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Career Crisis Plan

Philip Kent-Hughes

“The common known reactions to an emergency are ‘fight’ or ‘flight’ (run away). The two less talked-about reactions are ‘panic’ and ‘freeze.’ ”


Raymond Avery Bartlett

“Pottery is like love: a form of impossible perfection.”

The Janus Affair

Lilla Csorgo

“I don’t know where Ric is. He’s disappeared. He’s officially a missing person, but that would suggest I miss him, and I don’t.”


J.M. Berger

“The digital ink had barely dried on the Treaty of St. Petersburg, marking the end of World Information War II, when the next wave of social networks debuted.”

Snowflake: A Climate Thriller

Arthur Jeon

“I gazed inside the gates of Hell today. They flanked the 405 freeway.”