Spotlights on five children's and YA authors who made notable debuts this fall.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Aaron Becker

In Aaron Becker’s wordless adventure, Journey (Candlewick, Aug.), the power of imagination and a red marker lead a lonely girl into a series of magical realms.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Carrie Mesrobian

According to Carrie Mesrobian, just about everything about her debut novel Sex and Violence (Carolrhoda Lab, Oct.) came about by accident, or perhaps a better word would be serendipity.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Rosy Lamb

An accomplished sculptor and painter, Rosy Lamb has found a new vehicle for her artistic muse.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Phoebe North

“Sci-fi for teens,” shouts the header of Phoebe North’s Web site, making her intentions as a writer as clear as dilithium crystal.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Corey Ann Haydu

Before Corey Ann Haydu was a writer, she was an actress, author’s assistant, playwright, and intern at a literary agency.

Fall 2013 Flying Starts: Sustaining Flight

For more than a quarter of a century, PW has been looking at each season’s crop of new children’s writers and illustrators and singling out those whose debut works were particularly noteworthy. Of course, the path of an author’s career never did run smooth, but we caught up with a dozen former Flying Starts who delivered on their promise—and then some.