TikTok’s canine sensation Noodle the pug is now becoming a star in print, as he features in a new picture book Noodle and the No Bones Day from McElderry Books, written by his owner Jonathan Graziano.

The debut picture book, out June 7, has gone to press twice pre-publication, with 75,000 copies for its first print.

In August 2021, Graziano posted a TikTok video of his then 13-year-old pug Noodle waking up for the day and testing whether or not Noodle “had bones,” i.e. the energy to physically uphold himself, resulting in a Bones or No Bones Day, setting the tone for what kind of day the pair would have. Noodle’s morning ritual took the internet by storm, gaining traction as more and more people tuned in each morning to await the pug’s forecast.

In the midst of climbing Covid numbers and shutdowns, Graziano and Noodle’s updates allowed followers a place to commune and partake in a hopeful activity. The duo have garnered more than 100 million views under the hashtag #nobonesday on TikTok, and Graziano’s follower count has grown to 4.5 million. Graziano and Noodle were featured on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and the Today Show, and in the New York Times, Rolling Stone, and People. The pair are also scheduled to make an appearance on the Today show on June 8.

Bones Days, where Noodle stands up, were met with excitement for the pooch, setting the day with intention and motivation, with Graziano reminding watchers to treat themselves with luxuries big or small. “The Japanese fried chicken you were going to order for lunch! The curry to dip it in! All those festive gourds! Buy them!” Graziano proclaims in a popular Bones Day TikTok.

And even on No Bones Days, which happened more often than not, people walked away from these videos with the message that “No Bones” days were still of value, and that we are all deserving of breaks and much needed rest.

While many used Noodle’s predictions to set the tone for the day, some took the predictions literally, blaming tough days on No Bones Day or indulging in extra snacks. Even in the sports arena, lucky shots or losses could be attributed to Noodle having a Bones Day or No Bones Day.

Regardless of the pup’s forecast, the pair’s timely message about treating ourselves with care and gentleness during difficult times lends itself well to children’s literature. In the debut picture book, a cartoon Noodle sets about New York City with his human, Jonathan, until one morning he’s not his usual perky self. When Noodle simply collapses back into bed proclaiming he has no bones, Jonathan sees Noodle’s day of self-care as an opportunity to reframe the way he views their life, and decides to take things one day at a time.

Perhaps the book’s tour, scheduled for stops in New York, Chicago, and New Jersey during the first half of June, will inspire many Bones Days to come.

Noodle and the No Bones Day by Jonathan Graziano, illus. by Dan Tavis. McElderry, $18.99 June 7 ISBN 978-1-66592-710-9