Jeannette Larson at HMH has acquired East author Edith Pattou's West, a fantasy/adventure in which the wandering adventurer Rose embarks on a quest to rescue her kidnapped infant and learn the fate of her true love. Publication is scheduled for fall 2018; Rubin Pfeffer of Rubin Pfeffer Content did the deal for world English rights.

Christian Trimmer at Simon & Schuster has bought world English rights to Girls on the Verge, a YA novel by Sharon Biggs Waller. When 17-year-old Camille discovers she can't obtain an abortion anywhere near her small hometown, she sets off for a Planned Parenthood clinic in the next state. Accompanied by Annabelle, the one-time star of her high school who has wound up stocking shelves, Camille embarks on a road trip of self-discovery in this coming-of-age story pitched as Going Bovinemeets Thelma and Louise. Publication is set for spring 2018; John M. Cusick of Folio Jr. / Folio Literary Management brokered the deal.

Aimee Friedman at Scholastic has acquired world rights to Jaime Reed's YA contemporary novel Perfect Match. When 18-year-old Janell's childhood-BFF-turned-rival, Alyssa, is hospitalized due to complications from diabetes, Janell sets their differences aside, defies the risks of racially mixed transplants, and volunteers as a donor. But the test results reveal that Janell is the only kidney donor match in the entire state – a fact that could save (or take) Alyssa's life. Publication is planned for 2018; Kathleen Ortiz of New Leaf Literary & Media negotiated the deal.

Connie Hsu at Roaring Brook has bought Brigit Young's A Thousand Words, pitched as Wonder meets Harriet the Spy, in a two-book deal. It tells the story of a girl disabled by a car accident who enjoys an uncanny ability to find missing things with her camera, until a classmate asks her to find his father. It's slated for spring 2018. In her first deal at Stonesong, Melissa Edwards sold world English rights at auction.

Wendy Loggia at Delacorte has acquired world rights to Jeffrey Michael Ruby's Penelope March Is Melting, the story of a 12-year-old bookworm who lives on an iceberg that has mysteriously started to melt – and it's up to her to save the only home she's ever known from a sinister force. Publication is scheduled for fall 2017; Matthew Elblonk at DeFiore and Company did the deal for world rights.

Alison Weiss at Sky Pony Press has bought Malcolm McNeill's middle grade debut, The Beginning Woods, in which a baby abandoned in a bookshop grows up haunted by memories of his parents and goes to search for them in the Beginning Woods, a realm of magic and terror, life and death, where stories are all too real. Publication is planned for fall 2017; Allison Hellegers at Rights People brokered the deal for North American rights on behalf of Adam Freudenheim at Pushkin Press.

Emily Easton at Crown has bought Jenipher Lyn's Find Your Rainbow: A Girl's Guide to All Things, an interactive roadmap to help girls find their passions, strengths, and paths to happiness. Publication is set for spring 2018; Ashley Collom at DeFiore and Company held the auction for world English rights.

Calista Brill at First Second has acquired Kiara Brinkman and Sean Chiki's middle-grade graphic novel Lucy in the Sky, the story of a girl who starts a band with her friends after discovering her father's old Beatles records. It's slated for 2018; Alice Tasman at the Jean V. Nagger Literacy Agency negotiated the deal for world rights.

Nancy Inteli at HarperCollins has acquired, at auction, world rights to Beth Ferry's Scarecrow, to be illustrated by the Fan Brothers, Eric Fan (center) and Terry Fan, author-illustrators of The Night Gardener. The new book tells a story of a scarecrow who is forever changed by an unexpected experience. Publication is scheduled for 2019; Elena Giovinazzo of Pippin Properties represented the author and Kirsten Hall at Catbird Productions represented the illustrators.

Kate O'Sullivan at HMH has bought world rights to Wakawakaloch, written by Chana Stiefel (l.) and illustrated by Mary Sullivan. No one can pronounce cave girl Wakawakaloch's name (why can't she have something easy to pronounce like her friends Oog and Boog?), in this story with a positive message about family and tradition. The projected pub date is spring 2019; John M. Cusick of Folio Jr. / Folio Literary Management represented the author and Justin Rucker at Shannon Associates represented the illustrator.

Ada Zhang at Sterling has acquired world rights to Dee Leone's Dough Knights and Dragons. The story tells of two best friends – a dragon and a knight – who must use their wit, cunning, and baking skills to save their star-crossed friendship, and end the longstanding feud between dragons and knights. George Ermos is on board to illustrate; publication is slated for fall 2017. The author was unagented at the time of the deal and Alli Brydon of Bright USA represented the illustrator.

Anne Hoppe at Clarion Books has acquired world rights to Colleen Madden's first picture book as author-illustrator, called Monkey Walk. It's the story of a bored big sister who finds much more than she bargained for on a trip to the zoo. Publication is set for fall 2017; Mela Bolinao at MB Artists negotiated the deal.

Kate O'Sullivan at HMH has bought Quiet Book illustrator Renata Liwska's What If? , an exploration of the anxieties and curiosities of everyday life, in scenarios that range from "What if there were musical bears instead of musical chairs" to "what if you can't find your way out." It's scheduled for publication in 2019; Holly McGhee at Pippin Properties sold world rights.

Jenna Pocius of Little Bee Books has bought Nina Victor Crittenden's The Three Little Pugs, a picture book in which three pug puppies try to find ways to extricate a big bad cat from their comfy bed. Publication is planned for spring 2018; Teresa Kietlinski of Prospect Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

Deirdre Jones at Little, Brown has acquired Airlie Anderson's Neither, about a colorful creature who isn't a bird or a bunny (he's both!), and who sets out to find a new home where all creatures are welcome. Publication is slated for spring 2018; Sara Sciuto at Fuse Literary did the deal for world rights.