In an unusual arrangement that could provide a model for public broadcast-driven content delivery, Ruckus Media Group is teaming with Connecticut Public TV to create a CPTV-branded platform that can deliver a variety of interactive content via mobile devices in addition to reaching a new audience of consumers. Beginning in June, the partnership will start releasing a variety of e-books, video content and interactive books featuring a mix of content from the Ruckus Media Group and CPTV.

Under the new agreement, CPTV will release a CPTV Kids-branded app developed and powered by Ruckus Media that will provide a storefront app and content from CPTV broadcasting and from the Ruckus Media Group list. While initial releases will focus on children’s content delivered via the iOS platform, the venture is also looking to release a content app for adults and for the Android OS. Indeed, the venture plans to offer the RMG/CPTV platform as a turnkey service for other public broadcast stations looking to create their own locally developed, branded mobile content platforms. The CPTV kids app for Apple mobile devices will be available for download this month.

The venture marks Ruckus Media’s move to offering its platform and content as a work-for-hire mobile developer, targeting in particular public broadcasting and its large store of branded content, audience reach and demographics. The initial RMG/CPTV venture will provide vetted content for kids and data analysis and educational feedback for parents, a branded storefront for purchases that will allow consumers to “buy with a purpose” and provide support to local public broadcast stations and assist public TV with developing new content for its audiences.

Ruckus Media CEO Rick Richter said, “This effort represents the very best example of a public/private partnership, and shows real initiative on the part of CPTV to satisfy the needs of their audience and, importantly, to engage them through their smartphones and tablets.”