Hailey Bretzius, age nine, of Ann Arbor, Mich., was born with a rare condition called lymphatic malformation, which causes swelling in the affected areas – in Hailey’s case, her optic nerve, and her upper lip and cheek. Through Make-a-Wish Michigan, she expressed a desire to bring R.J. Palacio to her school, Burns Park Elementary, so that the Wonder author could teach her fellow students about kindness and caring. Here’s what happened next. All photos: Make-A-Wish Michigan.

On June 3, Palacio turned up at Hailey's classroom at Burns Park Elementary.

While showing Palacio around the school, Hailey and the author paused for a photo in front of Hailey’s “welcome” poster.

The pair signed copies of Wonder for each classroom at Burns Park Elementary.

Part of Hailey’s wish list: playing with Palacio at recess. Mission accomplished.