This weekend at the American Library Association conference in Washington, D.C., Lerner Publishing Group will unveil Lerner Digital, its new digital content brand for the school and library markets, by launching the company’s new line of fiction and nonfiction digital books for struggling readers, Lerner Interactive Books.

Lerner Interactive Books will offer such features as: dual audio speeds to allow the reader to start at a pace commensurate with his or her reading ability and proceed at his or her own pace; a single-word function, so that the reader can stop the audio, select any word, and hear it repeated; sound toggles, so that the reader can read independently or follow along as each word is highlighted on the screen; an interactive glossary; embedded interactive whiteboard tools for direct instruction; extension activities to reinforce content knowledge; multiple choice quizzes; and a detailed implementation guide with lesson ideas for classroom or library implementation.

This fall Lerner will release 33 titles for the Lerner Interactive Books inaugural list, including titles from Brian P. Cleary’s popular Words Are CATegorical and Sounds Like Reading series. Lerner Digital Books will be released each season as part of Lerner’s book publishing program.

There are three ties of pricing for the digital books, which may be purchased and are deliverable through the company’s Web site: $39.95 for a single title; $29.95 per title for a series or theme bundles; and $24.95 for each title if the entire season’s releases are purchased as a set. All titles are available to multiple users at a single site (i.e. a school or library).

Terri Reden, v-p of marketing and digital products, and Dan Wallek, director of electronic content, will oversee Lerner Digital Books.

“The mission of Lerner Digital is to provide students with exceptional digital content that gives knowledge, transforms worlds, inspires creativity and shapes minds—to know more,” Adam Lerner, Lerner Publishing Group publisher, said in a statement.