Diary of a Wimpy Kid author Jeff Kinney recently embarked on his 2018 Global Tour in China. The five-day tour, which ran from April 26 to 30, covered three major Chinese cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. A total of eight events were arranged by Guangdong New Century Publishing House, the Chinese home of Wimpy Kid since 2009. A major celebration was also held during the tour to mark the series having sold 10 million copies in China. All photos courtesy of Guangdong New Century Publishing House.

Selfie time with fans at the Shanghai American School, the first stop on his China tour.

Student journalists interviewing Kinney in Shanghai on April 26.

Kinney with young fans in Shanghai.

A long queue of readers waiting for Kinney to sign copies of Wimpy Kid at the Shanghai American School.

One thousand fans attended Kinney’s talk in Guangzhou on April 28.

Kinney was named the International Reading Ambassador by the Guangdong Institute of Education (specifically, its Committee on Research on Reading Promotion Among Primary and Middle School Students) and the Children’s Channel of Guangdong Radio and Television Station.

Kinney was shown around the Chen Clan Academy in Guangzhou by five student journalists, and met with local storyteller Peng Jiazhi for a brief West-meets-East culture exchange.

Kinney surrounded by Wimpy Kid posters and Chinese editions of the series at the Fuguang Book Store in Guangzhou.

The opening ceremony of a Wimpy Kid-themed exhibition in Guangzhou, where Kinney celebrated the sale of the 10-millionth copy of the series.

Fans presenting their illustrations of Kinney and Wimpy Kid at the Guangzhou Book Center.

Young readers selecting their Wimpy Kid books at the Guangzhou Book Center.

Kinney giving a talk at the Shenzhen Book Center, the last city on his tour.