This month, Michelle Argyle at Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of My Thoughts Exactly by Jodie Randisi. The author praised the new cover, calling it “beautifully designed.”

Design Note #1: Since the title of the original book was a little confusing and misleading, the author and I came up with a title that works better for a middle grade audience.

Design Note #2: With an image of a tween writing something down and a journal, a pen, and some teeny-tiny footprints, the cover now hints at a realistic story that might also contain some magical fantasy elements.

Design Note #3: The author really wanted some jungle elements on the cover. Including some realistic leaves and vines helped bring that element to life.

Design Note #4: Keeping the main title large and prominent helps distinguish it from the long subtitle below. I also decided that keeping the title separate from the author’s name at the bottom of the cover would help make it clear that the author of the book is not Darcy Diggins.

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Original Cover