Booksellers, publishers, librarians, and agents are encouraged to look at the 101 self-published titles below. Each appears with a list of retailers that are selling the book and a description provided by its author. Some of these writers are waiting to be discovered; others have track records and followings and are doing it on their own. If you are a self-published author interested in listing titles in this section, please visit for more information.


Against Walls (Amgalant, Book 1)

Bryn Hammond. Bryn Hammond. $21 paper (570p), ISBN 978-1-980893-96-7; $6.99 e-book, ASIN B0083EOGHI

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

The Mongols’ 100 tribes have come together with one aim: to push back against the walls that have crept onto the steppe farther than China has ever extended its walls before.

At Vitoria: A City’s Medieval Promise Between Christians and Sephardic Jews

Marcia Riman Selz. Archway Publishing. $17.99 paper (266p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5297-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4808-5296-9


In this story of survival that transcends generations, a medieval Jewish family must overcome religious differences and resentments in order to preserve its legacy.

Baby Snakes

Demarest Campbell. Okir. $9.99 paper (314p), ISBN 978-1-64271-060-1


Cinematic and unsentimental, this novel is a wry Victorian pastiche about profane clandestine relationships, opium, and treason.

Beyond the Fire

Dewayne A. Jackson. WestBow Press. $24.95 paper (556p), ISBN 978-1-5127-9557-8; $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5127-9558-5


When Destry travels to meet her in-laws for the first time, they all end up trapped by a terrible blizzard. Waiting it out, Destry begins to wonder if God actually interacts with people.

A Bullied Reunion

Chris Ponici. Tellwell Talent. $2.97 e-book, ASIN B07GQBXWQY

Amazon,, Chapters, Indigo

A coming-of-age noir story illustrating the life of a bullied teenager, with a revenge plot that ties it all together.

Clones New People

Angelo Gualtieri. Capstone Media Services. $14.50 paper (589p), ISBN 978-1-71987-093-1


Having spent much time writing reports, Gualtieri turned to stories in his retirement. Reports have to be factual, he says; in stories you can let your imagination run free.

Dog Wash. Can I Help You?

J.L. Campbell. iUniverse. $28.99 paper (492p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3794-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-3793-1


Tony, a homeless veteran, prays to his patron saint to help him find a job. Then Tony enters a grooming salon, where a talking bird welcomes him to his future.

Gap-Toothed Girl

Ray Harvey. Pearl Button Press. $8 paper (192p), ISBN 978-0-9823979-8-5; $3.99 e-book, ASIN B07GTBLNXS


Dusty May, an orphan, runs away from her foster father to pursue her dream of lightness and ballet, even as her foster father unleashes an army to bring her down.

The Garnet Bunches

Zeynab Salimova. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (318p), ISBN 978-1-5434-4193-2; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-4192-5


A novel charting the journey of a woman and her family through trials to find refuge in a new land. A story reflecting the life of the people in Azerbaijan.

Hamda’s Ashes: The Story of a Palestinian Exile

Ghassoub Bani Kanaan. PartridgeSingapore. $21.45 paper (392p), ISBN 978-1-4828-8253-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4828-8255-1


A Palestinian exile bravely conquers many hurdles to rise above childhood abandonment and fear to become a respected instructor at a prestigious Dubai college.

Raised on Rock

Thomas Drago. Gold Avenue Press. $11.99 paper (276p), ISBN 978-0-692-17231-5; 99¢ e-book, ASIN B07HL9B6S8


After his wife’s health scare, rock singer Dante Rose struggles to reunite with his garage band only to learn a secret buried in their past.

The Reluctant Healer

Andrew Himmel. Greenleaf Book Group Press. $16.95 paper (312p), ISBN 978-1-62634-530-0


An attorney is torn between evidence that he has the spiritual ability to heal others and his lifelong skepticism of alternative views.

A Reunion in Heaven

John Kumara. John Kumara. $9.95 e-book, ISBN 978-84-09-01150-6


The happy marriage of Margaret Thompson and Peter Doyle is brought to an abrupt end by a dramatic traffic accident in which he dies and she is left blind.

The Supreme Plan

John Kumara. John Kumara. $9.95 e-book, ISBN 978-84-617-8807-1


Tom Bosak, a successful broker in New York, decides to take a break from his job, as he feels stressed and empty.

