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  • Q & A with Sophia Glock

    Author and artist Sophia Glock's debut YA graphic memoir, 'Passport,' depicts her unusual teenage years, as she gradually realized her parents work in intelligence.

  • Q & A with Ernesto Cisneros

    We spoke with award-winning middle grade author and middle school language arts teacher Ernesto Cisneros about how his early life experiences, teaching, and writing intersect.

  • Q & A with Kekla Magoon

    Kekla Magoon spoke with us about her new book, 'Revolution in Our Time,' a National Book Award finalist, which offers an in-depth study of the Black Panther Party for young people.

  • Where STEM Meets Story:
    Spotlight on Explorer Academy

    The Dragon’s Blood, the sixth book in the Nat Geo series, leads readers on another globe-spanning adventure . (Sponsored)

  • Q & A with Huda Fahmy

    Comic book artist Huda Fahmy's latest book, 'Huda F Are You?,' focuses on her experiences as a Muslim teenager who moved from a town with few Muslims to one with a large Muslim population.

  • Four Questions for Harmony Becker

    Asian American author and cartoonist Harmony Becker's debut graphic novel, 'Himawari House,' tells the coming of age story of a Japanese American girl reconnecting with her Japanese heritage while spending a year with other language learners in Tokyo.

  • Q & A with Daniel Miyares

    We spoke with author-illustrator Daniel Miyares about his new picture book, 'Hope at Sea: An Adventure Story.'

  • Q & A with Kathryn Ormsbee

    Author Kathryn Ormsbee changes things up with 'Candidly Cline,' her first contemporary book for younger readers; we spoke with Ormsbee about setting the story in her home state of Kentucky, and the necessity of community.

  • From Tradecraft and Trench Coats to Magic and Adventure: When Spies Write for Children

    That so many former spies became novelists is not surprising; but did you know that children’s literature has also attracted its fair share of intelligence practitioners?

  • Four Fan-Favorite YA Trilogies Come to an End This Fall

    As 2021 winds down, so do popular trilogies by four YA authors: Roshani Chokshi, Mackenzi Lee, Natasha Ngan, and Kiersten White; we asked each of them about the origin of their series, the writing experience throughout, and what comes next.

  • Four Questions for Lenora Todaro

    We spoke with writer and editor Lenora Todaro about her debut picture book, 'Sea Lions in the Parking Lot: Animals on the Move in a Pandemic.'

  • Q & A with Misty Copeland

    We spoke with American Ballet Theatre principal dancer Misty Copeland about her new children's book, 'Black Ballerinas: My Journey to Our Legacy.'

  • Ryan Higgins Signs Multi-Book Contract with Disney

    Disney Publishing Worldwide has announced a deal with author-illustrator Ryan T. Higgins for six new picture books that will feature his popular menagerie of characters—and likely some new players.

  • Four Questions with Ariel Henley

    In her debut memoir, 'A Face for Picasso,' Ariel Henley recounts her childhood growing up with Crouzon syndrome.

  • A World of Wonder: Close-up on Amal Karzai

    The winner of the 2020 U.S. Key Colors Illustrators Competition chats about her evolution as an artist. (Sponsored)

  • In Conversation: Renée Watson and Brendan Kiely

    We asked authors Renée Watson and Brendan Kiely to discuss their latest books, their approaches to writing about race for young readers, and their hopes for how educators and parents can use their work to spark difficult but important dialogues.

  • Q & A with Rob Sanders

    PW spoke with Sanders about his tightly woven teaching and writing backgrounds, and creating books he wished he had when he was growing up.

  • DiCamillo, Blackall, and Patchett Discuss Life, Courage, and 'The Beatryce Prophecy'

    This year's Twin Cities Book Festival culminated on October 14 with author Kate DiCamillo and illustrator Sophie Blackall in conversation about their new middle grade novel, 'The Beatryce Prophecy,' with author and bookseller Ann Patchett.

  • Q & A with Alice Walker

    Pulitzer Prize winner Alice Walker's new picture book, 'Sweet People Are Everywhere,' presents her poem of the same title, celebrating the shared humanity of people around the world.

  • Doing the Inner Work: Close-up on Dhonielle Clayton and Sona Charaipotra

    Clayton and Charaipotra—whose latest novel, The Rumor Game, about the diverse students at D.C.’s upscale Foxham Prep, will be published in March of 2022—spoke to PW about writing believable teen characters, the damaging impact of rumors, and the excitement of seeing their work evolve. (Sponsored)

PW KidsCast: A Conversation with Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver
Co-authors and Hollywood insiders Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver discuss their new book, Alien Superstar: Hollywood vs. the Galaxy, and their process for writing compelling comedies for kids.
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