948046-03-9


Haunted by his past, a hometown sports hero turned investigator battles the justice system and the most powerful family in Pittsburgh to save a 10-year-old genius on trial for murder.

Wheels Up: A Novel of Drugs, Cartels and Survival

Jeanine Kitchel. Jeanine Kitchel. $13.95 paper (304p), ISBN 978-0-692-06469-6


After her drug lord uncle is recaptured, Layla Navarro catapults to the top of a powerful Mexico cartel. She must learn to navigate the minefield of Mexican machismo to stay alive.


The 1st Gunman

Don Harvey. AuthorHouse. $28.99 paper (662p), ISBN 978-1-5246-9372-5; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-9371-8


Joshua is ready to defend humanity. The Sooul were being harvested and were about to become extinct. Joshua has his mission; the Sooul will survive if he has his say.


Roslyn Renwick. Draft2Digital. $3.20 e-book, ISBN 978-1-386-30411-1

Amazon, Apple,, Indigo, Kobo

Rhea, a 21st-century woman in a world oblivious to the control of a coalition of the rich, comes upon a plot to genetically modify the population and is rescued by an alien naturalist.

From Earth to Umbria

Patricia Howell. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (154p), ISBN 978-1-5434-2772-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-2771-4


One man is on a mission to save the Earthlings from a cataclysmic event. He rescues and brings them to his home planet, Umbria, to form a new civilization.

The Gold Feather

Dani Pasquini. Dani Pasquini. $9.99 paper (305p), ISBN 978-1-976875-45-8; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B077V7XCR1


Lily is a woman who has just learned she has an inseparable bond with a man she has never met, along with recently discovering they have superhuman abilities.

Legacy: Episode I: The Search for Love

Robert Maxxim. Toplink Publishing. $17.99 paper (423p), ISBN 978-1-948556-12-5


A novel 30 years in the making is a futuristic story of mankind’s previous sojourns through this and countless worlds as experienced by the author.

The One and Only (The ELI Chronicles, Vol. 1)

Julia Ash. Julia Ash. $11.62 paper (344p), ISBN 978-1-73208-161-1


An ELI (Extinction Level Infection) threatens humanity after a war game involving bioterrorism goes wrong. One woman has the power to restore hope. But heroism often comes at a cost.

Phantom Pact: The Bearer’s Burden

Chad Queen. Encoded Press. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07C1J8QDL


A war veteran’s family is taken, and he must bond with phantoms of the dead to seek the truth and save the world from meeting the same fate.

River’s Child

Mark Daniel Seiler. Owl House Books. $18.95 paper (312p), ISBN 978-1-947003-39-2


Trapped underground in the Svalbard Seed Vault, Mavin is rescued by a band of strange women dressed in furs in this novel conjuring myth and magic.

The Wanderer and the New West

Adam Bender. CreateSpace. $15.99 paper (424p), ISBN 978-0-9924629-5-6; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B077XKDGK9

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A rogue vigilante seeks redemption in a lawless near-future America that fully protects the rights of armed citizens to stand their ground against mass shooters and motorcycle gangs.

The Wizard’s Harvest Table

Thomas Mooney. Look Dev. $18.95 paper (378p), ISBN 978-0-473-42855-6


A wizard on a flying ship seeks to destroy a lord of the underworld, knowing that if he fails, entire worlds will be shuttered off from one another, overwhelmed by demons forever.


House of Belonging

Andrea Thome. Hesse Creek Media. $14.95 paper (304p), ISBN 978-0-9978504-4-4

Amazon,, Ingram, Smashwords

Who can we count on? The family we’re born into or the one we create for ourselves? This destination romance is the third book in the Hesse Creek Series.

Relationship Resuscitation (The Juniper Court Series)

Jennifer Theriot. Jennifer Theriot. $1.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-983517-43-3

Amazon, Apple iBooks, Audible

Meet the Millers of Juniper Court. He’s a successful attorney, and she’s a flourishing blogger. They’re head over heels in love and approaching 50, and their love life needs a little jump start.


