Kristen Pettit while at HarperTeen acquired The Lilies by Quinn Diacon-Furtado; Alice Jerman will edit. This queer dark academia novel, pitched as Yellowjackets meets Palm Springs, follows four students at an illustrious prep school who find themselves sucked into a time loop, revisiting their darkest moments on a day of massive upheaval. Publication is slated for summer 2024; Suzie Townsend at New Leaf Literary & Media represents Electric Postcard Entertainment and brokered the deal at auction for North American rights.

Bria Ragin, David Yoon, and Nicola Yoon at Joy Revolution have bought, in an exclusive submission, content creator and artist Tasia M S (l.) and Eisner-nominated writer Barbara Perez Marquez's To Dance the Moon and Stars, a YA graphic novel romance based on Indian and Middle Eastern folklore. With the help of a dance goddess and her childhood friend, who's also the handsome crown prince, a teen girl must figure out how to ascend into her kingdom's most prominent role of high priestess before dark forces break through a barrier between worlds during the biggest event of the year. Publication is set for spring 2026; Britt Siess at Britt Siess Creative Management sold world English rights.

Ruta Rimas at Putnam has acquired a young readers edition of American Prometheus: The Triumph and Tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer by Kai Bird (l.) and Martin J. Sherwin (c.). The 2005 biography of Oppenheimer, the "father of the atomic bomb," won the Pulitzer Prize and is the basis for the current film Oppenheimer; educator and historian Eric S. Singer (r.) will adapt the text. Publication is scheduled for summer 2025; Jill Grinberg at Jill Grinberg Literary Management sold world rights.

Alex Borbolla at Bloomsbury has bought Guava and Grudges by Alexis Castellanos (Isla to Island). The YA rom-com follows Ana Maria, an aspiring pastry chef who creates a recipe for disaster when she goes behind her family's back and teams up with Miguel, a boy with ties to a rival Cuban bakery, to win a scholarship for culinary school. Publication is planned for fall 2024; Marietta B. Zacker at Gallt & Zacker Literary Agency handled the two-book deal for world English rights.

Kat Brzozowski at Feiwel and Friends has acquired Adina King's YA debut The House No One Sees, a hybrid verse and prose novel in which a teenage girl confronts the dark labyrinth of her childhood home and her mother's opioid addiction to save the light she trapped inside and mend her fractured past. Publication is slated for winter 2025; Ginger Knowlton at Curtis Brown brokered the deal for North American English rights.

Jonah Heller at Peachtree Teen has bought Lady of Steel and Straw by debut author Erica Ivy Rodgers. In this YA fantasy, Captain Luc de Montaigne has orders to collect the hearts of sleeping Guardians. To do so, he'll have to go through Lady Charlotte Sand, who'll defend her family's legacy and faith at all costs. Their conflict sparks old rivalries to new life, as an army of dead amasses and dormant warriors stir from slumber. Publication is set for summer 2024; Holly Root at Root Literary sold world rights in a two-book deal.

Kelsey Horton at Delacorte has acquired at auction Girls of Dark Divine by debut author E.V. Woods. In this gothic fantasy, a troupe of hauntingly beautiful girls have been cursed to perform like marionettes until they turn to dust—but one of them will go to any length to save them from this violent dance. Publication is scheduled for summer 2025; Alice Sutherland-Hawes at ASH Literary negotiated the two-book, six-figure deal for North American rights.

Nancy Paulsen at Penguin/Nancy Paulsen Books has bought the picture book Mabel and the Museum by author-illustrator Dana Wulfekotte. Mabel loves collecting tiny treasures, but the one thing she doesn't have is anyone to share them with, so she decides to open up her own backyard museum, and collects a new friend in the process. Publication is planned for spring 2025; Sean McCarthy at Sean McCarthy Literary Agency brokered the deal for world rights.

Megan Abbate at Bloomsbury has acquired O Holy Night: A Modern Christmas Carol, the debut author-illustrated title by Alleanna Harris. This picture book, inspired by the beloved song, follows a family preparing for and celebrating the holiday. Publication is slated for fall 2025; Alex Gehringer at the Bright Agency handled the deal for world rights.

Joanna Cárdenas at Kokila preempted world rights to A Roof! by debut author Stephanie Ellen Sy (l.), illustrated by Daniel Tingcungco, a picture book about a girl in the Philippines who must return a neighbor's roof after a terrible storm, learning about the value of community and embodying Bayanihan. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; Stefanie Molina at Ladderbird Literary Agency represented the author, and the illustrator represented himself.

Janine O'Malley at FSG has bought world rights to Apapacho Love by Cynthia Harmony (l.), illustrated by Erika Meza (c.), about a girl discovering all the places one could find an apapacho—or cuddle—when her mother leaves for a trip. And in a second title, Hasta Pronto Is a Promise, illustrated by Andrés Landazábal (r.), a child learns she and her best friend will not be in the same class on the first day of school and employs the lesson her Abue taught her: Hasta Pronto is a promise to be together again. Apapacho Love is set for fall 2025, and Hasta Pronto Is a Promise is set for spring 2026. James McGowan at BookEnds represented Harmony, Claire Cartey at Holroyde Cartey represented Meza, and Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency represented Landazábal.

