While he may not be donning a cape and swooping in to save the day, Dav Pilkey is a literary superhero of sorts. And now he’s the first Scholastic author-illustrator whose work will have a dedicated Little Free Library. Later this month, Dog Man-themed book-sharing boxes will be installed in all 50 states and stocked with 50,000 children’s books donated by Pilkey. The initial library unveiling will coincide with the release of Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder (Mar. 19), Pilkey’s 12th book in the graphic novel series.

The national literacy project marks a joint effort between Scholastic’s Power Up with Reading initiative and Little Free Library’s Impact Library program, which provides free book exchanges in underserved communities. “Dav Pilkey is not only one of the most influential authors of this generation, he’s also one of the most generous, supporting bookstores, libraries, and literacy organizations in their efforts to get more books into the hands of kids,” Scholastic Trade president Ellie Berger told PW. “The release of Dav’s newest book is an exciting publishing moment celebrated worldwide and a perfect time to launch our Power Up with Reading collaboration with Little Free Library, which aligns with Scholastic’s longstanding efforts to expand book access and promote literacy.”

The first Dog Man Little Free Library will be constructed at a school in Cleveland—Pilkey’s birthplace—on the 19th, followed by the rollout of book boxes in Atlanta, Baltimore, Detroit, Houston, Madison, Murfreesboro, Tenn., New Orleans, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, Ore., San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. Each freestanding library will contain copies of The Scarlet Shedder, along with selected titles from Scholastic’s The Power of the Story collection spotlighting diverse characters and narratives. Adorned with Pilkey’s artwork featuring Captain Underpants, Cat Kid Comic Club, and, of course, Dog Man, the book-sharing boxes will also feature Scholastic’s Power Up with Reading message.

“We’re excited about this campaign as it is a wonderful example of our mission in action,” Little Free Library executive director Greig Metzger told PW. “We are engaging with local, community-based partners to expand book access and inspire young readers. We know the broad appeal of Dav Pilkey’s characters, so the opportunity to inspire a young reader is there if we can facilitate the connection. And from that connection to Dog Man: The Scarlet Shedder, a lifelong love of reading can grow.”

Pilkey said in a statement, “When I was a kid, I have fond memories of going to the library where my mom would let me pick out whatever books I wanted to read. This is how I came to associate reading with love. I’m grateful to the many librarians, teachers, and the teams at Little Free Library and Scholastic. They are real-life superheroes.”

Elementary schools, childcare facilities, and community centers that are interested in adding a Dog Man Little Free Library are encouraged to apply online. Little Free Library is also hosting a Scholastic-sponsored giveaway of 1,200 copies of The Scarlet Shedder. Dog Man fans residing in the U.S. and Canada are eligible to enter the contest, now through March 31.