God Is Good

Steven Rosner. Outskirts Press. $9.95 paper (204p), ISBN 978-1-4767-6799-2


The book gives the background of 155 episodes in the Old Testament when an individual or group or a nation prayed to God for something specific, and his answer.


An Angel’s Feather: My Experiences as a Medium

Astrid Brown. CreateSpace. $7.50 paper (138p), ISBN 978-1-987516-38-8


The author tells of her experiences as a medium. The route is never easy.

Appraisal of the Growth of the Christian Faith in Igboland: A Psychological and Pastoral Perspective

Bartholomew N. Okere. Toplink Publishing. $15.99 paper (286p), ISBN 978-1-947938-96-0


The Igbo people in Nigeria continue to make some movements toward Christianity, but many fail to practice the faith properly.

Bipolar Wellness: An Entertaining Memoir with Simple Action Strategies for Every Step of Recovery

Michael Rose. Being Well Press. $19.95 paper (307p), ISBN 978-0-9991112-0-8

Amazon, Ingram

People who suffer with bipolar disorder and their families can now find hope for recovery in this memoir that morphs into a complete 20-step self-help system.

Digital Spine: A Study in Business Strategy

Vikram Kalkat & Reto Gruenenfelder. Notion Press. $10 paper (100p), ISBN 978-1-64249-159-3


This is a business strategy for the digital era. It’s all about identifying the business drivers of the digital revolution that’s happening all around us.

Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery

Louis D. Cox. Epigraph Books. $18.75 paper (312p), ISBN 978-1-948796-00-2


This book makes our egos visible. It provides methods for stepping out of our egos’ constricting grip and stepping into the source of trustworthy inner guidance, our TruthPlace.

From Beaton’s to Beach Haven

William Fortenbaugh. Window Press Club. $19.99 paper (196p), ISBN 978-1-948346-25-2


This book tells of a wooden catboat called Ghost (a sailboat built by craftsmen), its success on the race course, and the crew who devoted themselves to sailing fast.

From Siberia to St. Kitts: A Teacher’s Journey

Ira Sumner Simmonds. ISS Publishing. $19.95 paper (345p), ISBN 978-0-9998724-0-6


This biography of Zenaida Katzen, teacher extraordinaire, weaves disparate threads from Russia, China, Chile, France, and St. Kitts, revealing a surprising and exceptional woman.

From the Shadows: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal

Elizabeth Onyeabor. Sojourn Publishing. $14.95 paper (197p), ISBN 978-1-62747-232-6; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B01MTKFS9U


Offering hope and healing, the author retraces her transformation from suicidal despair to habitual happiness, sprinkling each step with poetry and journal excerpts.

From Under the Hood: Therapy Twins’ Guide to a Smoother Ride; Narrated by Change, Navigated by Jane and Joan

Therapy Twins. BalboaPress. $8.99 paper (56p), ISBN 978-1-5043-8229-8; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5043-8228-1


The Therapy Twins address a host of issues related to your well-being. Learn how to rewire some of your worst experiences, get along with family, and much more.

The Gift of Mystical Insight: The Secret Unlocked. The Logic Revealed

Emmanuel J. Karavousanos. AuthorHouse. $15.99 paper (256p), ISBN 978-1-4343-0426-1


The author provides readers the basis, the evidence, and the logic of why mystical experiences occur.

God and Man: Love on the Rocks

Steven Rosner. Outskirts Press. 14.95 paper (328p), ISBN 978-1-4787-9632-9


Rosner discusses the evil of mankind, why God is estranged from us because of it, and what we can do about it.

God, Do You Know What You Are Doing? P.S. You’ve Made a Mistake!

Maria Erwin Duncan, with Kasandra Erwin. Toplink Publishing. $21.99 paper (140p), ISBN 978-1-948779-27-2


Born into poverty, Duncan has overcome some of the hardest trials in life.

Granny’s Stories

Margaret Henderson. Book Venture Publishing. $10.99 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-64166-272-7

Amazon, BookVenture

From her childhood in a Scottish village during WWII to traveling across Siberia, Mongolia, and China, Henderson relates tales of people, some notable, that she met and unusual journeys that she made.

