This month, Michelle Argyle at Melissa Williams Design reimagines the cover of Safari by Alexander Plansky. The author praised the new cover, saying, “I love how much more eye-catching it is than the original!” To submit a book for a free cover redesign, email us at

Design Note #1: For the new cover, I played with textual elements, placing the tree and sun within the words of the title. I also drew the yellow and orange color scheme into the rest of the text.

Design Note #2: This is a techno-thriller, so I wanted the cover to keep the typography large and imposing, as others do in that genre.

Design Note #3: Including larger text and a larger, imposing set of leopard eyes helps the cover pop.

Design Note #4: Subtle elements can make all the difference. Instead of letting the eyes float in a sea of black, they are set against a background of black, furry texture.

Original Cover