Although the New York Times wanted to push it as the next Harry Potter, Scholastic's forthcoming multi-platform book series, Infinity Ring, is clearly the heir apparent to the publisher's more recent foray into transmedia storytelling, The 39 Clues. Like The 39 Clues (which Scholastic signed up in 2007), Infinity Ring is a middle grade series—it's geared to kids 8-12—written by a collection of children's book authors, and is also attached to an online game.

The first title, Book 1: A Mutiny in Time, will be written by James Dashner (author of the Delacorte-published Maze Runner trilogy) and is scheduled for September 2012. Scholastic is planning for seven books in the series with different authors on board for each title: Carrie Ryan will pen book two; Lisa McMann has been tapped for book three; Matt de la Peña for book four; Matthew J. Kirby for book five; and Jennifer A. Nielsen for book six. Dashner will also close the series, with his book seven slated for March 2014.

The series follows a pair of best friends—Dak and Sera—who discover a key that allows them to time travel and, per Scholastic, then embroils them "in a centuries-long secret war for the fate of mankind." The books will retail for $12.99 and each will come with a map called a Hystorian's Guide—the name refers to a secret society referenced in the series—that will link to an online game readers can play.

The ancillary game with the series, a Scholastic rep said, will not sell anything, but it will be a "fully realized virtual world" where readers can can interact with characters as well as explore historical themes touched upon in the novels, all in game format.