Apr15CapstonePrincessCandyJUMPCapstonePublishers has partnered with lawyer-producer Eric Feig and actress-writerMarisa Coughlan, a member of Capstone's founding family, to bring the company'sportfolio of original characters to film, television, new media, and licensedproducts. Feig and Coughlan will work with literary rep Alan Gasmer andlicensing agent Ken Abrams on the project, which will focus on properties fromCapstone's fiction imprint, Stone Arch Books.

"Thesebooks are getting into the hands of millions of schoolchildren daily," saysLori Benton, president and publisher of Capstone Fiction. "The recognitionfactor is very high among the end users. There's already a built-in audience."She notes that television, films, an Internet presence, and/or merchandisewill, in turn, help raise the profile of Capstone and its books, as well ashelping it expand its trade footprint. "It's all about multiplatform," shesays.

Apr15CapstoneJakeMaddoxFeignoticed Capstone's booth at last June's Licensing International show in Las Vegas, where it hasbeen exhibiting its graphic novels and other character-driven titles forseveral years. Feig says that while the entertainment industry isn't veryfamiliar with the Capstone name, the fact that its books are on the radar ofchildren in grades K-9, through their school libraries, is attractive. "It allcomes down to eyeballs," he explains.

"There'sso much content," Abrams adds. "The stuff is so visual, and an eight-year-old knowsgood art when he sees it." He points out that the very specific demographictargets associated with each character are appealing to the entertainment and licensingcommunities as well.

Capstone'smany series include Jake Maddox, Katie Woo, School Zombies, Monster and Me, PrincessCandy, and Claudia Christina Cortez.