In a teaser image released by Abrams today, it looks like things may be looking down for Greg Heffley – or so we’ll see. PW's sources suggest that the image could be a hint at the title. The next installment in Jeff Kinney’s bestselling illustrated middle grade series will go on sale in the U.S. and in 20 countries around the world on November 1, 2016.

While Kinney is keeping the title of the book a secret, “the teaser image is just that... the title is right in front of you,” he told PW. He did share a bit more about the book: “The theme... is exceptionalism. Greg's always thought he was special in some way, despite lacking any evidence to support that notion. In the 11th book, Greg sets out to discover what makes him unique in order to justify the grand vision he has of himself.”

To support this year’s release, Abrams is organizing the third annual Wimpy Kid Month, established in 2014. Beginning April 1, and ending with the book’s cover reveal at the end of the month, events, social media promotions, and more celebrate all things “wimpy,” as well as the book’s engagement of reluctant readers. On April 28, the cover will be revealed to a live audience of Wimpy Kid fans in New York City and via a webcast that will be presented live worldwide.

Also on the horizon for Wimpy Kid fans is the first-ever theatrical adaptation of the series by the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company. Debuting in April, Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Musical will run through June 5. While these new endeavors will no doubt draw new fans the series, the book’s fan base is anything but wimpy, with currently more than 165 million copies of the books in print globally.