Lerner Publishing Group, which publishes children’s fiction and nonfiction for both the trade and for the school/library markets through its nine imprints, will launch a new brand of nonfiction titles for K-2 readers designed to appeal to schools and libraries: Lightning Bolt Books. Lightning Bolt titles will feature a large trim size to facilitate group reading; easy-to-read sentences to support beginning readers; and crisp images with clear captions to reinforce and extend ideas presented in the main text. Lightning Bolt Books will also include photo matching games, experiments, fun facts, diagrams, and maps in the back matter.

“I’m excited to have Lightning Bolt Books as part of Lerner’s nonfiction offerings for K-2 readers,” said Catherine Creswell, editorial director for Lerner Publications, who describes the new brand as combining the “fun design” of trade books with the “solid” content of institutional books.

Lightning Bolt Books will debut this fall with a total of 30 titles, six in each of five series: Animal Close-Ups, Famous Places, Meet the Animal Groups, What’s the Weather Like, and Your Amazing Senses.