Your Pick: Selected Stories

V.S. Kemanis. Opus Nine Books. $14.99 paper (267p), ISBN 978-0-9997850-2-7; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9997850-1-0


A dozen stories, reader favorites, carefully selected from the author’s four collections of literary short fiction.


A War of Love

William T. Elliott. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (128p), ISBN 978-1-5144-0231-3; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5144-0186-6


This poetry collection is a Vietnam-era veteran’s view of life, encompassing its struggles, its humor and beauty, and its triumphs of the spirit.

Cecilia Cetateanu. Dorrance Publishing. $11 paper (78p), ISBN 978-1-4809-4800-6

In Cetateanu’s new collection, poetry and science meet. A good poem, a good tool, is a work of love and belief. The poet’s soul and mind are unified by words and numbers.

Forest Lungs

Andrew Zubinas. Toplink Publishing. $11.99 paper (278p), ISBN 978-1-947620-15-5


This book-length poem is a celebration of the trees and forests that serve as the lungs of Earth.

Illscript & Oratorio Series: Encomienda Oblique, a Morning Between Watermelon Walls

PmOC. Discourse Studios. $1.99 e-book, ASIN B07GD8QND6


A modern-day illuminated manuscript created in an ironic, improvisational style.

The Lament: Selected Poems and Prose

Ercell H. Hoffman. Outskirts Press. $9.95 paper (118p), ISBN 978-1-4327-4346-8


Celebrate love in all its forms and in all its glory through heartfully written poems.

Tough as Nails: Poems Inspired by God

Karen J. Chisholm. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (148p), ISBN 978-1-5035-2891-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5035-2892-5


This collection looks at the heavenly father’s thoughts toward humankind and is filled with his words of encouragement.



Donald Spivey. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (358p), ISBN 978-1-72731-467-0


A journey of mind-boggling discovery begins innocently when Ron and Diana submit to a DNA test to learn more about their ancestry.


Elizabeth Rea. AuthorHouse. $25.49 hardcover (228p), ISBN 978-1-4259-1152-2; $13.49 paper, ISBN 978-1-4259-1153-9


In the world of Atlanta’s privileged class, and the city’s seamier side, Kate and company seek to find closure.

Death in Vermilion

Barbara Elle. Barbara Elle. $9.99 paper (273p), ISBN 978-1-983082-24-5


A psychological thriller about art and obsession. Artist Leila Goodfriend is drawn into an ugly murder in a lovely Cape Cod town. The Cape mystery series is launched.

The DNR Trilogy, Vol. 1: Backing the Wrong Primate

Don W. Hill. Archway Publishing. $24.99 paper (400p), ISBN 978-1-4808-5825-1; $5.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4808-5824-4


An aging physician sets out on a quest to reconcile an act of vigilante justice committed 35 years earlier with the hope of escaping his inner turmoil.

For Sale Murder: A Peter Dumas Mystery

L.C. Blackwell. Front Door Productions. $18.99 paper (336p), ISBN 978-0-9907115-2-0

Amazon, Apple iBooks,

Eight realtor killings in L.A. and the Midwest had crime scenes with posed victims and the scent of Boucheron. A clairvoyant puts it all together to identify one chameleon killer.

Force No One: A Storm Cell Thriller

Daniel Charles Ross. Force Poseidon. $16.99 paper (437p), ISBN 978-1-5217-3795-8; $9.99 e-book, ASIN B07HMGYY6Q


An FBI special agent and a homicide detective must find a killer or terrorists will parachute into the opening ceremonies of the World Series to blow themselves up and kill thousands on live television.

Fresh Snow on Bedford Falls: Second Chances

G.L. Gooding. Lulu Publishing. $19.99 paper (344p), ISBN 978-1-4834-7472-4; $7.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4834-7471-7, Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Lulu

The literary sequel to one of the most iconic Christmas films, It’s a Wonderful Life. The saga continues in this tribute to the wonderful people of Bedford Falls.


Helmut S. Helmut Schonwalder. $13 paper (270p), ISBN 978-1-973251-00-2


Sepp realizes the insanity of his actions, and, as he stops fighting and gives up, he wins and finds his place in life.

The Indescribable

M.V. Harold. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (204p), ISBN 978-1-5462-2583-6

Amazon, Authorhouse,

A piece of glass art that cannot be copied, photographed, videotaped, or described in any way is stolen from a museum.

