This month, we’ve got bikini cowgirls,Venus flytraps, a demon cat, and much more. To submit a first line, email

Bikini Cowgirls of the Urban Legion

Dave Agans

“Even if a dolphin could shoot a speargun, it probably couldn’t hit the side of a barge.”

Craving Stardust

Morgan Toll

“You’re a rose in a field of Venus flytraps; fierce, yet delicately beautiful, and oddly placed in a world that is hungry for madness.”


Richard Schiver

“At night the world slips on a different mask as the shadows grow long and deep.”

The Eyemonger

Daniel J. Solove

“A long time ago, on an island at sea, there was a great town, filled with wonder and glee.”

Rip Saw: A Detective Jericho Novel

Walter Marks

“The young uniformed cop Dennis Regner never saw it coming.”

Spirit of the King

Amy Hay

“Keriggor stood hidden in the shelter of the tree line as he stared at the cabin with the red door.”

Stop Drifting

David R. Ibarra

“The sound of the alarm clock shook Tom Stanley to his core.”

The Summerlands

Susan Butler Colwell

“The last time I died, it was a Tuesday.”

Welcome to Washington, Fina Mendoza

Kitty Felde

“There’s no such thing as a Demon Cat of Capitol Hill.”

What the Tide Brings

Heather Ewings

“Alfred untied the clinker, pushing it across the sandy beach until it bobbed in the waves.”

Wrath Child: A Supernatural Thriller

Erik Henry Vick

“The alley stank of garbage and human waste and blood and imminent death.“

Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving

Samuel Sanders

“When you see people come up with great business or life ideas, you may chalk it up to luck or natural creativity, but there’s a process to coming up with ideas that are beneficial to yourself and society.”

The Language of Corpses

Tamara Linse

“This is a really bad idea, Jazari thought as she punched in the mechalum hash, her hands the mech equivalent of sweaty as hell.”