This month, we’ve got a simple Texas town, curses, secrets, memories, and more. To submit a first line, email

Dancing to the Silence

Leta McCurry

“Macy Eldridge knew something was terribly wrong even before she opened her eyes and saw Mr. Pib stone cold dead on the pillow beside her.”

Fear Traps: Escape the Triggers That Keep You Stuck

Nancy Stella

“No one likes to feel afraid, but the truth is that fear itself isn’t really the problem.”

Feral Prince (Qurilixen Lords)

Michelle M. Pillow

“The metallic smell of blood permeated the forest, the scent unmistakable against the darker tones of earth and trees.”

The Grain Merchant

Zara Altair

“Argolicus opened the door of the big stone house to memories and seventeen years of dust.”

The Marching Ant

Allyson ChapaAt

“At first glance, Big Spring was an all-around simple Texas town.”

Memory Road Trip

Kirsta Marson

“I want to start my first story with an apology.”

The Night She Went Missing

Kristen Bird

“They find me faceup in the murky water of the harbor on the day of my funeral.”

Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets

Sherrill Joseph

“Dead eyes, with years of curses and murder in them, stared back at thirteen-year-old Lexi Wyatt.”

Shadows of Kalalau

Doug Walsh

“The helicopter’s approach couldn’t be coincidence, not so soon after the killing.”

Tied with Twine

Pam Records

“Halina shoved the dirty sheet in the tin washtub as quickly as she could.”

Trapped in Glass

Pam Records

“Halina hesitated, her sweating hand on the glass doorknob, her ear against the attic door.”

What the Hell Are They Thinking?

Daniel Ravner

“You are encouraged to read this book in whatever order sparks your interest.”