In Servitude

Heleen Kist. Pollok Glen Publishing. $14.99 paper (338p), ISBN 978-1-916448-61-2; $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-916448-60-5

Amazon,, Ingram

An unwitting accessory to her dead sister’s crimes, an anxiety-prone personal trainer takes on Glasgow’s underworld. The plot is interwoven with complex familial relationships.

Messenger Bags and Murder (A Haley Randolph Mystery)

Dorothy Howell. Dorothy Howell. $4.99 e-book, ASIN B07H14F3LP

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo, Smashwords

Event planner Haley Randolph must find a killer at a conference. It’s not easy with a celebrity chef cooking up trouble, and family secrets and old grudges that make a recipe for murder.

MurderLand: A Crime Novel

Joseph Mark Glazner. Joseph Mark Glazner. $14.99 paper (305p), ISBN 978-1-77500-585-8

Amazon, Kobo

Harry Holiday must find a way to pull off the perfect murder to save himself and his family business, MurderLand, a museum of gangland exhibits in Niagara Falls.

People with Secrets

E.K. Wilson. Amazon Digital Services. 99¢ e-book, ASIN B07GZZDJZQ


A short story, international murder mystery, and crime thriller set in New York and Copenhagen. Introducing Lisa Bendsen, a resourceful sleuth who loves to travel.

The Rabbit Skinners

John Eidswick. Amazon Digital Services. $2.99 e-book, ASIN B078P9TX6G


FBI agent James Strait is forced into a life of disability by a rare disease—until a child asks him to use his skills to find her missing friend.

The Second Encounter

Richard Dodge Davidson. Dodge and Carey Publishing. $9.99 paper (226p), ISBN 978-1-71802-613-1


A successful young attorney represents a beautiful woman, has an affair, and reluctantly represents her in a murder trial with life-changing results.

The Singularity Witness

Dan Grant. MindScape Press. $19.95 paper (440p), ISBN 978-1-73250-401-1; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-73250-402-8

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A neurologist and an FBI agent infiltrate a secret lab and discover that no sacrifice is too great for a cause that delivers a radical technology and changes the world forever.


Kess Goldland. NewTime Publishing. $9.99 paper (328p), ISBN 978-1-9996008-0-8; $2.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-9996008-2-2


Four lives crash together in an audacious heist, the scale of which dwarfs anything history has seen before. Who is willing to risk everything to steal the life they want?

A Thousand Enemies: A Nathan Monsarrat Thriller

Michael A. Richards. CreateSpace. $16.95 paper (480p), ISBN 978-1-72644-184-1; $4.99 e-book, ASIN B07HBCXWMH


Nathan Monsarrat decided not to kill the future secretary of state. Instead, he would only deliver a message. He had no idea a Mossad assassin would do the job for him.


Bollywood Invasion

Ricardo Alexanders. Amazon. $12.99 paper (332p), ISBN 978-1-981590-19-3; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07DFNGJ53

Amazon, Smashwords

A modern-day American boy wakes up in 1958 India as the reincarnation of John Lennon. Can he conquer the music world like Lennon did? Can he escape Lennon’s tragic fate?

The Change

L.M. McPherson. AuthorHouse. $19.95 paper (318p), ISBN 978-1-5049-5999-5; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5049-5998-8


Caught in a mythical struggle between vampires, werewolves, and mankind, Dan struggles with the idea of fighting to preserve his old world or to help usher in a new one.

Journalist Affair Shadow Guardians

Ken Donaldson. Lulu. $29.96 paper (258p), ISBN 978-0-244-11121-2

Amazon, Lulu

With a massive invasion force of aliens from the fifth dimension set to invade, how will Earth’s quarreling human forces last against a vampiric alien race?


Shelley Miller. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (158p), ISBN 978-1-5434-8253-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-8252-2


The day comes when Promise Terrene has to get powers of her own. The results are not only the last thing she expected but also what anyone would expect.


Ray Verola. BookBaby. $15.08 paper (341p), ISBN 978-1-5439-3557-8


In the year 2075, sentient robots square off with humans in a fight for survival. Can Taylor Morris, marked for death by the robots, save himself and humanity from extinction?

We Are Mars: The Rubicon Saga, Part One

Cheryl Lawson. Southernwood Technologies. $15.60 paper (388p), ISBN 978-0-9950921-2-9; $4.50 e-book, ISBN 978-0-9950921-3-6

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Chapters, Indigo

A settlement on Mars is threatened by a corrupt Earth leader. The members of a small team battle one another and a viral outbreak, but a bigger danger is coming that could destroy them all.


