Want to catch up on our coverage of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008? Here are some highlights to date:

• Our original article introducing the Act and its impact on the industry.

• An update on how industry groups initially reacted.

• News of the one-year stay of enforcement on testing requirements.

More on the stay and some legislative action.

The announcement that the CPSC would not enforce the Act for books printed after 1985.

• A look at how new and used booksellers and libraries are complying.

• Publishers and librarians continue to wait for resolution.

• CPSC denies request to grant a stay of enforcement on the tracking label provision of the CPSIA.

• Inez Tanenbaum, incoming chair of CPSC, promises to make CPSIA a high priority.

• CPSC votes on label tracking.

• CPSC issues more guidelines, but some loose ends remain.

• Libraries are still waiting to hear how they will be affected.

• 2009 wrap-up: the year's CPSIA events.

• CPSC report to Congress recommends CPSIA exclusion for books.

• Publishers hope for extension of stay on testing until CPSC issues long-awaited guidelines.

• CPSC extends stay of enforcement to the end of 2011.

• House subcommittee and CPSC hold hearings on implementation.

• Proposed amendment addresses libraries’ and used booksellers’ concerns.

• CPSC allows lead limit to drop to 100 ppm as of August 2011.

• Children's books are finally exempted from CPSIA testing requirements.

• Publishers feel relief as the long-awaited CPSIA amendment is signed into law by President Obama.