In what marks her first foray into children's literature, bestselling author Jennifer Weiner has signed a three-book deal with Simon & Schuster's Aladdin Books imprint to write a middle-grade trilogy.

Simon & Schuster is the parent of Weiner's longstanding adult publisher, Atria Books. The three-book deal with Aladdin also coincides with a new four-book deal with Atria, which published Weiner's debut novel, Good in Bed, 15 years ago.

The middle-grade series, called The Littlest Bigfoot, was acquired by Mara Anastas, v-p and publisher of Simon Pulse and Aladdin, from agent Joanna Pulcini. Aladdin's Amy Cloud will be editing the trilogy, which will launch with book one in October 2016.

The Littlest Bigfoot follows a shy and awkward girl named Alice Palmer, who feels out of place in her upper-crust family. After rescuing Millie from the lake near her boarding school, Alice has finally made a friend. But, as Aladdin explained, what Alice doesn't realize is that silver-haired Millie is part of a long-forgotten clan; Millie is a Bigfoot. As it happens, though, Millie only feels at peace among people or, as they're known to her clan, "No-Furs," while Alice can only find solace in her friendship with Millie. Together, the publisher elaborated, the two go on a journey to "find a place where they both fit... but they don't know is that an evil is lurking... and it could mean the end of all they hold dear."

According to S&S, over 12 million copies of Weiner's books have been sold to date, and she has more than 120,000 followers on Twitter.