Amish Acres: The Celery Patch

Samantha Bayarr. Livingston Hall Publishers. $1.99 e-book, ASIN B07DXM4XCN

Amazon, Audible

When a celery patch mysteriously crops up overnight in the Yoders’ field, it attracts some unwanted suitors for Naomi, and now she’s being accused of trying to “catch” a husband.

The One-Way Time Traveler

Tom DeMarco. Artful Press. $9.99 paper (395p), ISBN 978-0-9892820-4-8; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07DPTNZLD


A jinxed love story: lovers are separated by centuries. Could there be a happy ending?

The Secrets of Chateau Swansea: A Gothic Romance

R.C. Matthews. R.C. Matthews. $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-73200-822-9

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

A grisly murder leaves a haunted estate without an heir, and a powerful medium scrambles to find answers from beyond the grave.


Freedom Fries: Musings on French and American Culture

Andre Adams. Ingram Sparks. $15 paper (34p), ISBN 978-0-692-12922-7


A satirical, illustrated compendium featuring musings on French and American culture.


100 Physical Education Activities

Denis O’Driscoll. AuthorHouse. $13.66 paper (48p), ISBN 978-1-4969-8447-0; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4969-8448-7


Drawing on 12 years of teaching experience, O’Driscoll presents an accessible array of innovative activities and movements, from traditional playground games to challenging exercises guaranteed to capture the imagination.

101 Ways to Use Social Media to Do Good

Frances Leary. Balboa Press. $30.95 hardcover (180p), ISBN 978-1-982203-20-7; $13.99 paper, ISBN 978-1-982203-21-4


Discover the transformative potential of social media in this exploration of humanity’s favorite pastime. You truly can change the world—one post at a time.

Addicted to My Ego

Dan Cohen. Balboa Press. $14.95 paper (372p), ISBN 978-1-5043-9289-1; $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5043-9132-0


This book helps the reader overcome limitations we place on ourselves using our fear-based ego so we can awaken to our spiritual self and experience love.

Addiction—God’s Healing: For God’s Purpose, He Chose to Rescue This Codependent Alcoholic

Duly Noted. iUniverse. $20.99 paper (384p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3183-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-3184-7


This book could help any bankrupt, heartbroken, alcoholic, codependent on another person and/or drug, spiritually dead person get well and stay well.

Advancing in Enlightenment: The Crash Course

Gail M. Knox. Balboa Press. $30.95 hardcover (174p), ISBN 978-1-5043-8343-1; $13.99 paper (174p), ISBN 978-1-5043-8342-4


A divine crash course in the ancient teachings of Kyron, Abraham, Satya, Bashar, and Seth.

Arkansas History: A Journey Through Time; The Growth of the Twenty-Fifth State of the Union from 1833 to 1957

Arlen Jones. iUniverse. $18.95 paper (222p), ISBN 978-1-4917-7636-0; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4917-7638-4


A classroom resource, this book tells the story of Arkansas from founding efforts in 1833 through the desegregation confrontation in 1957. Complete with lesson plans, bibliography, and common core standards.

Bent but Not Broken: Survival Guide for the Soul

Fay Moore. AuthorHouse. $13.99 paper (102p), ISBN 978-1-5246-1925-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-1924-4


Storms will come and make you feel as if you can’t go on. This book encourages you on this roller-coaster ride called life. You’re not alone.

The Bible II: The Lollipop Journey

Kevin Reichelt. AuthorHouse. $29.95 paper (676p), ISBN 978-1-4918-5876-9; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-4918-5875-2


Bible II is named this way because if you believe the Bible, it explains it is set up in ages. This Bible explains the next age.

Boot Language: A Memoir

Vanya Erickson. She Writes Press. $16.95 paper (200p), ISBN 978-1-63152-465-3; $9.95 e-book, ASIN B078FXLZ9F

Amazon,, IndieBound

From depictions of the dark truths of her childhood to her ultimate survival, Erickson invites us to witness it all.

Century Sentence: A Diary Written to God Accusing Against All of the World

Xu Xue Chun. Xlibris. $27.59 paper (986p), ISBN 978-1-5434-0386-2; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-0385-5


This prophecy book expresses the author’s views and attitudes, and prophesies about all the major events and all the people in the world today.

