For the first time since the pandemic started, author Jason Reynolds took to the road for his first in-person tour in his role as the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature, a program of the Library of Congress and Every Child a Reader. Reynolds has held the position since 2020, and he headed to Montana last month to restart his in-person school visits. The tour, under Reynolds’s Grab the Mic: Tell Your Story platform, was in collaboration with digital publisher Short Edition to provide Short Story Cubes, devices that allow students to create, edit, and print stories of their own making. We’ve gathered a selection of photos from the events.

On May 22, Reynolds visited indie bookstore Country Bookshelf in Bozeman.

Reynolds got the chance to meet students at Shields Valley Schools in Clyde Park and Wilsall, on May 23.

Reynolds demonstrated how to use the Short Story Cube at Dutton/Brady Junior High and High School in Dutton on May 24.

On May 25, students at Ronan Middle School and High School in Dutton welcomed Reynolds.

Reynolds embracing life on the road in Big Sky Country.