Encouraging children to develop a take-charge attitude in times of crisis is the focus of a new book from children’s media provider A Kids Company About. Aimed at elementary school-age readers, A Kids Book About Safety was conceived to help kids create an emergency plan for their families, allowing them to feel more secure when disaster strikes.

This title, which was released in late August, is the latest addition to the company’s extensive library devoted to hot-button issues, such as bullying, racism, and climate change. It also marks A Kids Company About’s first partnership with JUDY, a national consumer safety brand that provides digital resources and guidance for emergency planning. "With every story we tell, we strive to empower our kids and their grown-ups by encouraging them to have open conversations to best prepare them in their lives,” said Alexina Shaber, v-p of partnerships at A Kids Company About.


The publication of A Kids Book About Safety was designed to benefit families at a particularly challenging time. “We’re at a heightened moment for emergencies, from the pandemic to climate-related disasters,” explained author and emergency expert Soraya Sutherlin. “While it can feel overwhelming—even to adults—there are ways to make emergency preparation feel more approachable. We wanted to create a book that speaks directly to kids about safety, using language and concepts they can understand.”

Addressing a variety of common disaster examples, such as household fires, earthquakes, and loss of power, the book offers five key safety steps for each scenario. An accessible format of bulleted, easy-to-follow directions aims to tackle stressful moments with clearly stated instructions and preparation tips.

“By teaming up with the incredible team at JUDY and experts like Soraya, who are equally passionate about empowering families, we were able to create simple, necessary, and useful action steps that allow families to invest in their own safety,” Shaber said. She noted the significance of JUDY’s role in this endeavor, helping to make preparation a priority and providing families with the necessary tools to have these types of discussions.

While A Kids Company About will not be hosting any consumer events to promote its safety book, the company, along with JUDY and Sutherlin, will be relying on social media, speaking engagements, and other marketing tools to reach educators and librarians across the country. “With natural disasters happening more frequently—and with bigger impact—having emergency plans and the right supplies is more important than ever,” Sutherlin noted.