In this edition of Indie Spotlight, our monthly thematic roundup of BookLife titles, we welcome authors of self-help, inspirational, and finance books.


How to Know If Your Stockbroker Is Ripping You Off (and What You Can Do About It)

Brian Lowe


About the book: This practical handbook explains the most common scams practiced by unscrupulous stockbrokers and investment advisors, written by a 38-year veteran of the securities industry with experience both defending and prosecuting securities claims.

Author statement: “I have been in the securities industry for nearly 40 years. Over time I have seen investors make the same mistakes over and over, but the industry is so opaque that most people are sinking before they realize they’ve stepped into quicksand. I wrote this book so that people would know where to set their feet to stay on solid ground.”

Money Plan

Monica Eaton

ISBN 978-1-73715-000-8

About the book: Money Plan follows Mia and her mommy on a rhyming trip through the grocery store. When Mia spots her favorite treat, she gets her first introduction to money management.

Author statement: “I wrote Money Plan to help parents have meaningful money conversations with their children. Money management is one of life’s most important skills, and I am dedicated to developing a generation of money-savvy kids.”


Flowers Grow on Broken Walls

Farena Bajwa

ISBN 978-3-00-070750-6

About the book: Flowers Grow on Broken Walls is a unique collection of poems and prose that explores healing and self-worth.

Author statement: “After I suffered from heartbreak, my world fell apart. But it wasn’t about the person leaving me, it was about the parts of myself I was running away from that had caught up with me. Since the wall I built up had been broken, everything hidden behind came to light. I hope someone can relate and feels better knowing that no matter how much you hurt, you will heal, happiness is just around the corner.”

Technical Difficulties: Why Dyslexic Narratives Matter in Tech

Jeanette Washington

ISBN 978-0-578-58263-4

About the book: This book draws upon narratives of those with dyslexia; empowers them to use their big-picture thinking and exceptional creativity to enhance the tech industry; and encourages companies to deviate from tokenism, gatekeeping, and unconscious hiring bias.

Author statement: “The idea for this book was sparked by a tech talk that I facilitated in Nigeria, where I discussed how autistic and dyslexic learners should be at the forefront of creating innovative, accessible tech products that suit them.”

Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life: A Prose and Poetry Anthology

A. A. Willis

ISBN 978-1-64388-168-3

About the book: Yesterday’s Voices on the Inner Life is a prose and poetry anthology of eclectic selections from spiritual, philosophical, and inspirational literature from past centuries. It illustrates the continued relevance of these words in the modern world, with a focus on successful living and inner peace.

Author statement: “I’m a retired senior sales and marketing professional from a global biotech company. An initial interest in the self-improvement and human potential movement at the beginning of my sales career gradually evolved over many years into a personal journey of inquiry, and the discovery of spiritual and philosophical literature and how it can influence our lives in beneficial ways.”


Box Lunch Lifestyle: Using Your Lunch Break to Win Back the Life You Deserve

Cheryl K. Johnson


About the book: If you’ve ever promised yourself that someday you’ll eat better or be more intentional with your time, this practical, clever method will show you how to start today during a spot that’s already on the calendar: lunch.

Author statement: “More than 10 years of boxing training—and even more years in workplaces focused more on ‘resources’ than ‘humans’—led me to believe that life could feel a little more satisfying. And it’s closer than you think. Be a champion for yourself during this 30-minute workday break and you’re on your way to winning back the life you deserve.”

Conquering Fear: One Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety

Carter Weinstein

ISBN 978-1-73451-064-5

About the book: In this short guide, Carter shares the candid ups and downs of his personal journey with anxiety, recounts how he got the help he needed, and offers six pivotal tips that have helped him manage his symptoms and achieve his goals.

Author statement: “I wrote Conquering Fear: One Teen’s Guide to Overcoming Anxiety while a senior in high school to provide a firsthand perspective of hope to fellow teens and young adults with acute anxiety—a challenge I have faced my whole life.”

The Joy of Letting Go

Suzanne Falter

ISBN 978-0-9911248-4-8

About the book: In The Joy of Letting Go, Suzanne Falter collects 35 essays that dive to the heart of how to stop resisting life as it is. Instead, she provides practical solutions and wise insights that guide anyone to let go with greater ease and certainty.

Author statement:The Joy of Letting Go was inspired by the sudden death of my 22-year-old daughter, Teal. Losing her taught me how letting go and owning what is—even if it means soul-crushing grief—can lead us to a higher place. I wrote this in tribute to her brief life. By letting go of Teal, and owning my life as it was, I found the strength to find my way to happiness and reinvention once more.”

Lessons from a Reluctant Healer: On Learning to Listen to That Still Small Voice Within to Better Bring Your Gifts to the World

Mary H. A. Kearns

ISBN 978-1-73718-401-0

About the book: Lessons from a Reluctant Healer is a personal memoir of Kearns’s journey toward trusting in her innate gifts and the wisdom of that still, small voice within.

Author statement: “In 2018 I decided to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) to begin writing a memoir. It was a stop-and-go process over the next couple of years until the pandemic happened. I found myself with lots of extra time for writing and reflecting on the themes that have arisen over my lifetime. And I found that the lessons I have learned could be helpful to others who are trying to make sense of and make the most of these challenging times.”

NPE: A Story Guide for Unexpected DNA Discoveries

Leeanne R. Hay

ISBN 978-1-64718-608-1

About the book: Genealogy can be a fun hobby until the results of a consumer DNA test reveal a devastating secret. This work is an authentic resource for people whose DNA tests reveal a nonpaternity event (NPE), the genetic genealogy term for finding that your presumed father is not your biological parent.

Author statement: “NPEs are found in all races, religions, and socioeconomic groups in every country where consumer DNA tests are sold. There was no resource four years ago when I made my discovery. As I began journaling and researching what this new connection meant to my life and identity, I began collecting others’ stories and professional insights that I know would have helped me through my journey.”

Thriving After Sexual Abuse: Break Your Bondage to the Past and Live a Life You Love

Denise Bossarte

ISBN 978-1-73701-600-7

About the book: Thriving After Sexual Abuse is a self-development book that lays out a blueprint for survivors to heal themselves. Bossarte’s book provides tips and suggestions for readers to seek help, self-reflect, and pursue healing through a range of activities and practices.

Author statement: “My goal in writing this book is to share the practices I developed and the experiences I engaged in to help me overcome my sexual abuse and to thrive in a life I love."

Your Next Big Idea: Improve Your Creativity and Problem-Solving

Samuel Sanders

ISBN 978-1-73491-302-6

About the book: Your Next Big Idea teaches readers how successful entrepreneurs, innovators, and creatives develop ideas.

Author statement: “When students learn about entrepreneurship, teachers refer to already successful companies, but rarely talk about how those founders initially cultivated their ideas. I wanted to challenge the narrative around how we teach entrepreneurship by creating a nonfiction work that teaches readers how the top creatives develop ideas in the first place. ”