Marilyn Brigham at Amazon Crossing Kids has acquired world English rights to A Pair of Little Red Mittens by Kirin Hayashi (l.), illustrated by Chiaki Okada (c.), and translated from the Japanese by Avery Fischer Udagawa (r.), a seasonal story about two mittens that are upset when they become separated but who both end up happy in the end. Publication is planned for fall 2024; Yurika Yokota Yoshida at Japan Foreign-Rights Centre represented publisher Komine Shoten, and the translator represented herself.

Jennifer Stokes at Owlkids Books has bought world rights to Who Needs the Dark? by Laura Alary (l.) (Sun in My Tummy), illustrated by Risa Hugo (Why Are You So Quiet?), a picture book celebration of the dark and how and why humans need it for so many things. Publication is slated for fall 2025; the author was unagented, and Jacqui Lipton at the Tobias Literary Agency represented the illustrator.

Barb McNally at Sleeping Bear has acquired world rights to The Beat of the Dragon Boat by Christina Matula (l.), illustrated by Nicole Wong, a picture book about a boy and his grandfather as they prepare for this Chinese festival. Publication is scheduled for spring 2025; Carrie Pestritto at Laura Dail Literary Agency represented the author, and James McGowan at Bookends represented the illustrator.

Joni Sussman at Kar-Ben has bought world rights to The Mitzvah Fairy by Danielle Joseph (l.) (Ruth First Never Backed Down), illustrated by Christine Battuz (Something New for Rosh Hashanah). This picture book follows a spunky boy, all dressed up and ready to spread some joy as he makes his way through the neighborhood with his dad. Publication is set for winter 2025; Allison Remcheck at Stimola Literary Studio represented the author, and Mela Bolinao at MB Artists represented the illustrator.

Gemma Farr at Welbeck has acquired world rights to the nonfiction picture book Wrecked!: Shipwrecks Around the World by Rebecca Siegel (l.) (To Fly Among the Stars). illustrated by Howard Gray. It tells the stories of how these ships sank, the people who sailed them and their role in the oceans today. Publication is planned for October 2024; Jennifer Unter at the Unter Agency represented the author, and Robyn Newton at the Bright Agency represented the illustrator.

Kristie Choi at Atheneum has acquired world rights to Prince of Fortune, a romantic queer YA fantasy by debut author Lisa Tirreno, pitched as Red, White, and Royal Blue meets A Darker Shade of Magic. The book follows the relationship between shy magician Prince Edmund and the aristocratic Lord Aubrey, whose visions of the future suggest that the two are in an adventuresome romance in the midst of looming war and intrigue. Publication is planned for summer 2025; Jim McCarthy at Dystel, Goderich & Bourret negotiated the deal.

Mary Kate Castellani at Bloomsbury has bought The Bone Shepherds by K.D. Kirchmeier (The Absence of Sparrows), a post-apocalyptic YA fantasy pitched as The 5th Wave meets New Dragon City with a nod to Cormac McCarthy's The Road, following two unlikely 16-year-old heroes on separate journeys through a ravaged landscape as they fight for survival against lawless raiders and the legendary monsters that brought the world to its knees. Publication is set for fall 2024; Ali Herring at Spencerhill Associates did the two-book deal for world rights.

Kara Sargent at Aladdin has acquired, in a two-book deal, Molly and the Bear, a graphic novel series by cartoonists, animators, and husband-wife team Bob and Vicki Scott, pitched in the vein of Katie the Catsitter and Phoebe and Her Unicorn. 11-year-old Molly makes a new friend, an 800-pound scaredy bear named Bear, and the two become fast friends as they work to get Bear used to life in Molly's home and school. Publication of the first book is slated for summer 2024; Daniel Lazar at Writers House sold North American rights.

Matt Phipps at Putnam has bought Majestica by Sarah Tolcser, pitched as Jurassic Park meets Once There Was, a middle grade fantasy adventure set at a nature preserve for magical beasts where two girls find themselves on a wilderness expedition gone disastrously wrong. Publication is scheduled for summer 2024; Susan Hawk at Upstart Crow Literary sold North American rights.

Farrin Jacobs at Little, Brown has acquired at auction, and Erika Turner will edit, The Door Is Open, a middle grade anthology edited by Hena Khan that explores and celebrates the South Asian American experience through a collection of short stories, all connected through a local community center. Contributors include Sayantani DasGupta, Reem Faruqi, Veera Hiranandani, Simran Jeet Singh, Supriya Kelkar, Rajani LaRocca, Maulik Pancholy, Mitali Perkins, Aisha Saeed, and N.H. Senzai. Publication is planned for spring 2024; Matthew Elblonk at DeFiore and Company did the deal for North American rights.

