Mark Gompertz at Sky Pony has acquired, in a preempt, world rights to The Morning Tribe series by singer-songwriter, philanthropist, and photographer Julian Lennon (l.) and Bart Davis, co-authors of Touch the Earth, Heal the Earth, and Love the Earth, with Alejandra Green and Fanny Rodriguez. The middle grade graphic novel series follows 12-year-old twins, a boy and girl named Dusk and Dawn, who live in the Amazon River Basin and fight to protect their homeland. The first book in the series is slated for fall/winter 2021; Robert Gottlieb and Mark Gottlieb at Trident Media Group did the deal.

Stephanie Owens Lurie at Disney/Rick Riordan Presents has bought world English rights to J.C. Cervantes's Throne of Sand, first in a middle grade duology in which Ren Santiago, a shadow bruja, discovers that some rogue godborns have joined forces to make themselves into gods, and she must unite with her friends to defeat them in a time race as they search for a lost key that unlocks the legendary Aztec land of Aztlan. Publication will begin in 2021; Holly Root at Root Literary negotiated the two-book deal.

Zack Clark at Scholastic has acquired world rights to Battle Dragons by Alex London, a cyberpunk fantasy middle grade series pitched as The Fast and the Furious meets How to Train Your Dragon. In a city where gangster "kin" battle dragons for control of the criminal underworld, 13-year-old Abel must risk it all for their friends and family... on the back of a stolen dragon. The first book in the series, Battle Dragons: City of Thieves, is planned for fall 2021; Robert Guinsler at Sterling Lord Literistic brokered the three-book deal.

Nancy Siscoe at Knopf has bought world English rights to Happily for Now and another untitled middle grade novel by Kelly Jones (l.) (Unusual Chickens for the Exceptional Poultry Farmer). Happily for Now follows 12-year-old Fiona, who loves fairy tales and wants to take "fairy godmother lessons" from her social worker so she can help people like the social worker helps her. Fiona plans to practice on her relatives and their failing bakery, and then move up to helping her mother with a much bigger problem. The book will have black and white illustrations by Kelly Murphy; publication is set for May 2021. Mandy Hubbard at Emerald City Literary represented the author, and the illustrator represented herself.

Tara Weikum at HarperCollins has acquired world rights to The Circus at the End of the Sea, a debut middle grade novel by Lori Snyder. Looking for somewhere to belong, a girl discovers a magical circus that's dying—and she might be the only person who can heal it. Publication is scheduled for fall 2021; Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency negotiated the two-book deal.

John Morgan at Macmillan/Imprint has bought world rights to The Field Guide to Mermaids, a middle-grade book by author-illustrator Emily B. Martin. The full-color illustrated guide illuminates various species of mermaids, based on real ecological details—and with a strong environmental focus. Publication is slated for fall 2022; Valerie Noble at the Donaghy Literary Group handled the deal.

Whitney Leopard at Random House Graphic has acquired Night Chef, a middle grade graphic novel by Mika Song. Restaurants around the world know of the legend, a raccoon in search of her master chef that travels from kitchen to kitchen in the middle of the night, creating new dishes and cooking the best meals... but is there a chance the legend might be real? Publication is planned for 2022; Erica Rand Silverman at Stimola Literary Studio sold North American rights.

Carolina Ortiz at HarperAlley has bought, in a preempt, world English rights to Lunar Boy by Jessica (l.) and Jacinta Wibowo (illustrators of Weirdo). The middle-grade graphic novel follows Indu, a boy from the moon who deals with culture shock, familial struggles, and first crushes when his mother marries and moves them to Earth. Publication is set for 2023; Britt Siess at Martin Literary & Media Management represented both creators in the two-book deal.

Liza Kaplan at Philomel has acquired, in a four-house auction, world rights to Erica Martin's debut YA nonfiction poetry collection, Whites Only: The Civil Rights Movement in poems, exploring this pivotal time in our nation's history through both the commonly taught and lesser-known stories and figures of the Civil Rights Movement. Publication is scheduled for spring 2022; Rena Rossner at the Deborah Harris Agency brokered the two-book deal.

Karen Nagel at S&S/Aladdin has bought the first eight books of the Mermaid Mini-Tales series by Debbie Dadey. The chapter book series focuses on a young mermaid and her underwater friends and adventures. Publication will begin in 2022; Elizabeth Bennett at the Transatlantic Agency handled the deal for world rights.

Aneeka Kalia at Viking has acquired Blythe Russo's debut as an author-illustrator, Sloth Sleeps Over, an ode to slumber party antics and anxieties, naptastic natures, rude awakenings, and friends who appreciate us for who we are. The picture book is slated for spring/summer 2022; Molly O'Neill at Root Literary negotiated the deal for world rights.

