For the Fall 2013 children's announcements issue, we spoke with nine writers whose trilogies are drawing to a close this fall. They shared what it takes to keep dozens of characters and thousands of pages straight--and how it feels when it's all over.

Any favorite scene or character you had to leave on the cutting room floor?

I’ve killed off my share of characters, but I’ve never had to cut them from the books entirely. I think the latter might actually be harder.

How much space does the stuff you collected to complete the series take up?

I have a few file boxes of notes and drafts in the garage. As for what to do with them now? No idea. Got any suggestions?

Did anything develop plot-wise that completely surprised you?

Sure, there are always surprises. That’s a big part of the fun. A few came up in the writing of Into the Still Blue. I’m looking forward to hearing how readers react to them!

Any tricky corners you had to write your way out of?

The middle book, Through the Ever Night, felt like one giant tricky corner.

How does it feel to have finished?

Great. Scary. Exhilarating. Satisfying. And whatever the word is for this feeling: I want to do that again!

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