It’s true that several big series are coming to an end this fall, from the likes of Ellen Hopkins, Catherine Jinks, Terry Pratchett, and Mo Willems. But the season is also bursting with new books from Blue Balliett, Peter Brown, Doreen Cronin, Tony DiTerlizzi, Jennifer Donnelly, Richard Peck, David Wiesner, and more, not to mention the return of favorite characters— from Jon J Muth’s Stillwater to Ian Falconer’s Olivia and Jeff Kinney’s Greg Heffley. In addition to these familiar names, there are several much-buzzed debut novels, some noteworthy collaborations (John Burningham and Helen Oxenbury! Norton Juster and Jules Feiffer!), an array of new nonfiction and graphic novels, and much more.

Take a look at our extensive alphabetical listings of fall children’s books, and get an advance look at spring 2011 in our exclusive sneak previews section.

Are you a bookseller with nagging questions about the way children’s publishers do business? Check out our Q&A featuring some frequently asked questions about everything from the timing of paperback editions of books to why books seem to go out of print so fast. We’re also taking the pulse of what’s happening in the ever-changing realm of digital children’s publishing and the ebook market. And be sure to read our profile of author Patrick Ness, whose Chaos Walking trilogy is coming to a close this fall, but who is embarking on a new project: completing an unfinished manuscript by the late novelist Siobhan Dowd.

And check out a trio of popular kids’ books that will become graphic novels this fall; a pair of wordless picture books that center on girls and their shadows; a collection of new books about rock stars; and our regular round-up of lighthearted superlatives pulled from the listings.

All this and more in our Fall 2010 Children’s Announcements Issue. Enjoy!

Publishers A-Z: Fall 2010 Children’s Announcements

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Feature Articles

The Digital Revolution in Children’s Publishing

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Rock On!

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Spring 2011 Sneak Previews