A Guide to the Psalms of David

Steven Rosner. Outskirts Press. $13.95 paper (372p), ISBN 978-1-4787-5339-1


All 150 psalms are indexed by purpose/theme/mood, so one can gain comfort and benefit from their wisdom. The translation in modern English engages the reader emotionally.

Healing Happens: Stories of Healing Against All Odds

Avital Miller. APG Publishing. $24.95 paper (240p), ISBN 978-0-9996785-2-7


This book brings insight and inspiration from health and healing experts who cured themselves and others despite dire medical prognoses from over 20 illnesses.

Home Life Around the World

Anita Martinez Beijer. Nest Publishing. $16 e-book, ASIN B079VDPBVF

Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo

This book is about the relationship we have with that most private and intimate space—our home.

The Housewife Loved a Bandit: Hey Ma, What Were You Thinking?

Larry Baran. Larry Baran. $9.99 paper (234p), ISBN 978-0-9992719-0-2


Sarasota’s top crime story for 1955. The author’s mother is the only woman to escape from the Sarasota County Jail. Her coast-to-coast crime spree is a true story of love, adventure, and betrayal.

In Search of Lost Lives: Desire, Sanskaras, and the Evolution of a Mind & Soul

Michael Goddart. Clear Path Press. $26.95 paper (420p), ISBN 978-1-944037-83-3


In his spiritual memoir, Goddart recovers 88 past lives and depicts spiritual experiences that ultimately prepared him to follow a path of soul liberation from the mind.

In Service of His Master

Balbir Singh Ragi. Warwick Group International. $14.99 paper (330p), ISBN 978-0-9991117-1-0


Against the backdrop of the racial tensions of the 1960s, one man dreams to unite and build a place of worship for the Sikh community.

Loglines: A Workbook of Story Ideas for Writers

Carlos Perez. AuthorHouse. $17.99 paper (134p), ISBN 978-1-5246-7540-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-7539-4


This book includes writing exercises to stimulate the creative juices, along with 25 ideas for writing projects.

Loopey to Beau: A Troubled Author’s Journey with Dogs

James W. Bennett. Page Publishing. $19.95 paper (288p), ISBN 978-1-64214-034-7; $9.99 e-book, ASIN B07B64355J


Young adult novelist Bennett’s autobiographical narrative of his long-term struggle with mental illness and profiles of the dogs who shared the journey, bringing support.

Meet My Stepmom

Michelle Suzanne Collopy. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (24p), ISBN 978-1-5434-4261-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-4262-5


This book can help parents who want to support a healthy relationship with a new stepparent.

Memories of a Scarred Black Man

Roablas Lumpkins. CreateSpace. $10.99 paper (74p), ISBN 978-1-986488-66-2; $5.99 e-book, ASIN B07BGSXJSJ

Amazon, Kobo

This book discusses the harsh reality of what goes on in poverty-stricken neighborhoods. See how a man who was once a young child makes it out of severe abuse and damaging guidance.

Mental Illness Mi Doesn’t Look Like Me: A Warrior’s Intimate Struggle to Confront Mental Health Illness Face-to-Face

Susie L. Landown-Clarke. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (230p), ISBN 978-1-5462-0205-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5462-0204-2


Landown-Clarke experienced a supernatural spiritual healing that caused her to be reborn in the flesh. Her unique story aims to initiate inclusive dialogues with mental illness sufferers.

Misgovernment: When Lawful Authority Prevents Justice and Prosperity

Mark Lipse. AuthorHouse. $24.34 paper (400p), ISBN 978-1-5246-7673-5; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-7672-8


Lipse explains how the problem of misgovernment, particularly in poor countries, is a legacy of unexamined formal legal, administrative, and constitutional powers of government.

Mississippi and the Great Depression

Richelle Putnam. The History Press. $21.99 paper (160p), ISBN 978-1-4671-1876-7

Amazon,, Books-a-Million

During the worst economic downturn in U.S. history, from the nation’s poorest state rose some of the greatest entrepreneurial, artistic, cultural, and civil rights giants of all time.

