Mar18OokAndGlukJUMPDocavemen wear underpants? Readers may soon find out when Scholastic's Blue SkyPress imprint releases The Adventures ofOok and Gluk, Kung-Fu Cavemen from the Future, a new graphic novel from DavPilkey—perhaps best known as the creator of the bestselling Captain Underpantsseries. Scholastic's Ellie Berger negotiated a four-book deal for world rightsfor the series with Amy Berkower of Writers House. The first book arrives onAugust 10 with a million-copy first printing.

Thegraphic novel stars Ook and Gluk, two caveboys from Caveland, Ohio, in the year 500,001B.C. When an evil corporation from the future invades their prehistoric town,they are transported to the far future, where they meet Master Wong, who trainsthem in the ways of kung fu.

"Ithink fans of Captain Underpants will be very happy with this new book," saidPilkey in a statement. "It has all of the action, laffs and ridiculousness thatkids love, plus all the unapologetic irreverence and questionable potty humorthat grumpy curmudgeons love to complain about. It's got something foreverybody!"