Jean Feiwel at Feiwel and Friends has bought, in an exclusive submission, What the Road Said author Cleo Wade's first solo picture book, May You Love and Be Loved: Wishes for Your Life, a love letter to the infinite potential of the future, expressing the many hopes and dreams we hold for our children and ourselves. Publication is set for spring 2024; Cait Hoyt at CAA brokered the deal for world English rights.

Claire Tattersfield at Flamingo Books has acquired, in a two-book deal, Oh No! It's a Pigsty! by Dudolf, a picture book about a pig named Pickle who attempts to clean his home in preparation for a visit from his parents, but, despite his best efforts, makes a gigantic mess. Publication for book one is scheduled for summer 2025, and book two, titled Oh No! Not Again!, is slated for fall 2025; Kirsten Hall at Catbird Productions negotiated the deal for world rights.

Martha Mihalick at Greenwillow Books has bought The Little Cloud by Pam Fong, a picture book about a cloud who would rather appreciate the beauty of the world than spend all her time storming, and who teaches the other clouds how to seize each day. Publication is scheduled for winter 2025; Abigail Frank at Sanford J. Greenburger Associates/GreenburgerKids handled the two-book deal for world English rights.

Margaret Anastas at Flamingo Books has acquired Hope Is a Rainbow, a picture book by Today co-anchor Hoda Kotb (I've Loved You Since Forever), illustrated by Chloe Dominique. The book celebrates the power of optimism and positivity and encourage young readers to reach for their dreams—whether they are as big as the night sky or as small as a bowl of purple ice cream. It's slated for March 2024; Cait Hoyt at CAA sold world English rights.

Kate O'Sullivan at Clarion Books has bought world rights to The Snowball Fight by Beth Ferry (l.), illustrated by Tom Lichtenheld, a picture book exploring the exhilarating antics of a perfectly chill snow day. Publication is planned for fall 2025; Elena Giovinazzo at Pippin Properties represented the author, and Amy Rennert at Amy Rennert Agency represented the illustrator.

Bri Gallagher at HarperCollins Christian Publishing has acquired world rights to To Mimi's House We Go by Susan Meissner (l.), illustrated by Paige Keiser. In this picture book inspired by the holiday song "Over the River and Through the Woods," families find their way to grandmother's house using many forms of transport to diverse locations across America. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; the author represented herself, and Anne Moore Armstrong at the Bright Agency represented the artist.

Courtney Code at Abrams has bought world rights to Wonder Wings! by Rebecca Hirsch (l.) (Rise to the Sky), illustrated by Sally Soweol Han (Tiny Wonders), in a two-book deal. The interactive nonfiction picture book explores all kinds of wings from tiny (honeybee) to gigantic (jet airplane) using rhyming riddles that encourage readers to guess the described wings. Publication is set for spring 2025; Sarah Stephens at Red Fox Literary represented the author, and Annabel Barker at Annabel Barker Agency represented the illustrator.

Christy Cox at Sasquatch Press/Little Bigfoot has acquired world rights to On an Ocean Journey, a picture book by Elizabeth Shreeve (l.), illustrated by Ray Troll, which highlights a range of ocean animals and their interactions, from shoreline to deep sea. Publication is planned for spring 2025; Ammi-Joan Paquette at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author and artist.

Alex Borbolla while at Atheneum bought world rights to Talking Books: Dr. Robert B. Irwin and a New Way to Read, a nonfiction picture book by Jenny Lacika (l.), illustrated by Ashanti Fortson, in their picture book debut; Feather Flores will edit. This biography details how perpetually curious Robert B. Irwin found new ways to learn and explore the world after losing his sight at a young age, ultimately making stories accessible to readers of all abilities through the creation of the first audiobooks. Publication is set for spring 2026; Miranda Paul at Erin Murphy Literary Agency represented the author, and Susan Graham at Einstein Literary represented the illustrator.

Sue Tarsky at Albert Whitman has acquired world rights to Grace Lee Boggs's Gardens of Hope by Songju Ma Daemicke (l.) (Tu Youyou's Discovery), illustrated by Li Lin. This picture book biography is about Chinese American activist Grace Lee Boggs, who co-founded Detroit Summer to inspire young people to work together for positive social change. Publication is scheduled for fall 2024; Janine Le at Janine Le Literary Agency represented the author, and the illustrator represented herself.

Lisa Rosinsky at Barefoot Books has bought a four-book series of board books (Hello, Feet!; Hello, Hands!; Hello, Face!; and Hello, Body!) by Aya Khalil (Our World Egypt; The Night Before Eid). Each photo-illustrated book introduces babies to the amazing things their bodies can do. Publication is planned for spring 2024; Brent Taylor at Triada US sold world rights.