Arthur Levine at Levine Querido has bought The Big House and the Little House, written by Yoshi Ueno and illustrated by Emiko Fujishima. Originally published in Japanese, this picture book is about the friendship that develops between a shy bear and a shy mouse who live on the same road when the two are brave enough to introduce themselves to one another. Publication is planned for spring 2021; Yurika Yokota Yoshida at Japan Foreign-Rights Centre represented both creators in the deal for world English rights.

Courtney Burke at Page Street Kids has acquired world rights to Donna Cangelosi's (l.) Mister Rogers' Gift of Music, a biography focused on the important role music played in the life of Fred Rogers. Amanda Moeckel will illustrate. Publication is scheduled for spring 2022; Stephen Fraser at the Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency represented the author at the time, and Charlotte Wenger at Prospect Agency represented the illustrator.

Jessica Harriton at Razorbill has acquired Blackheart by Morgan Rhodes (the Falling Kingdoms series). Harriton and Gretchen Durning will edit. The YA sci-fi/fantasy novel follows snarky, pampered 17-year-old Josslyn Drake who is accidentally infected by a piece of forbidden magic. In search of the cure, Joss teams up with an enigmatic criminal and finds herself on an adventure that will take her across her galaxy and open her eyes to corruption in her world. Publication is slated for fall 2021; Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich and Bourret brokered the two-book deal for world rights.

Carolina Ortiz at HarperAlley has bought, at auction, Frontera by Julio Anta (l.) and Jacoby Salcedo. In a supernatural borderland story that combines social commentary with a touch of magical realism, the debut YA graphic novel follows Mateo as he makes the dangerous journey back home to Arizona through the Sonoran Desert with the help of a new friend, a ghost named Guillermo. Publication is set for summer 2023; Jessica Mileo at InkWell Management negotiated the deal for world English rights.

Wendy Loggia at Delacorte has acquired Kasie West's Sunkissed, first in a two-book deal. The contemporary YA romance stars a girl who finds that a summer spent at a family resort isn't as bad as she imagined... and that falling in love is filled with heartache, laughter, and surprises. Publication is scheduled for summer 2021; Michelle Wolfson at Wolfson Literary Agency handled the deal for North American rights.

Zachary Clark at Scholastic has bought The Buried by Melissa Grey (Girl at Midnight and Rated). Three families lock themselves in a bunker to hide from a mysterious danger that threatens the outside world. But what if the danger is imagined, and the real evil is on the inside? Publication is planned for fall 2021; Catherine Drayton at InkWell Management brokered the deal for world rights.

Lynne Missen at Penguin Teen Canada has acquired North American rights to the tentatively titled Ghettostan by debut author Humayun Khan, in which the main character, Fawad, a teen boy living in Toronto, comes of age with one eye on basketball and the other on the affluent neighborhood across the street. Publication is slated for spring 2022; Stacey Kondla at the Rights Factory negotiated the deal.

Shana Corey and Polo Orozco at Random House have bought world rights to Growing Pangs, a memoir-style middle grade graphic novel by Kathryn Ormsbee (l.) (The House in Poplar Wood), illustrated by Molly Brooks (Sanity & Tallulah series). The book follows 12-year-old Katie as she navigates life as a homeschooler, forms a better understanding of the anxiety and OCD she experiences, and learns that growing apart from friends is sometimes a part of growing up—and growing strong. Publication is set for spring 2022; Beth Phelan at Gallt and Zacker Literary Agency represented the author, and Sara Crowe at Pippin Properties represented the illustrator.

Alexandra Cooper at Quill Tree has acquired, in an exclusive submission, world rights to Anne and Carousel Summer by Kathleen Gros. Inspired by Anne of Green Gables, contemporary middle grade graphic novel Anne follows feisty red-haired Anne, who finally finds the perfect foster family and confronts her perhaps more-than-platonic feelings for her new best friend Diana. The second graphic novel centers Lucy, who is facing a long and lonely summer until she meets Anaïs, the daughter of a visiting artist, and learns there's more going on in her town than she originally thought—and more to her feelings for Anaïs than just friendship. Publication is planned for summer 2022 and summer 2024, respectively; Elizabeth Bennett at Transatlantic Agency did the deal.

Mary Kate Castellani at Bloomsbury has bought Jamar J. Perry's debut novel, tentatively titled Cameron Battle and the Legend of the Chidani. The middle grade fantasy adventure story, inspired by West African and Igbo mythology, stars a Black boy who discovers magic in a book passed through his family over generations and realizes it may be up to him and his friends to bridge the barrier between worlds to save a hidden kingdom. Publication is scheduled for winter 2022; Rena Rossner at the Deborah Harris Agency negotiated the two-book deal for world rights.