The Elohssa: A Phenomenal Pest

Jorge Rodriguez-Walling. Storybook Cottage. $11.99 paper (100p), ISBN 978-0-692-14773-3


A descriptive account of a type of person who has long survived on his unique talent to annoy others for a lifetime.

Freedom from the Unconscious: Spiritual Structure of the World & Path to Return to the Source of Creation

Sophia Bridge. Devorah Aliza Bridge. $17.95 paper (204p), ISBN 978-0-578-19842-2


This is a synthesis of spiritual wisdom from various areas of study aimed at bringing clarity to a complicated spiritual transformational process in a way never previously done.

General Order No. 5: The Redemption of a Muslim American Patriot

Frederick Khan. Toplink Publishing. $21.99 paper (678p), ISBN 978-1-949169-77-5


A realistic, down-to-earth chronicle outlining the story of an American boy growing into manhood and learning the art of redemption.

Growing Influence: A Story of How to Lead with Character, Expertise, and Impact

Ron Price. Greenleaf Book Group Press. $19.95 hardcover (192p), ISBN 978-1-62634-557-7


This book offers advice on developing leadership skills through one woman’s growth by applying the principles in the book.

Hardened to Hickory: The Missing Chapter in Andrew Jackson’s Life

Tony L. Turnbow. Tony L. Turnbow. $27.99 paper (602p), ISBN 978-0-692-08752-7


Unpublished documents reveal an Andrew Jackson who committed mutiny and fought another general, a spy, for command of the U.S. Army. Indians came to Jackson’s rescue.

Hatshepsut: The Woman Who Was Pharaoh

Nely Emiliani. Nely Eleonor Emiliani. $25.99 paper (819p), ISBN 978-0-692-09019-0


This true story resolves many questions posed by historians and archaeologists. It also tells whose body is really on display in Cairo’s Egyptian Museum.

How Do We Get to Greenwitch Village from Here?

A.E. Grant. Smashwords. $9.99 e-book, ISBN 978-0-463-19739-4

Apple iBooks,, Kobo, Smashwords

Grant pushes the envelope by moving to N.Y.C. on a shoestring budget. Her wallet and pride take a hit. She looks within and lawyers up to take on the challenge of her life.

I Didn’t Believe Any of This Hippie Dippy Bulls**t Either: A Skeptic’s Awakening to the Spiritual Universe

Julie Rasmussen. Red Renegade Press. $14.95 paper (198p), ISBN 978-0-692-08090-0; $6.99 e-book, ASIN B07G81ZGWK


A humorous memoir of how a former skeptic became a full-on believer in spiritual awakening, soul mates, and “good vibes.”

It’s All About Something

Alexander Villarasa. Xlibris. $19.99 paper (182p), ISBN 978-1-5434-6926-4; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5434-6927-1


This anthology, ranging from family, friendships, and unrequited love to philosophy, the big bang, and quantum mechanics, promises something to get lost in and remember.

Listen to Your Mother! Recollections of a Baby Boomer with a Wonderfully Wise Mother

Marianne Spampinato. Daily American. $11.95 paper (123p), ISBN 978-1-5323-6872-1


Take a trip down memory lane with the author’s humorous and heartfelt recollections of guidance well given.

Maya: Bring Tears of Happiness

Kadiyali M. Srivatsa. AuthorHouse. $24.34 paper (384p), ISBN 978-1-5246-2971-7; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5246-2970-0


This book shares information about common remedies to reduce anxiety and wasted consultation. Srivatsa teaches three strategies to help differentiate well from states of unwell that require hospitalization.

Open Your Heart and Let the Lord Come In

Jerrie Dean Blade. Toplink Publishing. $7.99 paper (82p), ISBN 978-1-949169-82-9


This book is a parable that compares our natural home to our spiritual home, the heart.

Saying Thanks and Beyond

Ralph Mosgrove. Archway Publishing. $9.99 paper (58p), ISBN 978-1-4808-4352-3


Mosgrove explores ways to respond to acts of kindness, to go beyond the words, and to find possibilities.

Synergy: A Theoretical Model of Canada’s Comprehensive Approach

Eric Dion. iUniverse. $21.99 paper (308p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3057-4; $4.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-3058-1


Dion proposes an executive decision-making model for the comprehensive approach as a tool for resolving global conflicts and international challenges, because all elements of power, even military, must collaborate in synergy.

