U.K-based Nosy Crow has closed deals to publish its apps in France and Germany. Through the deal, with German house Carlsen and French house Gallimard, a number of the company's story book apps will be released in the European countries. The first app to be released by both Carlsen and Gallimard will be the Three Little Pigs app.

Nosy Crow's apps blend music and animation with children's stories and are targeted at kids between the ages of two and seven. Speaking to the deal, specifically the decision to co-publish the apps with foreign houses, managing director of Nosy Crow, Kate Wilson, said: "Many publishers have chosen to bundle languages into one app, but we believe that there are business model advantages in a digital version of 'co-edition' publishing. It means that everyone gets a great app while managing their financial risk. Just as importantly, the partner publishers bring their publishing skills to create the best possible foreign-language version that will appeal to parents and children in their own language."