Joy Peskin at Farrar, Straus and Giroux has bought Survival Strategies, a middle-grade novel by Jen White. The book follows sisters Liberty and Billie, ages 12 and 8, on an adventure through the desert after their father abandons them at a gas station. Liberty, an animal behavior enthusiast, uses the survival strategies in her notebook to keep the two of them safe. Publication is scheduled for 2015; Charlotte Sheedy at Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency negotiated the two-book deal for world rights.

Jill Santopolo at Philomel has acquired a YA novel by Donna Freitas (The Possibilities of Sainthood) called Good Girl. The summer after being held hostage in a house robbery, 17-year-old Jane falls in love with town bad boy Handel Davies, and discovers things about the night of the robbery that she wishes she'd never known. Publication is set for summer 2015; Miriam Altshuler of the Miriam Altshuler Literary Agency did the deal for world English rights.

Victoria Rock at Chronicle Books has acquired world rights at auction to two picture books by debut author/illustrator and former Sendak fellow Rowboat Watkins. The first one, Rude Cakes, tells the story of a nameless everycake who bullies his friends, is rude to his parents, and only thinks of himself, until one fateful night. The book is scheduled for spring 2015, with the second, untitled book to follow in spring 2016. Rosemary Stimola of Stimola Literary Studio brokered the deal.

Lucia Monfried at Dial has acquired Blue Sky White Stars, a picture book text by Sarvinder Naberhaus, a poetic tribute to the scope, symbols, and sentiments that come together to form our nation. Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented Naberhus and did the deal for world rights. Kadir Nelson will illustrate the project; a publication date has not been set.

Elizabeth Bicknell at Candlewick has bought world rights to The Two Tims, a picture book by David Elliott (l.), illustrated by Gabriel Alborozo. The story tells about how friendship is difficult to navigate at any age, but perhaps especially when two become three. Elliott is unagented; Kirsten Hall of Bright Group International represented Alborozo.

Liz Bicknell at Candlewick has acquired the third Timmy Failure book by Stephan Pastis. The first book in the middle-grade series, Timmy Failure: Mistakes Were Made, was released in February this year; rights have been sold in 29 countries to date. Book two, Timmy Failure: Now Look What You've Done, will be published on February 25, 2014. The still-untitled third book, which continues the illustrated adventures of hapless Timmy and his polar-bear partner in the Total Failure detective agency, is scheduled for November 11, 2014. Dan Lazar of Writers House brokered the deal with the Walker Books Group for world English rights.

Wendy Loggia at Delacorte Press has bought at auction Nicola Yoon's Everything, Everything, the story of a girl who is literally allergic to the outside world, and who has never left her house until a new family moves in next door. She begins a complicated romance that challenges everything she's ever known, in a story told via vignettes, diary entries, charts, and illustrations. The book will be published in 2015, first in the two-book deal. Sara Shandler and Joelle Hobeika at Alloy Entertainment sold world English rights.

Jordan Brown at Balzer + Bray has acquired two YA novels by Laura Ruby. The first, Bone Gap, is told from two points of view: that of a beautiful girl who is kidnapped from a sleepy Midwestern town and imprisoned by a mysterious man, and that of the one witness, a boy who cannot forgive himself for being unable to identify her kidnapper. Publication is set for winter 2015. Tina Wexler at ICM negotiated the deal for North American rights.

Katie Cunningham at Candlewick has acquired Honor Girl: A Memoir, a full-color YA graphic novel by debut author Maggie Thrash, a writer and illustrator for Rookie and the creator of the comic Can’t Lose If You Don’t Play. Honor Girl is set in a summer camp for girls where Maggie spent her childhood summers, and where at 15 she fell in love for a female counselor. Publication is slated for fall 2015; Stephen Barr of Writers House held the auction for world English rights.

David Levithan at Scholastic has purchased North American rights to Elizabeth Eulberg's We Can Work It Out, a sequel to The Lonely Hearts Club. In addition, Eulberg will write three short stories about Penny Lane Bloom to be released online prior to the sequel, in which Penny Lane must balance her role as leader of The Lonely Hearts Club with having a boyfriend – with the added complications of her Beatles-obsessed parents trying to take over her sister's wedding and a run-in with the ex that broke her heart. Publication is planned for spring 2015; Rosemary Stimola at Stimola Literary Studio brokered the deal.

Heather Alexander at Dial has bought world rights to The Thing About Yetis, a debut picture book by Vin Vogel. The story follows Jimi the Yeti, a friendly abominable snowman who loves everything about summer. Publication is set for fall 2015; John M. Cusick of Greenhouse Literary brokered the deal, his first for a picture book.

Marlo Scrimizzi at Running Press Kids has bought author-illustrator Charlie Alder's picture book Daredevil Duck, about a skittish duck who, despite being afraid, wants to be brave. The book is set for spring 2015. Kirsten Hall at the Bright Group did the deal for world rights.

Melissa Manlove at Chronicle Books has acquired world rights to Land Shark by author Beth Ferry and illustrator Ben Mantle. In the picture book, a boy receives a birthday present that's not the one he requested. A pub date has not yet been set; Elena Giovinazzo at Pippin Properties negotiated on behalf of Ferry, and Kirsten Hall at the Bright Group represented Mantle.