School Zone Publishing has launched the Anywhere Teacher brand, centered on, a subscription-based online destination that provides supplemental learning at home.

For children ages 2-8, and their parents, the site, which costs $6.99 per month, includes 200 videos; a live-action/animated series called Charlie & Company; 60 Start to Read! e-books; interactive worksheets and printable materials; and original educational songs. All the content was developed by the School Zone team over its 35-year-plus history.

“The beauty of this is that we’re not dependent on the leading operating systems,” says CEO Jonathan Hoffman. He notes that developing apps for Apple and Android requires frequent investments in system upgrades, content to be tailored to the needs of the technology, and commissions that squeeze profitability., on the other hand, gives School Zone control over its own content. It also allows the company to provide an age-appropriate environment for kids. “It’s a safe place for children to navigate, unsupervised and unguided.”

The site is compatible with most desktop, laptop, and mobile devices and platforms. Parents can view their children’s progress and manage their activity, and there is no limit to the number of devices used per family under a single subscription. Subscribers receive occasional membership rewards, including discount coupons or free gifts such as a coloring, activity, or Start to Read! book.

School Zone’s print products will feature subtle call-outs to direct consumers to the site. “The workbooks are an important communication moment, but also a delicate one,” Hoffman says. “We want to point consumers to these additional tools, but also encourage them to continue to support their local bookstore.”

School Zone is known for its workbooks and flash cards sold through mass merchants, Toys R Us, Barnes & Noble, and drug, club, hobby, and DIY stores. It launched its proprietary Little Scholar tablet in 2013. Charlie and Company, which was originally created for the Little Scholar, began streaming on Ameba TV and ToonGoggles in spring 2016.