Nature Photography

Michael Fleming. Trafford Publishing. $22.99 paper (92p), ISBN 978-1-4907-7895-2


Explore nature and know some fun facts accompanied with beautiful photos.

Nigerian Politics and Corruption: The Challenges Before the Nigerian Church as a Socio-moral Actor

Kyrian Chukwuemeka Echekwu. iUniverse. $28.99 paper (490p), ISBN 978-1-5320-2420-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-2421-4


Find out how corruption is ruining Nigeria, and discover how the church and government can work together to fix the problem.

Quickstart Guide to Songwriting

Randy Klein. AuthorHouse. $24.99 paper (77p), ISBN 978-1-5246-9849-2; $24.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-9850-8


A step-by-step introduction in writing your own songs—lyrics, rhymes, melody, and harmony—with a bonus section on love songs.

Socialism: Origins, Expansion, Decline, and the Attempted Revival in the United States

Phillip J. Bryson. Xlibris. $23.99 paper (948p), ISBN 978-1-5144-1459-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5144-1458-3


Bryson addresses the economic aspects of socialism: concepts, theories, the historical attempts to implement socialist economic systems, and endeavors to establish socialism in the U.S.

Steering Through It: Navigating Life-Threatening Illness... Acceptance, Survival and Healing

Lynn McLaughlin. Lynn McLaughlin. $7.99 e-book, ASIN B077BNKNRG


The author shares her most personal thoughts, fears, and triumphs over the most challenging year of her life as well as the voices of friends and family members.

Struth the Bloody Truth

Iarn Pernell. Xlibris. $24.19 paper (110p), ISBN 978-1-5245-6160-4; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-6159-8


This book explains how the church has manipulated us all. The real reason for fate/destiny is astrological. It is written in the stars.

Transformation: Living a Christian Life

Anthony L. Walker. Toplink Publishing. $15.99 paper (308p), ISBN 978-1-948779-03-6


Transformation is defined as a marked change of something or someone.

Tuskegee Airmen WWII Fighter Pilots: The Story of an Original Tuskegee Pilot, Lt. Col. Hiram E. Mann

Patrick Coggins. Toplink Publishing. $12.99 paper (294p), ISBN 978-1-948262-74-3


This book honors the Tuskegee Airmen—African-American pilots known as the Red Tails, who never lost escorted bombers during World War II.

Waipi’o Valley: A Polynesian Journey from Eden to Eden

Jeffrey L. Gross. Xlibris. $18.99 paper (626p), ISBN 978-1-4797-9844-5; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4797-9846-9


This book recounts the remarkable migrations of the Polynesians across a third of the circumference of the earth.

The Way Home: Discovering the Path to Your Truth, Nature, and Inner Treasures

Vlada Zapesotsky. CreateSpace. $21.25 paper (276p), ISBN 978-1-986792-85-1


This book describes a healing journey of a self-discovery, combining an original fairy tale, self-guided creative and practical tools, life examples, and a personal story.

Where Destiny Commands: 1939–1945 A Time of Love & War

Leila Sen. CreateSpace. $15 paper (567p), ISBN 978-1-980364-17-7


Based on true events and discovered memoirs, this WWII love story is set in India and the Middle East in the waning years of the British raj. As a battle rages in the desert, a chance meeting in Cairo is fateful.

World Peace: World Peace Celebration

Salomon Mpouma. Toplink Publishing. $11.99 paper (238p), ISBN 978-1-948556-57-6


The author surrounds personal tales with reflections on finding happiness within oneself, including truisms from thinkers like Woodsworth and Gandhi.

You Are. Liberation.: The End of Spiritual Seeking

Ray. CreateSpace. $12.90 paper (73p), ISBN 978-1-981520-45-9; $6.95 e-book, ASIN B07BJ8KPPW

Amazon,, Kobo

This book deals with the essential traps of spiritual seeking. It is a guide for the spiritual seeker to overcome the illusory search for truth.


