Feiwel and Friends has reeled in If I Were a Fish, the picture book debut from singer-songwriters corook and Olivia Barton, adapting their catchy TikTok sensation, “if i were a fish,” an uplifting anthem about authenticity, celebrating all the things that make you, you. The book, illustrated by Mike Curato (Little Elliot; Flamer), will be released on December 5, in collaboration with Sony Music Publishing.

The duo’s snappy song was hatched in April as an elixir of sorts, and a powerful response to hurtful online comments corook received on a video they had posted to social media. Corook worked with their partner Barton to channel their feelings of insecurity into music, and in 10 minutes the pair had created “if I were a fish” and posted it to TikTok. The tune quickly generated a wave of support and love and has racked up more than 18.7 million views to date. An official music video followed and the story was picked up by Good Morning America, NPR, the New York Times, and Rolling Stone.

“We are beyond excited about this book. It’s a complete dream come true,” corook and Barton said in a statement. “Our hope is for this book to be healing for young people and anyone connected to their inner child.”