Travel for STOICs: Empowering the Solo Traveler Who Is Obsessive, Introverted, and Compulsive

Eva Rome. Blue Morpho Press. $17.95 paper (326p), ISBN 978-0-9678995-1-0

Amazon,, Ingram

This book will assist readers to master solo travel challenges while successfully managing one’s O-C, introverted self, with advice from the classical world’s Stoics and the author.

A Tribute to the Motherland: Bharatamaata Astotharam

D.V. Pasupuleti. Page Publishing. $27.95 e-book, ISBN 978-1-64138-775-0

Amazon,, Ingram

An untold story about the ancient civilization of India and its way of life for millennia aimed at enlightening Westerners.

Yes—Anyone Can! A Secret to Attract Success by Using the Three Big C Principles

Rose P. Burton. WestBow Press. $13.95 paper (168p), ISBN 978-1-5127-1159-2


This book aims to guide readers of all ages on an exciting journey into the realization of the power and capabilities they already possess.

Zionism vs. the West: How Talmudic Ideology Is Undermining Western Culture

Jonas E. Alexis. AuthorHouse. $28.99 paper (472p), ISBN 978-1-5462-2461-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5462-2460-0


In this scholarly work, the author argues that Zionism, for over 60 years, has shaken the moral, philosophical, and intellectual foundation of much of Western culture.


Alone Together

Robert Hill. New Diamond Publishing. $12.95 paper (260p), ISBN 978-1-72069-966-8; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B07DLN1B7B


The world changes for 13-year-old Kyle Stryker in a blaze of unnatural light as every piece of technology stops working.

Be Wee with Bea

Liz O’Neill. iUniverse. $10.99 paper (80p), ISBN 978-1-5320-3062-8; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5320-3061-1


Bea the wee bear has a good heart but carries heavy memories of the times other bears were mean to her. Can she ever get better?

BFFs (Best Friends Forever), First in the Alex’s Dreams Trilogy

Alexander Rutherford. Strategic Book Publishing & Rights Agency. $26.95 paper (570p), ISBN 978-1-68181-884-9


Alex and her friends face the challenges of young adulthood.

A Bright, Cold Sunny Day

J.G. Lightborne, illus. by Pat Lane Diaz. Xlibris. $15.99 paper (24p), ISBN 978-1-5245-4102-6; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-4101-9


This picture book introduces young readers to cold-weather recreation experiences and lovable animals who stay awake all winter.

Buzzy and Thomas Move into the President’s House

Vicki Tashman, illus. by Fátima Stamato. Historical Tails. $6.99 paper (44p), ISBN 978-0-9972094-0-2; $2.99 e-book, ASIN B01MTXGB3A

Amazon, Ingram

Buzzy the dog lives a happy life as Thomas Jefferson’s furry friend, but when Thomas tells her they’re moving to the White House, her world changes.

Chevalier the Queen’s Mouseketeer: A Hero’s Heart

Darryl Hughes, illus. by Monique MacNaughton. Brand X Books. $11.99 paper (36p), ISBN 978-0-9903936-6-5

Amazon, Ingram

Chevalier, Tom-Tom, and the Princess Faere race to stave off disaster by stopping the war between the armies of Ever After and the Far, Far Away before it can begin.

Elizabeth and the Potato Dolly

Barbara Sorensen Fallick, illus. by Amelia Thelin. IngramSpark. $23.95 hardcover (32p), ISBN 978-0-692-31163-9


Illustrated with photographs done at a living history museum, this book has a child tell the story of Elizabeth and the potato dolly to her one-room classroom.

Embolden: Forbidden, Book 2

Syrie James and Ryan M. James. LDLA Publishing. $13.99 paper (336p), ISBN 978-1-72014370-3; $7.99 e-book, ASIN B07G3GCYX1

Amazon, Apple iBooks,, Kobo

Claire and her angel-gone-AWOL boyfriend Alec’s relationship is tested to its limits as they deal with her surprising new power, his enemies, and the search for her missing father.

Etty Steele Vampire Hunter (The Hunter Series)

Grayson Grave. Grayson Grave. $6.50 paper (180p), ISBN 978-1-71783-616-8; 99¢ e-book, ASIN B07FQBWBTW


Etty Steele is a vampire hunter. There’s only one problem: She doesn’t have her hunter powers. No superstrength. No superspeed. Nothing. She’s a normal girl in a world of monsters.

French Fries in the Park

J.M. Sheridan, illus. by Jamie Forgetta. AuthorHouse. $16.99 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5462-0963-8, Amazon, AuthorHouse,

The happy duo, Mrs. Moomoo and Brianna, meet an autistic boy named Tommy. This book helps teach children what autism is and how it affects some children.

