Just in time for this year’s Republican National Convention, author and comedian Michael Ian Black has written A Child’s First Book of Trump, illustrated by Marc Rosenthal. Simon and Schuster will publish the book on July 12, 2016. Here we share the cover and the first released lines from the book.

So what should you do with a Trump running wild?

The answer is all up to you, my dear child.

Run away screaming? Or maybe you fight it?

Reason and logic will only incite it.

“This new book will help children of all ages learn to identify a Trump and what to do if they should ever come across one in the wild,” Black said in a release. Characterized as a “boisterous, confusing, overly-talkative orange creature,” the book, written in verse, promises to offer tips on what to do if one confronts the “Americus Trumpus” this election season.

“Who else but Michael Ian Black is better to tackle this important topic?” Justin Chanda, v-p and publisher of S&S Books for Young Readers asked in the release. Chanda will edit the book; agent Barry Goldblatt negotiated the world rights deal for Black, and Holly McGhee of Pippin Properties represented Rosenthal.