A Yorkie’s Tale: Lessons from a Life Well-Lived

David L. Heaney, illus. by Alexandra Tatu. CreateSpace. $19.99 paper (143p), ISBN 978-1-975991-32-6


An aging Yorkie, a fruit rat, and a parrot go in search of a well-lived life after witnessing the backyard burial of a neighbor’s cat and discovering they will not live forever.

The Ancient Sacred Tree: Birthing a Hero

Dawnette Brenner. Page Publishing. $14.95 e-book, ISBN 978-1-64027-290-3

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Google Play, Kobo

A boy finds himself involved in a fateful and dangerous adventure.

A Ball’s Game

Stefan Mathis. IngramSpark. $5 paper (65p), ISBN 978-0-692-89659-4


A baseball comes to life at a major league stadium and narrates a baseball game from his point of view.

The Counterclock Prophecy

Marc Mattson. Marley-Goeste. $14.99 paper (322p), ISBN 978-1-73203-060-2

Amazon,, Indiebound

This book is an adventure where time travel doesn’t quite work the way you think and saving your family may come at the expense of the entire world.

The Covenant

Armanis Ar-feinial. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (358p), ISBN 978-1-5245-6539-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-6538-1


Kac is ordained to fulfill the Covenant. He takes his companions into the heart of the forest to speak with the prophet, Cornelius, only to find he has other plans.

Fuffles the Ferret

Ronald Schneider. Ronald Schneider. $15.99 paper (208p), ISBN 978-0-9993377-0-7; $9.99 e-book, B07C71HHH8


A novel about a seven-year-old boy in 1935 who gets a ferret as a pet.

Gym Class Hero

Martin Parks Kalmbach. Martin P. Kalmbach. $14.99 paper (274p), ISBN 978-0-9993597-0-9


Stevie Kalkannes must decide to remain a gym class hero or again play basketball, the game he loves and starred in but quit to defy his overbearing father.

Labors of an Epic Punk

Mark and Sheri Dursin. Twin Wizards Press. $14.99 paper (306p), ISBN 978-0-9988336-0-6

Amazon, Books-a-Million

A 16-year-old rebellious teen, Telemachus, son of the famous Greek hero Odysseus, must undertake a series of missions to keep from getting expelled from school.

Lake Girl

Cynthia Kumanchik. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (181p), ISBN 978-1-983407-88-8


Lily Lane died at the lake, but it’s not where she’s bound to stay. To move on, she must solve her own murder and save others from a similar fate.

The Possum in the Pool

Joy Liebl, illus. by D’Lynn Roll. Xlibris. $17.49 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5434-1268-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-1267-3


All of Mother Opossum’s children listen to her about being careful around the cement pool—except for Robby. He falls in and finds out water is more than just wet.

The Sage Challenger

Chad Rasmussen. Chad Rasmussen. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B075DF7PYJ

Amazon, Google Play, Kobo

The day Arian Coles stepped into the Cubus, his life would be changed forever. He will compete to become one of 10 world leaders—a Sage.

Skipper and Friends Build a Nest

Shiela L. Sowards, illus. by Daniel Majan. Xlibris. $21.99 paper (32p), ISBN 978-1-5434-5184-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-5183-2


How do you make a bird’s nest? It’s easy if you are a bird, not so easy if you’re a poodle. How can Skipper and his three friends help?

Toni the Superhero

R.D. Base, illus. by Debbie Hefke. CreateSpace. $9.99 paper (30p), ISBN 978-1-986914-22-2


Toni is a little boy with extraordinary powers, but he likes to do ordinary things too. Readers will find out what Toni likes to do when he’s not busy saving the world.

Turn Right at the End of the World

Robert Watkins, illus. by Jeff Powers, Julien Loison, Ron Oden. Sullivan Maclaurin. $14.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9961838-1-9

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Where will Lux and Max’s adventure take them? Far from everyone the two teenagers know and love. If they’re not careful, straight into the hands of a dangerous man from Lux’s past.