The Authors Guild, as part of its new interview series with authors, is hosting a call with children's book author Katherine Paterson this evening at 7 p.m. EST. Paterson, who is the current National Ambassador for Young People's Literature (a designation made by the Library of Congress), will be dialing in to the event from the Flying Pig Bookstore in Shelburne, Vt.

The event is part of the Guild's ongoing BookTalk Nation series, which aims to support bricks and mortar booksellers by highlighting their role in our literary culture through conversations with authors. Paterson, who lives in Vermont, has written over 30 books, including the 1978 Newbery winner, Bridge to Terabithia. For the talk, Paterson will be answering questions from author Tanya Lee Stone. Fans who wish to dial in can sign up for the event at