Here we round up new and forthcoming children’s titles, including a picture book featuring classmates pledging to be kind, a YA fantasy sequel, a picture book bringing inclusivity to the classroom, a picture book about an excited elephant learning to listen, and more.

KINDergarten by Vera Ahiyya, illus. by Joey Chou. Random House Studio, $17.99; ISBN 978-0-593-48462-3. When a teacher asks her students to make a kindness pledge, a shy student learns that others notice his good intentions.

This Wicked Fate by Kalynn Bayron. Bloomsbury, $18.99; ISBN 978-1-5476-0920-8. In the sequel to This Poison Heart, Briseis has one chance to bring her mother back from the dead by finding a missing magical relic, but she is not the only one in search of its power.

The World Needs More Purple Schools by Kristen Bell and Benjamin Hart, illus. by Daniel Wiseman. Random House, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-593-43490-1. In the sequel to The World Needs More Purple People, Penny brings her inclusive mindset to the classroom.

Listen Up, Louella by Ashley Belote. Feiwel and Friends, $18.99; ISBN 978-1-250-81279-7. Eager elephant Louise is having lots of fun at Roar Scout Camp and learns a valuable lesson about listening.

A Year to the Day by Robin Benway. HarperTeen, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-06-285443-8. After losing his older sister in a car accident, 15-year-old Leo struggles with his grief as he tries to remember the details of that night, in the latest novel from the National Book Award winner.

Building by Henry Cole. HarperCollins/Tegen, $17.99; ISBN 978-0-06-313655-7. A family of beavers showcase their unique skill: building.

Artemis Fowl: The Eternity Code: The Graphic Novel by Eoin Colfer, illus. by Stephen Gilpin. Disney Hyperion, $12.99 paper; ISBN 978-1-368-06531-3. In a graphic novel adaptation to the bestselling Artemis Fowl series, when Artemis’s latest criminal venture leaves one of his allies hurt, he must call on an old rival to help.

Jumper by Melanie Crowder. Viking, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-59-332696-1. Despite warnings from her doctors about her health, Blair Scott is in training to become a wildland firefighter, and when her secret endangers lives amid a fast-burning blaze, she must call upon her intense training to survive. The YA novel earned a starred review from PW.

The Name She Gave Me by Betty Culley. HarperTeen, $17.99; ISBN 978-0-06-315783-5. Lacking permission from her adoptive mother to learn more about her past, Rynn begins investigating her history on her own, leading her to discoveries that could change her life. The YA book earned a starred review.

Golden Ticket by Kate Egan. Feiwel and Friends, $16.99; ISBN 978-1-250-82033-4. When fourth grader and gifted program student Ash is under pressure to win her school’s quiz bowl, she navigates the moral question of how far she will go to succeed.

Epically Earnest by Molly Horan. Clarion, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-358-56613-7. In this retelling of The Importance of Being Earnest, Jane struggles with potentially meeting her biological family, while in the midst of a love quadrangle with her best friend, cousin, and best friend’s cousin.

The Pet Potato by Josh Lacey, illus. by Mokomo Abe. Roaring Brook, $18.99; ISBN 978-1-250-83415-7. Albert finally gets a pet (sort of) when his parents give him a potato, but the boy’s imagination grants him a vivid and playful relationship with his spud-mate.

Not Starring Zadie Louise by Joy McCullough. Atheneum, $17.99; ISBN 978-1-5344-9623-1. When Zadie’s parents place her and her sister in a local youth theater production, Zadie will do almost anything to stay out of the limelight.

Expedition Backyard: Exploring Nature from Country to City (a Graphic Novel) by Rosemary Mosco, illus. by Binglin Hu. Random House Graphic, $12.99; ISBN 978-0-593-12734-6. Friends Vole and Mole accidentally hitch a one-way ride to the city with a child and their family as they make a big move.

How Old Is Mr. Tortoise? by Dev Petty, illus. by Ruth Chan. Abrams, $17.99; ISBN 978-1-4197-4670-3. Mr. Tortoise can’t wait to celebrate his birthday, but when he can’t remember how old he’s turning, his friends find comedic ways to help him remember. The picture book earned a starred review from PW.

A Seed Grows by Antoinette Portis. Holiday House/Porter, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-8234-4892-0. Portis traces a sunflower’s cycle from seed to sprout to plant—and back again. The picture book earned a starred review from PW.

Ice Cream Face by Heidi Woodward Sheffield. Penguin/Paulsen, $17.99; ISBN 978-0-525-51848-8. A child’s excitement about getting ice cream at a parlor takes him through a range of emotions.

Every Dog in the Neighborhood by Philip C. Stead, illus. by Matthew Cordell. Holiday House/Porter, $18.99 ; ISBN 978-0-8234-4427-4. When Louis’s grandmother tells him he doesn’t need a dog because their neighborhood has so many, the two canvas their community noting all the lovable dogs along the way.

Never Coming Home by Kate M. Williams. Delacorte, $18.99; ISBN 978-0-593-30486-0. Every influencer wants a ticket to the exclusive resort Unknown Island, but when the hand-selected group of First Ten arrive and discover they’ve been selected for their shocking secrets, their vacation turns deadly.

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