Frederator, an animation production house best known for creating cartoons for Cartoon Network and others, is launching Frederator Books, a digital publishing imprint with plans to release 100 digital titles in 2013. Frederator has brought in publishing and distribution veteran David Wilk to direct the line of children's illustrated e-books.

Founded in 1997 by Fred Seibert, Frederator has produced a wide variety of popular animated cartoon shows for MTV, Nickelodeon, YouTube, Cartoon Network (including the hit show Adventure Time) and other outlets. Publishing and distribution veteran Wilk will be publisher of Frederator Books and he told PW that the new imprint will launch with two lines of e-book releases aimed at kids.

The imprint will launch Lieographies, a series of tongue-in-cheek biographies of famous people by humor writer Alan Katz (artist Joey Ahlbum), that are completely made-up, and more than 50 titles by cartoonist Ahlbum. In a phone conversation with Wilk, he said Frederator Books will release a new Lieographies title each month. The Ahlbum books will be “digital picture books” for young readers. All the books are part of series, he said, and he will be released as “episodes, like a TV show.” He was also quick to note that Frederator will not release any of the titles in print.

Frederator Books will be distributed by InScribe Digital and will be available via all the major e-book retailers including Apple, Amazon, Google Play, Kobo, Sony and B&N.