Classroom Library Company has been awarded one of its biggest contracts yet. The three-year-old St. Louis-based educational distributor and publisher signed a nearly $9 million contract with the New York City Department of Education’s Core Curriculum program for their 2015-2016 Classroom Libraries.

To fulfill the contract, Classroom Library will drop-ship to over one thousand locations simultaneously. The order includes units correlated to the Pearson K-5 Ready Generation program, which was previously adopted by NYC schools.

Even before it received the NYC DOE contract, Classroom Library was growing rapidly by providing private label services and trade book category management to other education-related businesses, including school suppliers, educational publishers, and e-book distribution platforms.

CEO Benjamin Conn anticipates that Classroom Library’s revenue will reach close to $20 million over the next few years. The company is a division of Conn Education, the exclusive publisher of Charlesbridge Education K-8, Book Buddy Digital media, and Grupo SM.