The Grove Dogs

Alfonso Grambone. Xlibris. $21.99 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5245-9944-7; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5245-9943-0


A group of five friends embarks on an adventure to solve a mystery. They work together and combine their talents to solve a problem and, in addition, expand their circle of friends.

Hit Girlz

Darryl Hughes, illus. by Monique MacNaughton. Brand X Books. $12.98 paper (124p), ISBN 978-0-9903936-8-9

Amazon, Ingram

BFFs Bella and MaryBeth balance the popularity contest of high school and the social minefield of social media with their unusual after-school job—being hired assassins for the mob.

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful: A Coloring Book for Girls

Hopscotch Girls. Hopscotch Girls. $9.50 paper (24p), ISBN 978-0-692-92799-1


This coloring book is all about building a girl’s confidence, imagination, and spirit. The pages encourage girls to think beyond social conventions while having fun.

Idi & the Oracle’s Quest: Born to Be Fantasy Series, Book 1

T.N. Traynor. T.N. Traynor. $3.99 e-book, ASIN B01C1UDQKC

Amazon, Apple iBooks, Kobo, Scribd

Idi, short for idiot, is on a journey to overcome his past. Marcus, a sagacious magician, is on a quest to save the kingdom. Together, they’ll discover the secret to true magic.

Jake and the Dynamo: The Wattage of Justice

D.G.D. Davidson, illus. by Roffles Lowell. Superversive Press. $14.99 paper (317p), ISBN 978-1-925645-36-1


Jake just wants to go to high school, but a computer glitch sends him back to fifth grade. Now he’s the unwilling sidekick of a tiny superheroine—and the target of an army of monsters.

Mama’s Needle

Jeanette W. Stickel, illus. by Helen S. Worcester and Jeanette W. Stickel. CreateSpace. $10.95 paper (32p), ISBN 978-1-73201-572-2


A boy’s mama patches holes in his pants, binds scraps of cloth into quilts, and stitches dreams into reality. With her “memory” quilt on his back, the boy flies with his imagination.

Milney Gets Recycled

Sandra Watson. AuthorHouse. $16.99 paper (44p), ISBN 978-1-5462-2792-2; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-5462-2791-5


Milney is no ordinary milk bottle. He can see, hear, and sing. But an accident leaves him flattened and useless. Will there be a happy ending for Milney?

Oscar: A Frogfish’s Guide to the Aquarium

Rob Albanese. Frogfish Studios. $12.99 paper (34p), ISBN 978-1-73250-280-2


Oscar, the resident frogfish, gives a fun-filled tour of the aquarium that teaches children interesting facts about his fellow aquarium dwellers.

Santa’s Sleigh-Train

E. Dorinda Shelley, illus. by Eleanor A. Hutton. CreateSpace. $12.95 paper (28p), ISBN 978-1-5174-4358-0


When Rudolph gets sick with reindeer pox on Christmas Eve, he can’t guide the sleigh to deliver presents, so Santa has to find another means of transportation.

Sea Oats and Sand Pails: A Child’s Day of Wonder

Carolyn Blish. BookBaby. $19.95 paper (64p), ISBN 978-1-5439-3382-6

Amazon,, BookBaby, Books-a-Million

Artist Blish rekindles the childlike wonder of a day at the beach as seen through a child’s eyes, in color illustrations and inspiring verse.

The Six and the Crystals of Ialana

Katlynn Brooke. Karen L. Brooke. 99¢ e-book, ASIN B00KK5IPN4


Six teens must uncover the secrets of their past while on the run from deadly predators and a reptilian king.

Sophia Wants to Write a Book

Marie White. Zamiz Press. $19.99 hardcover (98p), ISBN 978-1-949813-00-5; $12.99 paper (98p), ISBN 978-1-949813-01-2

Amazon,, Ingram

Sophia can’t write her story because she can’t hold the pen. She needs help. Young authors will help Sophia write a book. For the budding author in every family.

Sunday Frolic

Lori Metzsch. WestBow Press. $16.95 paper (30p), ISBN 978-1-973628-07-1; $3.99 e-book, ISBN 978-1-973628-08-8


A description of the events that lead the Peterson kids to accept Jesus as their personal savior. Born-again salvation is described in simple terms that even a child can understand.