Citing increasing crossover appeal of some of its adult science fiction titles by young adults, Prometheus Books’s Pyr imprint is starting a series of titles aimed specifically at that audience. Lou Anders, editorial director of Pyr, will oversee the YA program which will begin in November with the publication of Lightbringer, an urban fantasy/paranormal romance by K.D. McEntire.

While Lightbringer is a debut novel, two other titles are from primarily adult authors. Hugo and Philip K. Dick-winning Ian McDonald’s Plansrunner with be released in December followed in February by Thief’s Covenant by Ari Marmell. Planesrunner is the first in the new Everness series.

Anders said he has a total of six titles signed and would eventually like to do 10 YA titles annually. Rather than expand the Pyr list beyond the 30 titles it does now, Anders said he plans to make one-third of the Pyr list YA. The YA titles will be released in hardcover and e-book formats and have their own section in the Pyr catalogue.