Dav Pilkey is determined to deliver good news to young readers. The bestselling author of the Dog Man and Captain Underpants series began the week with the announcement of a new free online video series, Dav Pilkey at Home. Now Pilkey has announced the forthcoming release of a new graphic novel series, Cat Kid Comic Club, the first of which will be published on December 1.

According to Scholastic, Cat Kid Comic Club will make use of multiple visual storytelling elements including comics, photographs, paintings, film animation techniques, and Claymation design. Anchoring the story is Li’l Petey, a character from the Dog Man series who is particularly special to the author.

“I wanted to create a new storyline for Li’l Petey, a character in the Dog Man series who is based on my mom and who embodies love, optimism, and hope,” Pilkey said.

In the books, Li’l Petey and friends will embark on a journey to teach baby frogs how to make comics. “Together with their new friends, Li’l Petey and Molly make mistakes but with practice and persistence, they learn and become better artists,” Pilkey said. “My hope is that kids everywhere are inspired to write their own stories, appreciate different ways of thinking and approaching art, and feel empowered to be creative.”

In Pilkey's online video series, Dav Pilkey at Home, Pilkey will add a new installment of drawing lessons, activities, and story times each Friday morning. Pilkey also has a new book in his Dog Man series slated for release this September.

Scholastic Trade president Ellie Berger said Cat Kid Comic Club continues to demonstrate Pilkey’s ability to forge deep connections with his readers. “Dav Pilkey is a brilliant author and illustrator and with Cat Kid Comic Club, Dav has created a masterful new adventure that will encourage and inspire readers and artists of all ages to always be creative.”