Click turned out to be an apt title for a new children’s novel, as several of the book’s contributors found themselves in the middle of a photographer feeding frenzy this past Monday, thanks to film star Colin Farrell. The scene: Borders Columbus Circle in New York City, at an event for the publication of Click (Scholastic/Levine, Oct.). The book: one novel written by 10 authors, in successive chapters. The attendees: six of those 10 authors, all of whom had flown in from afar (Ireland, Australia, Canada, to name a few places) for the occasion. The cause: Amnesty International, to whom all royalties are being donated. And thus, the actor: Colin Farrell, who does a lot of work for the international rights group, and who appeared in support of the book. After the paparazzi had their way with Farrell, all six featured authors read a selection from his or her chapter, then participated in a group discussion with Click’s editor, Arthur Levine. Farrell spoke about the “great legacy of Irish artists [two of whom—Roddy Doyle and Eoin Colfer—were represented on the panel] working with Amnesty. We have an innate understanding of the struggle for freedom.” He also remarked to the audience that he hadn’t quite finished the book, but given the number of authors involved, “It seems like a bit of a bargain already.”