Liza Kaplan at Philomel has acquired, in a preempt, middle grade graphic novel The Man Who Lives Inside His Head and a second title by debut author-illustrator Dean Stuart. On a quest to find her missing grandfather who suffers from dementia, Cassi wanders into the forest. There, she is shocked to discover a secret house containing the rooms that make up her grandfather's memories, and realizes she can walk through the past to find the parts of her grandpa that have been lost to his disease. Publication is set for summer 2022; Alice Sutherland-Hawes at Madeleine Milburn Literary Agency did the deal for world rights.

Anne Schwartz at Random House/Anne Schwartz Books has bought Build! by Red Nose Studio (illustrator of Elvis Is King! and Here Comes the Garbage Barge). In this picture book, it appears that a big building is being constructed, but it is ultimately revealed to be a child playing with toy trucks. Publication is scheduled for spring 2022; Chrystal Falcioni of Magnet Reps brokered the deal for world rights.

Kate O'Sullivan at HMH has acquired, in an exclusive submission, world rights to Stick & Stone: Friends Forever, The Umbrella, and two untitled graphic novels from bestselling team Beth Ferry (l.) and Tom Lichtenheld. In Stick & Stone: Friends Forever, Stick goes looking for his family tree, only to discover that his family has been with him all along. In The Umbrella, a girl and her pup discover that a walk in the rain, umbrella or not, can lead to unexpected blessings. The last two are early reader graphic novels featuring Stick and Stone and a new cast of characters, illustrated in Lichtenheld's style by Kristen Cella. Publication is planned for fall 2021, fall 2022, and 2022, respectively; Elena Giovinazzo at Pippin Properties represented the author, and Amy Rennert at the Amy Rennert Agency represented the illustrator.

Deirdre Jones at Little, Brown has bought world rights to The Night Frolic by bestselling author Julie Berry (l.). In the mythology-inspired adventure, sleepy children meet the Night Tiger, the Night Walrus, the Night Elephant, and more, on their way to an evening of dancing and tumbling and frolicking, until they are finally ready for bed. Jaime Zollars (creator of The Truth About Dragons) will illustrate; publication is slated for spring 2022. Alyssa Eisner Henkin at Trident Media Group represented the author, and Stephen Barr at Writers House represented the artist.

Sylvie Frank at S&S/Wiseman has acquired world rights to Jonathan Hillman's (l.) debut picture book, Big Wig. The story follows child drag queen B.B. Bedazzle and her trusty sidekick, Wig. It's the night of the Big Wig Ball, and there's one problem: Wig is not very big. When the big wigs hit the stage, Wig wigs out, embarking on a hair-raising journey to rediscover her confidence. Levi Hastings will illustrate; publication is set for spring 2022; Brent Taylor at Triada US represented the author, and Charlie Olsen at Inkwell Management represented the illustrator.

Nancy Paulsen at Penguin/Paulsen has bought world rights to Jam, Too?, a picture book by JaNay Brown-Wood (l.), illustrated by Jacqueline Alcántara, in which an African American boy figures out a way to join in a jam session, even though he doesn't have an instrument. Publication is scheduled for summer 2023; Karen Grencik at Red Fox Literary represented the author, and Adriana Dominguez at Full Circle Literary represented the illustrator.

Julie Matysik at Running Press Kids has acquired world rights to debut picture book Cinderelliot by Mark Ceilley and Rachel Smoka-Richardson (c.), illustrated by Stephanie Laberis (r.). In this gay retelling of Cinderella, Cinderelliot enters the royal baking contest, hoping to win a spot as the new royal baker, but finds he wins the prince's heart as well. Publication is planned for May 2022. Dawn Frederick at Red Sofa Literary represented the authors, and Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

Katherine Harrison at Knopf has bought world rights to The Girl Who Built an Ocean by Jess Keating (l.) (Shark Lady), illustrated by Michelle Mee Nutter. Artistic inspiration and scientific discovery intertwine in this biography of seamstress-turned-naturalist Jeanne Villepreux-Power, who invented the world's first aquarium and solved one of the ocean's oldest mysteries. Publication is slated for fall 2022. Kathleen Rushall at Andrea Brown Literary Agency represented the author, and Kelly Sonnack at Andrea Brown Literary Agency represented the illustrator.

Megan Abbate at Roaring Brook has acquired world rights to Break the Glass Slipper: Real Princesses and How They Are Changing the World by Carrie Pearson (l.), illustrated by Dung Ho. The nonfiction picture book will provide a counterpoint to fairytale figures in sparkly pink ballgowns by showcasing present-day princesses who are empowered young women enacting social change and furthering humanitarian causes around the world. Publication is set for winter 2022; Kelly Sonnack at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency represented the author; the illustrator represented herself.